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  1. GoSkinsGo

    Why did you choose your screen name?

    GoSkins was taken, and my imagination died after elementary school.
  2. GoSkinsGo

    Workout Thread III

    Awesome, I appreciate that. I watched some videos and nothing looked over the top hard. It just looks like fun, we signed our daughter up to do a Spartan kids race in June. She's excited for that. I'll look into the rugged maniac also.
  3. Thank you for the response, I did read the thread. The context I got is that you would want to be prepared ahead of time to have that conversation with your son. I think that's a great way to look at it but in many cases kids are more observant than people give them credit for and questions tend to come out of left field. Again, I appreciate your response.
  4. GoSkinsGo

    Workout Thread III

    Has anyone done a Spartan sprint or obstacle race? I'm thinking about doing one in OC this fall and wanted to get any feedback on it. Currently I run 3-4 times a week about 10-15 miles total. From what I've read I need to start thinking about including strength training, any input is appreciated.
  5. I'm curious, I believe you said you live in NOVA. If you are going down the street and your son sees two men or women holding hands and asks if they are boyfriend / girlfriend how would you respond? My son is 4 and my daughter is eight, they go to a private school with several same sex couples. My son has been going there since he was 2.5 and not once has anything more than saying "They love each other and so and so goes to school here" has been necessary. As a couple we have married friends that are same sex and I can't imagine trying to hide that from my kids. I'm honestly curious how you would handle a real world interaction involving this with your son.
  6. GoSkinsGo

    NPR: How Federal Disaster Money Favors The Rich

    The home purchases can be funded federally but the locality makes the decision on which homes to purchase. This story was talked about on the Up First podcast yesterday, the part about the local area purchasing homes was almost completely left out. Mitigation has been a big push the last few years as the cost of rebuilding the same properties, public or private has been exorbitant. The purchasing of properties to turn into green space is a relatively new way to move forward. The initial cost is higher but the long term costs are much lower, again FEMA doesn't make the decision on which properties to buy, it provides money designated as public assistance and the local area is responsible for the purchase. Also, the assistance FEMA provides is not to rebuild a home but to provide a minimal safety net for people. The most FEMA will give directly to an individual is 33k, and that depends on a variety of factors. The cost of flood insurance is amazing, FEMA is largest flood insurance provider in the country. It subsidizes the majority of flood insurance provided to every American in some way. FEMA in general doesn't manage the recovery effort of a disaster, it's a partner with the state and local areas to provide assistance and guidance. The amount of people trying to take advantage of a disaster is absolutely mind blowing. Beyond people applying for aid dishonestly it goes all the way to human trafficking, drug dealing and high dollar federal contracts. It's mind blowing.
  7. GoSkinsGo

    2018 Fantasy Football

    @Gibbs Hog Heaven Thanks, I think I'm going that route. In your situation I would consider that with Wentz being out they may go run heavier than normal with Adams. Though I do think Smith has the most upside against the Cardinals.
  8. GoSkinsGo

    2018 Fantasy Football

    Second round of the playoffs, I was hoping Kerryon Johnson was going to make it back but that isn't looking to good. My flex spot is struggling from the three below what do you guys think: Kenneth Dixon - Bal vs. TB (I'm leaning this way) Anthony Miller - Chi vs. GB Elijah McGuire - NY vs Hou I've got a gut feeling that Dixon is going to get more work 10-15 touch range, but McGuire is looking like the lead back in a bad matchup. Thoughts?
  9. GoSkinsGo

    Favorite tools?

    Funny you said that, router is my next purchase. I was going to get the dremel add on but I think I'm going to just bite the bullet and get a good plunge router. My dad is getting older and he recently gave me two truck load of tools that I still haven't gotten a chance to look through and organize. I'm pretty excited I now have a band saw and bench top grinder. So many possibilities.
  10. GoSkinsGo

    Favorite tools?

    I've been doing some remodeling in our home kitchen, closing off doorways and moving the layout. I bought a table saw and braid nail gun awhile ago to use building some shelves, currently those are my two favorite items. Being able to buy bulk lumber and ripping it down is much more efficient and I can't imagine putting paneling or trim up without the nail gun. Well worth the dollars spent.
  11. GoSkinsGo

    90s music

    Megadeth’s best album Rust in Peace makes the cut in 1990. Oukast has three fantastic albums released in the 90s. Southernplayalistic ATLiens Aquemini
  12. GoSkinsGo

    90s music

    Dang you guys are rough. I remember riding around in my 87 Cadillac Broughman rocking out to the album on my way to a house party. Was it a musical revelation not at all, but it was a great music filler at a party. Going a little heavier. I was listening to Anthrax - Sound of White Noise on my way to work this morning. Still holds up.
  13. GoSkinsGo

    90s music

    I graduated high school in 2000. So many great one or two hit song bands along with just great bands. Local H - bound to the floor Toadies - Possum Kingdom Sponge - Plowed Candlebox - Far Behind I grew up in Annapolis when I got my license Jimmy’s Chicken Shack was starting to get popular on 99.1. Saw the open HFStevial in I think 99. Silverchair Frogstomo is one of my favorites top to bottom of the 90s. That and Bush Razor Blade Suitcase.
  14. How about that. Tried to to give it away but Dallas wouldn’t take it.