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  1. My sons pre-k class did virtual classrooms coupled with the Seesaw program. It worked about as well as you would expect. Out son didn't enjoy the Zoom classes as it was just overwhelming, he mainly watched it on speaker view and not gallery. They did two Zoom calls a day and we were happy if he participated in one. The Seesaw app worked well, the teaches created content each day and he had actual work to reinforce his writing, reading, counting and other skills. Was it ideal, it was not. But for the situations we were very pleased. I'm not sure how sustainable it would be for a full year but for a stop gap it was good.
  2. Our kids go to a private school where my wife teaches. They are going to do pods of ten kids where the teachers rotate in to teach. They are also installing Owl video conferencing systems in all the classrooms so one teacher can teach multiple pods and any student that had to stay home. They are pulling non essential teachers (PE, art, music) to act as support in the classes. They are shooting for a standard reopening with all kids on campus. No small reason is that a number of families flat out told the school if they didn’t have them on campus they would move to another school that would.
  3. My mom had a winter home in the villages for a few years. She left in 2018, let’s say that video is on brand.
  4. Just touching base about the camping thread.  Said I'd post pics but didn't wind up going after all.  I have plenty of pics from prior trips if you ever consider coming out west be happy to share them.  Peace!

    1. GoSkinsGo


      That's awesome, my wife and I have talked about it. We just have to figure out the trip with the kids. I'll let you know if we decide to do it, I'd appreciate any local insight. 



  5. As an example, Walmart could provide a multitude of services, groceries, pharmacy some cases minute clinics. They provide a greater resource then a small business. I know in our area small businesses that were grocery or pharmacy were allowed, they provided an essential service versus the mom and pop that sells hand made pottery. I get what your saying but trying to compare facilities that offer multiple services to a one off store is not possible. Especially to stores that don't offer essential services. There was no good way to shut down the economy just like there is really not good way to try to spin it backup. People are going to be unhappy no matter what was done in both closing and opening.
  6. I don't disagree with the initial closure of all things. If you leave certain facilities open they would become congregation points and possibly lead to increased spread. Everyone understood there was going to be a pain point for a lot of people. The lack of cohesive planning is the killer IMO.
  7. I think everyone knew it had a shelf life, my biggest issue is the lack of cohesive strategy across the country. You can't shut the economy down forever and you can't force everything to close. But you could have a national strategy and guidelines. I believe that would have made everyone more comfortable moving forward. But, that's just my opinion. -Edit- I mean we don't even a have a national standard for recording the dead. You have states that appear to be dumping COVID deaths into the pneumonia category, that should never happen.
  8. It depends greatly on how the revenue would be dispersed. If it was used to say build a new facility or to purchase additional goods and in some way returning the money into the economy then you could argue for it. IF it is used to dostock buy backs or dividends to share holders then no, the net increase wouldn't benefit the economy. A lot of the issues IMO is that as companies continually to streamline and increase efficiency it is at the cost to lower / middle class. In a prior role I was the CFO of a small business, we had gross revenue of 2-2.5 million. I did everything in my power to increase net revenue. I'm not in that role anymore and I can look back at the things I implemented, and I can say that while good for the business it was not necessarily the best for our employees. For example, during the great recession I did some analysis and found that based on our shipping / receiving volume and instore traffic I could remove an employee from the sales floor during certain days. If I did this I was able to eliminate the shipping position and rotate existing staff into the role. When the economy came back we did not rehire that job.
  9. In a lot of cases jobs are lost and the responsibilities consolidated on an individual without a pay increase. While cost per unit / individual drops revenue may remain consistent. That hurts the economy long term because you're increasing profit for the company without a corresponding earner and therefore removing disposable income from the economy. We are a consumption economy, we need consumers with the means to spend. We don't need a firm increasing net revenue at the cost of individual earners.
  10. I think a lot of employers are going to leverage this situation to not rehire higher paid employees and backfill the position with cheaper labor. Anecdotally, my wife has a friend whos son graduated this year. He had a job offer to start immediately after graduation but was recently told they can't hire him. They want to hire him but can't afford to hire any new staff as they laid off existing staff. I'm not sure how that gets recorded by the BLS.
  11. I think it would also and it would be good for the country as a whole. I'm concerned about the long term recovery and how many jobs will actually return versus lost forever.
  12. I'd have to look into more but what I understand the majority of growth was hospitality related. Any drop in unemployment is good but I'm curious to go through the more detailed information. I think the big thing is going to be if they decide not to extend the extra unemployment benefits. That may force more people back into the workforce or cause a cascade effect of debt and/or inability to pay existing debt for people unable to return.
  13. The stock market is not the economy, while the market may get back to or near it's earlier level it doesn't represent the actual economy. Being good for your portfolio doesn't directly correlate with the realities of the economy. I saw that 2.5 million jobs were added last month but that still puts us at something like 13% unemployment which is better than the 14%. Unemployment is still a massive issue for a consumer based economy with almost no tools left to goose it.
  14. It's crazy we ran into the same problem with the kayaks and other outdoor / fitness stuff. Glad you were able to find some.
  15. We picked ours up two days ago and have gotten out twice. It's awesome! I grew up on the water, used to do a lot of sailing. I've done local races, down the bay and some blue water. Worked in the marine industry for a long time, got burned out by always being around and talking boating. I took a new job three years ago and have slowly been finding my love for the water again. Kayaking is so peaceful I can't see anyone not liking it if you remotely like the being on the water.