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  1. 31 - 10 San Fran This team hasn’t played an offense with a top tier running game yet. Both Zeke and Barkley were out. Against them Michel averaged 5.7 and Montgomery averaged 5.2 agains them. Michels average for the year is 3.5 and Montgomery is 3.3. San Fran has two players averaging 5.5 or higher. They could get up to 6+ yards a carry.
  2. Better is relative, in my view. They haven’t made ridiculous trades and have gotten value in the later rounds. They haven’t hit on everything, but it’s been a noticeable improvement.
  3. The drafting has been better but a plan is not confined to one area. It’s a meshing at all levels of an organization. Pointing to one compartment as an improvement while the rest of the organization fails is not proof of a plan. Let alone a good one.
  4. This team reminds me of the Crosby, Stills and Nash lyric. “We never failed to fail. It was the easiest thing g to do.“ I'm sure they had a plan, but it’s been a long time since they had one that looked like a good one.
  5. GoSkinsGo

    Is this the worst Redskins team in the last 20 years?

    You don’t have to condemn them but holding them up as signal of success is celebrating mediocrity. I don’t celebrate it in my professional life and I won’t celebrate in my personal life, especially in something I watch for entertainment. This team had consistently expected people to cheer below average teams. It’s a disservice to the fan base and shows a complete lack of self awareness by ownership. I’m 37 and a former season ticket holder. I’m my opinion its time for this team to become self aware of where they are in the hierarchy of the NFL. Hint It’s not in the top 2/3.
  6. GoSkinsGo

    Is this the worst Redskins team in the last 20 years?

    We’ve had teams above average a few times in the last thirty years. We’re about to go into 2020 and you know damn well Snyder is planning a 30 year anniversary of the 91 championship. For a franchise that once celebrated excellence that is a joke. When did mediocrity become cause for celebration? This team is worse than the Tony Banks led team, worse than the revolving cluster of Grossman and Beck. I can’t believe this is what someone would want to hang their hat on, good. Praising mediocre teams of the past as a source of pride, come on. This team was better than that. Big emphasis on was.
  7. GoSkinsGo

    2019 Game Day Thread

    Looks like a broken ankle. Rough time for the jets.
  8. GoSkinsGo

    Fantasy Football 2019

    I’m going with Cohen, I’m sure this will bite me squarely in the ass.
  9. GoSkinsGo

    Fantasy Football 2019

    I agree with that, I’m just concerned with Nagy saying he wants to reduce his workload. But you’re right, he will definitely get his touches.
  10. GoSkinsGo

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Quick question. Half point PPR league, flex position. Tyler Locket vs the Bengals or Tarik Cohen vs. the Packers. I’ve been leaning Locket all week, Wilson has the throw it somebody. But starting to second guess myself.
  11. We live in Hillsmere, our beach was closed less this year than last. But the fact they close it at all is sad. I’ve lived in on or within walking distance of the bay my entire life. When I was a kid we would go swimming in it almost daily during the summer. Now I’m leery of letting my kids go swimming in it at all.
  12. GoSkinsGo

    Buying First Car for Teen Driver

    Camry or Civic, reliable and durable perform basic maintenance and it’ll last forever. Front wheel drive with newer traction control is as good as some all wheel drive from ten years ago. I’ve owned twenty six cars since I got my license twenty years ago. I’ve had everything from a first generation Honda Insight to Ford Expedition and multiple Mercedes. Stay either Japanese or American, maintenance costs are so much lower than European. Most cars 3-5 years old are going to be more than reliable enough for a teen. The build quality is substantially better than it was ten years ago.
  13. GoSkinsGo

    Why did you choose your screen name?

    GoSkins was taken, and my imagination died after elementary school.
  14. GoSkinsGo

    Workout Thread III

    Awesome, I appreciate that. I watched some videos and nothing looked over the top hard. It just looks like fun, we signed our daughter up to do a Spartan kids race in June. She's excited for that. I'll look into the rugged maniac also.
  15. Thank you for the response, I did read the thread. The context I got is that you would want to be prepared ahead of time to have that conversation with your son. I think that's a great way to look at it but in many cases kids are more observant than people give them credit for and questions tend to come out of left field. Again, I appreciate your response.