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  1. I work for the federal government, the amount of really good people we’ve lost the last two years is staggering. We’ve lost several high end leadership people going to the private sector. The majority can’t stand dealing with the political SES appointees. Losing programs like this hurts the ability to bring good young candidates in, especially if they have competing offers.
  2. Yeap, that’s very appealing. I’m also interested in seeing the stadium. Daughters doing a soccer camp there this summer.
  3. Not bad. Looks like a fun environment, might take the kids to a game.
  4. My dad was VP of a company that was doing bids for the presidential helicopter redesign or something like that. He was in a room with a bunch of military officers talking about the budget. Marine general slammed his fist down and yelled out “Five pound trout”. He said everyone stopped and stared. Guy goes “The average American is as smart as a five pound trout. They just want to eat and ****.” That has always stuck with me and it seems more accurate each day.
  5. I’m not a huge Haskins fan but you do know that Jones lost 11 fumbles and actually fumbled 18 times. Jones accounted for 23 turnovers last year in 13 games. Haskins has 7 picks and 2 fumbles lost on six fumbles. He had 9 turnovers in his 9 games. Jones averaged 1.77 turnovers a game or 28 in a 16 game season. Haskins would average 16 or 1 per game.
  6. 40 year old virgin. Oh hidy-ho officer! We've had a doozy of a day. There we were minding our own business, just doing chores around the house when kids started killing themselves all over my property.
  7. GoSkinsGo

    Near Misses

    Ruptured my ACL at a football game, did not play in the game. Fell out of a car going about 40mph when it went left and I went right. Got to my friends house wiped the blood off of my face, drove home and went to bed.
  8. GoSkinsGo

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    I had a get together over the weekend with a bunch of guys doing a bar crawl. Ten people most were Redskins fans, conversation turned to the team. We all used to go the games every Sunday and tailgate when we were in our 20s. Several of us used to travel to the other cities to the see them play. One guy still has season tickets and goes occasionally or gives them away, he can't sell them anymore. One guy just watches in passing but really is a casual fan of the NFL now. Everyone else just keeps it on as background noise, this is where I'm at. The other interesting thing, is the people that have kids don't push the team. No one has bought their kids any Redskins related stuff in a few years, and no one is trying to steer them to the team. If their kids liked the Ravens they would be okay with that. I thought that was an interesting anecdotal story. I'm not sure where it ends up in the next few years but I can see the team losing a generation of fans to the Ravens pretty easily now.
  9. GoSkinsGo

    The Official 2020 Draft Positioning Thread: We're #2!

    Drafting a generational pass rusher is usually a good thing and Young is better than both the Bosa brothers.
  10. I don’t know if anyone in the team cares but the optics aren’t good. Yahoo front page.
  11. GoSkinsGo

    Tesla Model 3 Release

    Last full size truck I had was an expedition. That was a beast, my dad and I towed boats to Florida, Tennessee and North Carolina. Nothing could really touch the towing capacity of that thing. I think it was 9,000 lbs, or something ridiculous. If I remember correctly no other full size SUV even came close to that. Had to jump up to an F-250 or something to get comparable.
  12. GoSkinsGo

    Tesla Model 3 Release

    To be fair according to Teslas website it shows they have two superchargers opening in ND. Not online yet but coming.
  13. GoSkinsGo

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    First back to back wins on the year. Entertaining team this year.
  14. GoSkinsGo

    Tesla Model 3 Release

    Cameras, I’m sure they’ll have to add them in for DOT certification. They tried with the S awhile ago to do cameras instead of mirrors but were not allowed.