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  1. they all taste like bacon??
  2. lol...there he is, there's the Cali I love...
  3. nvrmind --- estupido
  4. It would be unfathomable to me that we would let a qb go, that after just his third season as our starter would only be behind Joe, Sonny and Sammy in terms of franchise passing yards... ain't gonna happen....Kirk will get signed...not even sweating it anymore...done deal...HTTR!!!
  5. Very astute write up..only read our Skins part...but spot on imo...interesting that boys n gnats are also too 10...should bode well for the two teams that will come outta the nfce in the playoffs...
  6. I would...gonna need 4-6 weeks to gel just on the D...I'd play our starters, on both sides, through the first half in every preseason game...unless they're losing...then play til lead or end of game...I'd also see if NE or Pittsburgh would want to do a scrimm or two...
  7. touche' KB..touche''re right...I looked it up...who'da thunk it????, you win this round...but...
  8. lol i do remember that...forgot all bout that chit,,,
  9. Let me tell you what Melba Toast is packin' right here, all right. We got taller faster wide receivers... new RB who's a double thumper, ILB who was a pro bowler...Drafted two Bama boys who are turbo-jet 390 horsepower. We're talkin' some ****ing muscle. ill gladly don my burgundy n gold glasses with you Mr. McConaughey....*cough* *cough* "ActorGuy1*.....HTTR!!! alright..alright...alright
  10. Thank you Murph! SkinsCast still going??
  11. Oooh oooh let me!!! I want to ridicule KB or anyone!!! Makes me feel superior : )