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  1. True, Arena had MLS experience before. And he is certainly a great coach. But nonetheless his rise through the ranks would absolutely never happen today. I doubt you will ever see another US Coach without international experience as a player or coach. I would be interested to see if Landon Donovan or Alexi Lalas have any coaching desires. If either expressed interest they would get serious consideration after Klinsmann.
  2. Coaching the US team has been a loser's game. Arena parlayed being the best college coach into being the US Coach (would never happen today) and parlayed that into an MLS gig. Bradley was doomed, but he is unquestionably a great soccer coach IMO and may get another chance someday. Bora, now that guy was a coach, one of the best all time...until he wore out his welcome and he always wore out his welcome.
  3. American (born) players are still in the infant stages of getting respect in real (European) leagues. As long as they are forced to use a majority of minor leaguers for the US team, winning a knockout game is less than a toss-up. Is this Klinsmann's fault? Not really. He has certainly recruited some foreign born Americans and natural borns who grew up elsewhere that we hope are quality. 2 more to your list are Johannsson and Zelalem, Is he a great coach, IMO? No, but he is good and getting better and he might be the right coach for America.
  4. You are saying that Klinsmann will leave after 2018 if he is not dispatched before. Klinsmann is a legend and has probably had numerous coaching offers, but he is also a family man and will not leave the US for any reason until his kids are out of college. That puts him on track for 2 more WCs if the US is not dumb enough to release him.
  5. If there is an appeal process, then it's worth it to try. Obviously it was a bad call, and reducing it to a yellow is a compromise that might save face for everyone. US endured the real penalty already by playing with 10, when they should have had a man advantage.
  6. Perhaps you have seen some creativity out of Zardes that no one else has. He is no striker. Better to leave him in position and move the replacement to the front. Perhaps Zusi, who played with a spark against CR.
  7. Same as always, young guys (Green, Zelalem) aren't maturing at a sufficient rate, top strikers (Altidore, Johannsson) are hurt. Wondo is clearly the best of what remains. I would take old man Donovan over him, but sadly not an option.
  8. There is Wondo hate here, but he has a nose for the net and is generally in the right position for great chances. Klinsmann understands this. With Wood out, the U.S. is thin up front. I think Wondo gets minutes.
  9. Wood is a superstar in the making. He should have had another assist, but no one was on the right to put the ball in the empty net. He must watch his temper as he had another unnecessary yellow. Very costly. Not impressed at all with Zardes. Yes, Yes, he had a goal last night (that probably would have gone in anyway), but he has flubbed or not shot in other important moments. He is rarely in good position and I am not exactly sure what he does well. An MLS player who would not get a whiff of the field if Altidore and Johannsson were healthy.
  10. A 1-0 win, in ridiculously lopsided conditions on home soil was not exactly a shining moment for the U.S. Might want to let sleeping dogs lie.
  11. Think we can assume that Columbia will roll. That means a draw and a win will advance. The US caught a huge break with that CR-Paraguay draw.
  12. I have seen enough of both Cowan and Trimble. They are almost identical. Drive and dish, drive and get fouled. Cowan will shoot the 3 if left alone and is a better shooter. It is intriguing to have 2 NBA prospect point guards on the floor at the same time. I doubt any team has 2 players that can cover both of them.
  13. I like Melo, but with Cowan the Terps would have been just fine. Don't get me wrong, Melo coming back is great but Carter was the irreplaceable one. Terps are going to be small next year. I see much running and gunning which is not the Big 10 way.
  14. They were also on the doorstep. Wondo accepted blame, so he tends to get it. Without Altidore or Johannsson, where on earth is Klinsmann going to find a goal scorer? Wondo being on the team pales in comparison to Gonzalez being off it as far as shockers go.
  15. Dempsey's and Jones' misses were equally as bad yet Wondo gets more blame somehow.
  16. No Omar, either. Somehow I overlooked that. That may be the biggest surprise, but Klinsmann has repeatedly downgraded players who play in lesser leagues.
  17. Klinsmann names 23 for Copa America to not much fanfare. http://www.ussoccer.com/stories/2016/05/21/18/57/160521-mnt-klinsmann-names-23-player-roster-for-historic-copa-america-centenario Obviously no Johannsson or Altidore which is a killer. Time for Bobby Wood. No Diskerud, which is a bit of a surprise. No Julian Green which is not a surprise, but certainly a concern for his progression. I figure he gets plenty of playing time today against PR and has much to prove.
  18. A very good team is going to take flyer on Layman late in the first and he will not disappoint them. He has the skills of a perfect 6th man.
  19. You say "no way" then proceed to agree with everything I wrote. Fridge did well with his own recruits, albeit not as well as he did with the 1st class. He was not a stellar recruiter. The ACC was a very poor conference when Ross was with MD. It's tough to judge exactly how good he was. 3 ACC titles equaled 3 straight uppermiddle bowl appearances. I think Ross did as well as he could at MD. He had to leave to get better.
  20. I think Fridge brought the Terps closer to prominence than Ross or Claiborne. Ross may have been the best of the 3, but got caught up in the post Bias destruction of MD athletics. He won a national championship elsewhere. Fridge was the best coach of the 3, Ross the best recruiter.
  21. It's likely MD will NEVER be a player in football. There may be the occasional, temporary rise to excellence. There are many schools that take football very seriously who never get a whiff of consistent success. That includes the entire SEC, save a couple, the entire Big 12, save a couple, half of the Big 10, half the Pac 10, half the ACC. MD is realistically a top 40 program. Miles to go.
  22. This was my beef with Layman going into this season. He proved to me that his fitness and desire had changed. I completely agree about banging the boards. This was something he really wasn't required to do at MD. However, if he can start hitting around 40% from the NBA arc, no one will care about boards.
  23. Cowan dropped 40 twice and averaged 20 a game so he can be a scorer. He can drive and shoot the 3 if it is given. He is what we thought Melo was last year.
  24. I think Layman will be the most successful. His size and skillset makes him flexible for 2 positions, perhaps 3. Good ballhandler. I worry about Stone. He could be Kwame Brown. Perennial 6-10 points a game. I cannot begin to guess where Melo will be in 5 years. His shooting simply isn't good enough right now for NBA sustainability. I assume it will get better, but it might not. Next year, Anthony Cowan will make everyone realize how poor a shooter Melo is/was.
  25. I am a football recruiter at a large northeastern university....
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