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  1. Simmsy

    Gameday Thread

    Saw the spread on this game, took the Broncos, good choice so far. Too bad its not real money...
  2. Simmsy

    Gameday Thread

    I'm stuck with the Ravens game...
  3. Well, its been fun, time to put the game on my PC and play Xbox while listening to it.
  4. I know Cam is a good person, but when he pouts and whine, I have no love for him.
  5. Yeah, so how did they know it happened? Did they see it and just decide not to call it?
  6. Thats a helmet to helmet hit.
  7. Guys, I've dislocated my shoulders over 40 times (literally), its supposed to be at least 6 weeks of healing. I've gone back to construction after 3 days, but very limited. Imagine being a RB about a week of popping it out?
  8. No, they just can't keep it up.
  9. Does Riggo still have a radio show?
  10. If they punt on this...we have given up.
  11. We're winning, but it doesn't feel like it. Maybe I need more rum.
  12. Why are we using our time outs to stop the clock for Carolina?
  13. I called it, I'm going to take a shot on that one.