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  1. I would say that Hill starts from day one, but I haven't seen the other recruits. One of them starts from day one. As I have said before, Hill already does things the others cannot. He plays like Newton or Winston. He isn't as big as they are, but he plays big and he isn't small. Pigrome moves to some sort of all purpose position, and hopefully plays like Darren Sproles.
  2. MD should roll. PSU is giving up a lot of points and ridiculous yards on the ground.
  3. After watching Kasim Hill all year, but especially last night, there is no question he would be the best QB on the Terps right now.
  4. I am sure that it has been mentioned that Allen started the home whites solely to make Dallas wear blue. Gibbs carried on the tradition. I would love to see it return.
  5. Hills and Durkin did their best CJ Brown / Edsall impersonation for 60+ minutes. Pigrome bailed everyone out. I have to remind myself that Durkin is in his 1st year, but having a QB who can't throw properly is giving me PTSD after the last 5 years.
  6. You aren't missing anything. She doesn't respect the anthem, so they respectfully didn't play it in front of her. I assume the 9/11 reference came from her in response to the word "hijack".
  7. At a parade, do what you want. An employee standing at a company function is part of his job.
  8. Yes, there is no real discussion until it is invoked. Treaties can be extended by the EU pretty much ad infinitum if Engand agrees, and they will. Don't see where leverage will come into play if everyone keeps their head.
  9. The Experts that I have read are basing their opinion on starting from scratch. The trade agreements already exist, it's just a matter as to whether they will be honored or slightly altered after the split. Or in other words, will the EU cut off it's nose to spite it's face. I am saying that ultimately they won't. Because they can't or they will die.
  10. It's laughable how one sided these articles are. One would think that the EU is going merrily on it's way while England burns. The EU desperately needs trade with England. If the EU doesn't strike deals quickly, the countries will do it on their own and the EU is dead.
  11. Ask an expert and he'll tell you that Germany exports 8% of it's goods to England. The trade deal will be swift. Believe what you will, but it will get done. Will you be disappointed when it does?
  12. Meh. The reality is the EU just lost 17% of it's income. It can try to play hardball but it needs income from England to survive. Let's not pretend England does not hold most of the cards.
  13. Not much diff than Earnie, except he was faster than both of them. His speed still hid flaws that guys even a step slower can't get away with. Harkes and Reyna certainly start for any team the US has put out so far. Eddie Pope was slightly after those guys, but he is my pick for alltime US defender. Not a deep list on the back line. I am still wondering what Omar Gonzales must have done or said to be left off this team.
  14. Meola was great, I'll bet with today's training he would still be on the team. Earnie Stewart. The US ran one play over and over, the long ball to Stewart who was always the fastest guy on the field. Amazing how many times it worked when everyone knew what we were trying to do. Stewart had very little skill outside of straightaway speed.
  15. It wasn't as bad as Qatar, but close. 1990, only 24 teams back then. I worked for a sports station then, and got my 1st real exposure to the WC, as I watch pretty much every game. The U.S. only lost to Italy 1-0, which was huge. I will never forget some italian taking a PK on Tony Meola, and trying to make him look terrible by chipping it over him, Meola never moved and stopped it easily.
  16. Assuming that the UK has roughly equal trade (or a trade deficit) with the EU, the UK could certainly negotiate the same deal they had before. It is in neither's best interests to drive up taxes on imports/exports. Assuming that the UK has roughly equal trade (or a trade deficit) with the EU, the UK could certainly negotiate the same deal they had before. It is in neither's best interests to drive up taxes on imports/exports.
  17. A bit of hyperbole here. The pound is still the strongest currency in the world and the fire sale in the next couple of days is going to drive it back to and probably beyond where it was last week. The UK was not some sycophant in the EU like Greece, they are fully capable of negotiating their own deals. Leaving or staying will really not be much of a difference in the UK.
  18. It appears Scotland may vote again which essentially made the first vote a "wait and see what Brexit does".
  19. At least he is in the game, don't know where Dempsey is.
  20. Not even...at least that would have been doing something.
  21. Where on earth was Yedlin going?
  22. DeMatha guys and St. John's guys sticking around not only helps MD, it helps Dematha and St. John's, kids get to see their alumni close up. Great recruiting tool all the way around, and somehow they never thought of it before.
  23. Don't think so either, but Beckerman has fire, and would probably drive Messi crazy when he's off the ball.
  24. I think you play a 4-3-2 with one guy in Messi's hip pocket all day. Yedlin would be a perfect shadow. Beckerman also, but Messi will a handful. That may give the offense to ability to be more aggressive. i feel that regardless of the formation, Klinsmann is going to be very aggressive and attacking. He is playing with house money here. This game will be an incredible learning experience.
  25. Bradley was awful? Seriously? Only international final (Confed Cup) in US history. Won Group stage at WC. He did this with far less talented teams than we have today. 7 losses in 36 games with Egypt. Moderate success in lower tier leagues. Methinks there is some Bradley hate going on.
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