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  1. All I can think about when I read about the new dates is the Reasonabilists from Parks and Rec.
  2. She’s a private school teacher who has been teaching hybrid classes since September. We were able to get my 98 year old grandmother her vaccine yesterday as well as my 71 year old dad who has Parkinson and diabetes. They had been trying to get an appointment but no one had called them back or given them any direction. I work for FEMA and watching the management of this pandemic since the beginning is very disheartening. They are trying to correct issues left by the previous admin but it’s like being Sisyphus pushing the boulder. An impossible task.
  3. My wife is a teacher and registered for the vaccine in Anne Arundel County. Appointment was today, when she arrived she was told that she wasn’t eligible to receive it. They were only giving it to people in 1-A or people over 75. The county website shows 1-B and educators are listed. She was very disappointed and upset. The rollout for this is absolutely abysmal and I’m not sure how you fix it.
  4. I agree completely, trying to create checks and balances at this point is a loser both politically and for the people who truly need it. They need to continue using the same criteria and just push it through. People won't remember why they didn't get the next round, they will just remember that Trump gave them money and Biden didn't.
  5. I don't think you could get the money out in a reasonable schedule, and the fact that they use AGI and not gross is one of the issues. That being said, I think the only way that could be remotely reasonable would be to create a base income level and then apply the COLA difference OPM uses for federal employee salaries. Create the base and then apply the specific region COLA to the base rate. Federal agencies are already setup to operate this way. For example if they use the 100k family income level apply the DC metro allowance of 30.48% to create the regional level. B
  6. I was under the impression the requirements were simply income / cash based. Knowledge wasn't a requirement it was a more pay to play thing.
  7. I think the issue of a pump dump would be hard to really litigate. Institutional investors have been betting against short sellers since short selling became a thing. The big issue is that people are doing it out loud and not in a board room. Institutional investors have been shorting stocks and providing reports and other methods to deflate stock prices down to the point of profitability. Participation in the market is an at will and endeavor, in the end you can't protect people from this. At some point people need to have the base line understanding of personal finance and how t
  8. There was an interesting post on Reddit that the theory behind the pause is a liquidity issue more than just a stop point for halting buying. The stop point is trying to counter massive liquidity issues in the entire market. I’m not sure I buy it, but the theory is not completely without merit. At some point liquidity will come into play for the short sellers, think Duke and Duke from Trading Places.
  9. If nothing else happens from this I hope average consumers get a base understanding of how the market can be manipulated. I really want to stop hearing about how the economy is doing great because the DOW is up.
  10. The way this gets handled by the SEC and other agencies is going be telling.
  11. Also, some of the stories on Reddit about people holding to just burn funds is interesting. For some holding is not about making money, it’s about hurting the people who they deem as market manipulators. The whole thing is fascinating to watch in real time.
  12. The next move is likely removing retail investors ability to buy calls and options. This will be done under the guise of protecting the average consumer. It will ignore the institutional investors shorting 140%+ of the stock to start with and releasing reports to drive the stock farther down.
  13. Institutions have been doing a ton of early morning trades all week to try to drive the price down. They have buying and selling between themselves to depress early morning value to try to drive a sell off. As they say have diamond hands.
  14. Melvin Capital is getting crushed right now. They are closing other positions and had to get a 2.75 billion dollar investment from another hedge fund. This is absolutely epic, they’ve pushed the price past the point of no return for institutional investors. I’m happy watching this from the sidelines.
  15. Beyond the ridiculous beauty of the entire sub trying to shaft market, they have a deep belief that Cohen can turn it around like he did at Chewy. If you read some of their actual analysis (it’s hard to find but it’s there) it makes sense in a twisted way. The plan as described by Cohen could work but if nothing else, it’s a great spectacle.
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