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      Redskins 20 - 15 Cardinals
      Sorry folks, just made it. Plus, all of our photogs are injured.
      It must be the end of a bad season with no hope of playoffs.
      But I am here, JimmiJo, to bring you all the action.
      Here are my thoughts in a nutshell, bottom-line sort of way: win today or coaches could become at risk. 
      This is where you see who is who and who will be here next year.
      Follow along on Twitter @Skinscast.
      The Redskins declared the following players as inactive:
      o   No. 19 WR Robert Davis
      o   No. 35 S Montae Nicholson
      o   No. 53 LB Zach Brown
      o   No. 67 G Kyle Kalis
      o   No. 71 T Trent Williams
      o   No. 73 C Demetrius Rhaney
      o   No. 97 DL Terrell McClain
      Prototypical game for Washington. Jump out to early start, then the offense starts to fade. The bad news with this is Arizona has stuck with the run game and it is starting to pay dividends for them. 
      Thanks to a fumble by Vernon Davis and a good defensive stand by the Redskins; the Cardinals were able to muster a field goal to pull within 5.

      Head coach Jay was visibly upset on that last drive and one wonders if he is not going to be lighting this team up in the locker room.
      The Redskins get the ball to start the half. 
      Make no mistake. A win is a win is a win.
      But let’s not kid ourselves; any competent quarterback for Arizona and this was likely a loss. Heck, if the tight end holds the ball at the 1-yard line at the end it is likely a loss.
      The Washington Redskins got one they had to have. It meant nothing in the overall; there are no postseason aspirations, and this game likely had no spoiler-implications.
      But for the Redskins it was about pride and identity. It was also about people’s jobs.
      If a football team cannot get up for a much-needed win against a bad team in front of their home crowd; the problems are about more than injuries and dumb-luck. Such a loss would have been an indictment of the coaching staff. Specifically the head coach.
      Attitude is a reflection of leadership, as the saying goes. And lately this team has not been showing up.
      That’s on the man in charge.
      A loss today and ownership could be starting to consider a change at skipper. At a minimum he is wondering who else is out there.
      The good news is the team responded and found a way to win. They had help.
      Blaine Gabbert finished the day 16-of-41 for 181 for quarterback rating of 52.9. Worse were those moments when he decided to have poor accuracy. His red zone effectiveness was atrocious.
      Then there were the dropped balls from the receivers. If the Cardinals tight end catches the ball at the 1-yard line we are having a different conversation.
      The Redskins on the other hand didn’t fare much better. They posted just 218 total net yards of offense, and a paltry 31-yards rushing.
      The offense benefitted from an opening drive sack-fumble by their defense. Two plays later, Kirk connected with Jamison Crowder for the easy touchdown.
      Two drives later the Redskins would again draw blood when Cousins hooked up with Kapri Bibbs fir a 36-yard touchdown.
      But after this the offense went flat. They managed only 15-total plays in the first half. And early in the 2nd half had only amassed 5-yards rushing.
      The turnover the start the second half deflated the team and stadium.  Washington would manage to add another two field goals, and it turned out to be  just enough to get the win.
      Cousins was by far the best player on offense finishing 18/26 for 196-yards, 2-touchdowns and a QB-rating of 149.07.
      Crowder led all receivers with 5-catches for 55-yards and a TD. Next came Bibbs, with 4-receptions for 47-yards and a touchdown.
      Defensively, Washington brought pressure that made a difference at times. Preston Smith had a banner-day; finishing the game with a sack, fumble recovery, and interception. Anthony Lanier had two batted balls and a forced fumble. Kendall Fuller led all tacklers with 6-solo and 2-assists.
      The Redskins did just enough to get a win at home. It means they can still to avoid a losing season which would paint a much different picture on the season.
      From here on out it’s about who wants to be here next year. Washington has one more home game against the Denver Broncos, who feature a touch defensive group. They will then travel to New York for the final game of the year.
      It’s all about character now.

Official Trump Does East Asia Thread

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20 hours ago, visionary said:
Bye bye Seoul....


We've sold our ....

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Thinking we will need a "pending war with North Korea" thread in the not so distant future.


A couple main factors in play: 


NK is a legitimately dangerous rogue state and Kim Jung Un seems to value false bravado over negotiation to hold onto power. 


Trump also values the same false bravado for the same reasons. Can't look weak! 


So that has heading down the path toward escalating conflict. 


Icing on the cake? A war with North Korea would likely do a lot to help Trump *politically* so there's little to no incentive on that end for him to avoid it. 


Downside? Lots of dead people. NK may have the capability to deliver a nuke to Japan. Definitely Seoul. Adding that we definitely now know they have some serious chemical weapons (see VX assassination). Not to mention the loads of conventional weapons they have pointed across the border. The "X factor" that I'm not sure anyone truly knows is to what extent the North Korean people and armies fight foreign invading troops. On one hand they are scared to death of their govt and have experienced atrocities, starvation, etc. On the other hand they've also been completely disconnected from the rest of the world and brainwashed into thinking US troops are bloodthirsty rapists that are coming for them. I think we can destroy their govt and the army's ability to communicate relatively easily. But do the *millions* of NK reservists fight against invaders or largely welcome them after the regime is toppled.


Another factor here is China's role. They've sheltered NK for years, largely because they don't want a US friendly state bordering them. They aren't going to fight alongside NK against the US and allies, but I'd be very curious about how much they'd help in the fight or at least the rebuilding process. Having them on board with a transition plan could be a big asset and help with stabilization in the future. Need to bring them to the table on this.

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Posted (edited)









We are so ****ing screwed.

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Posted (edited)





The administration source said U.S. officials, including Tillerson, had privately warned China about broader "secondary sanctions" that would target banks and other companies that do business with North Korea, most of which are Chinese.


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My concern here is that the woefully amateurish administration sees things in such simplistic terms, and thinks carving the world up into "spheres of influence" is a positive move. Give Russia a free hand in Eastern Europe, let China expand to dominate SE Asia and they can strongarm some of those locally troublesome places like Cuba or Venezuela without interference.


Of course the people that DO understand this doesn't work are the ones that didn't sleep through history class, but they are no part of this operation, those damnably smart elites with all their "facts"!

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