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  1. No chemistry at all on last year's team. And I will take Justin Jackson over Stone or Carter all day. 7 player averaging around 4 boards this year as opposed to 5 last year.
  2. I consider this to be his 1st team with completely his guys playing the way he wants to play. They are playing so much better now than 1 month ago. Melo is embracing his role as shooting guard. Cowan looks lost sometimes and still produces. When he finds himself, look out. This team has a good shot at Elite 8.
  3. People honestly don't know how to write about this issue (as if journalism exists anyway). It is completely subjective. The Patent Office takes an absolute position that if anyone could be offended the trademark is offensive. Therefore journalists essentially adopt them as the arbiter of offensive display and use them as the sole source.
  4. Interesting case today in the SC. http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2017-01-17/asian-american-band-the-slants-heads-to-supreme-court-opposing-redskins-but-possibly-helping-teams-case http://www.forbes.com/sites/omribenshahar/2017/01/17/lets-end-trademark-piety-racial-slurs-should-be-trademarked-it-will-only-reduce-their-use/#434d4f5a25fc
  5. It absolutely was and is. Why did premiums triple (for those who actually paid)? The weight was placed on the payers to subsidize.
  6. That. And there is no way to alleviate the burden placed on the few payers into the system. And also the government dictated the types of coverages required without accounting for cost. There might be 1000 more.
  7. Win or lose, the Terps are rid of CJ Brown & Perry Hills. 7 years of QBs who can't throw. How is that even possible for a major college program?
  8. You are generally right. But MD going from 2's and 3's to 3's and 4's is cause for commotion. And quite honestly, outside of the 5's, the rest are a crapshoot that need to be coached up. How this class ranks compared to the rest of the NCAA will play out in the next 4 years. There is no debate that it is the best class MD has had in decades, and maybe ever. And one of them is a real deal QB.
  9. It's a front to get China to start adhering to honest trade policies. It also would be nice if they respected intellectual property, but that won't happen.
  10. That ain't happening as long as IMG is a UA school.
  11. It's the American structure of all sports and comes from greed and control. That is why the MLS adopted it. If we had an impartial and controlling FA in this country would be better off.
  12. If his HS team is his 1st team, he's most likely not going anywhere. Players need to be in a high level club program as early as possible and it takes incredible sacrifice by the parents. A good friend of mine has 2 daughters, the oldest is 17 and has trained with the USWT and professional clubs abroad for 3-4 years. Along with playing for her local club, a ECNL club (which could play just about anywhere in the US on any given weekend), the State ODP team and finally her HS when she has time. The younger is entering this window. This is the correct path for a player, and very few parents an
  13. This a terrible development. I wished the best for Klinsmann, and he did some great things, but he couldn't get the players to play for him. I have no idea whether the back line woes are Klinsmann's strategy and/or the players themselves. More the players if you ask me, they are professionals.
  14. When you have no QB the entire team usually sucks. True of every level. I have no idea why MD can't even land an average QB. Let's hope Kasim Hill changes that.
  15. Remember the mass exodus and the crying about it a couple of years ago. Those 3 you mentioned were better than those who left, so it gives you some idea of the level of the team Turgeon inherited and the level of recruits he could get. No more. I am still shaking my head as to why Robert Carter left (unless he was told to by the coaching staff). He might be a lottery pick playing with this team.
  16. If the left wrangles the Senate away in 2018, it would be a political miracle that puts '94 to shame.
  17. Sadly, for those of us who actually use the exchanges, and the ACA is a reality, there is a real decision about not having insurance. Paying 15-20k a year to be insured is far more than we would pay out of pocket in a normal year. It's rolling the dice against catastrophe. What a horrible position to be put in. There is only 1 possible solution. Every single American must go through the exchanges. They should be the only source for health insurance.
  18. I can understand getting beat by better teams. But why does MD always look so horrible against good teams. They couldn't beat Towson playing like this. And the weekly, my kingdom for a decent QB.
  19. 2 days pass and no one mentions Klinsmann's roster. The youngest and most different roster from a previous roster I have ever seen. Love it. Out with the old and in with the young. http://www.cbssports.com/soccer/news/usmnt-lists-wcq-roster-for-mexico-costa-rica-youngsters-pulisic-green-in/
  20. Lady Terps outscored Bluefield 72-0 in 2nd half of yesterdays exhibition. I wouldn't have thought it possible.
  21. If they invent a flavor more bland than vanilla, they can call it MD Playcalling. Not blaming the coaches, Hills just does not appear able to handle a whole lot. I am expecting some incredible things with next year's QBs. Incredible, like hitting a wide open wide receiver 20+ yards away.
  22. Rutgers just played their guts out and barely lost to a team that throttled MD so i wouldn't consider it a gimme. This Indiana game is a great test, because on paper MD and Indiana are neck and neck. Actually Indy might be a better. They haven't given up 40 pts in a game and have only given up 30+ to Wake and OSU.
  23. If he doesn't make a final by 2020, he won't make it to 2023.
  24. I pay $75 for internet and Tv from FIOS. I had Comcast and FIOS came out with a $49 internet only deal. Then they enticed for $25 more for TV. If not for the wife I would be internet only with antenna and Amazon Fire with Kodi. I am not a big TV watcher.
  25. I'm not getting any younger, but Scotty and Durkin get 5 years each. The Terps took a middle of the road program to the Big Ten East, and Durkin so far has done everything right. Although 2018-19 better be 8-4 at worst.
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