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  1. My wife is a teacher and has been in a semi serious conversation to join a psychological practice to help provide educational support to kids with learning challenges. We had a conversation last night that basically boiled down to if they go back to hybrid learning she’s leaving teaching. The last 1.5 years coupled with low earnings and high stress have pretty much broken her. Her school has had five teachers leave this summer for other careers. She loves teaching and working with the kids but from a job perspective I don’t see how it’s worth it for the stress and
  2. I worked in the marine industry in Annapolis for about two decades. I say this as white 38 year old male that works for the Federal Government. The worst group of people I have ever dealt with are old white men. Not all old white men, but enough to make me able say this with pure conviction.
  3. He was great, went right at Curry and put some big fouls on him to force Doc to take him out. Do the sixers try to move Simmons? 170 million for someone that you can’t play at the end of a game seven. Hell, can they move him without adding draft capital?
  4. Joel is going to get a ton of heat for missing the free throws, but if he’s not on that team they don’t make the playoffs. The Simmons stat line is incredible. 2-4 for 8 points, 9 assists and 4 rebounds in 38 minutes.
  5. Simmons 4-14 from the line. Never have I seen a max player be so bad at offense.
  6. I didn’t know until yesterday that James Jones is the Suns GM. He’s done a great job putting the team together.
  7. Everyone is pretty positive this is Brooks last game right? I can’t take another year of watching the offense be Brad and Russell dribble 18 seconds and everyone standing watching.
  8. Brooks has to be cut loose after this right? After the first game it could be consecutive 20+ point losses with starters sitting large portions.
  9. What reason could Brooks have in not getting Matthews some run?
  10. Do they need to be sent the documentary on the Branch Davidians? I'm really pretty positive I've seen how this movie ends.
  11. I'm reading about the F-150 Lightning and I'm impressed. Frunk is huge, the ability to have an onboard "generator" and the towing features are great. I had an early deposit on a Cyber Truck but I'm going to change it to the F-150. Looks like Ford has a real honest to god chance to move truck buyers electric. It's eligible for the $7,500 tax credit and starts under 40k is huge for initial adoption.
  12. Finished it last night, it’s good but not as good as S1. The animation was incredible, but I felt like the stories weren’t as complete. Still enjoyed it though.
  13. I don't think the locations are going to extend the same credit to them. Wonder how they are going to handle having to pay in advance for services.
  14. You’re going to love the Smoky Mountain. I’ve had mine for four years and it’s fantastic. Congratulations!
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