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  1. Ty!!! HTTR!!!
  2. I think a person who might be a PR nightmare would show up more in EI test than the Wonderlick.....look these billion dollar companies have such a finite commodity that I'm sure they invest tons of money/resources for every player/udfa...some prospects inspected more than others...from what I remember (and I've only heard a few WL questions) I was fairly surprised at the complexity....felt a lot like the LSAT type...which is being able to connect dots, formulate and conceptualize...which sounds to me a lot like FB schemes and the reasons why these schemes are, I believe the WL test is there is an added "psychoanalytic" side to this well do you handle it? fast can you connect these dots...If I were a team I'd film my prospects taking the WL test...see their body language...reactions.... /I'll quit giffin'...just bored and playin' around...
  3. why bother with the Wonderlick then? /gif kidding
  4. No offense taken at all Morne ...I was about to say that in our postings (IQ variation/perception by position...i.e. kicker vs QB) and knowing your grasp on FBall and our Redskins I assumed it would be superfluous to you....and I'm lazy...also, that's why I decided to use Ray's Wonderlick Test score..he had like a13 or something...crazy low...but he anchored an incredible defense for a decade and a half...
  5. is a lil' concerning....but, "Complex Defenses" are overblown in my opinion...I'll steal one from GMSM, "Football Players" or instinctual/athletic players can more than make up for any perceived lacking in "IQ"...see Dexter Manley or any Wonderlic Test... See Randy Moss and Ray Lewis....even our very own newbie Terrel Pryor (what was he hung Foster falls to us? It'd be mana from Heaven...HTTR!!! or Robinson!
  6. I haven't watched CM but the way you describe him it sounds like a hybred H-Back...except not rb/te but rb/slot...a slot-back...wing-back?...I got it!!...SWing-Back!!...
  7. man, that does get me pumped!
  8. makes sense... lol whoa what now?? break that down for me one more time..i think i understand what youre sayin but im not sure...
  9. true, true...but, I think, I'd rather go ahead and spend on Zac and Hankins and that would also give us flexibility in the, maybe, reach a lil' with more pics and develop them for a few years...rbs in this draft could be starters up until the late fourth...early fif...I think our Oline's center/guard area needs almost as much work as our Dline..I wouldn't be hurt if we spent a 2nd on a Guard/Centre...or took a chance on one like we did with that kid from USF...Reiter...still shocked we let him get away...
  10. just being casual i suppose... I seriously have to hope that there really is a method to their madness...cause from my laymen's view, I don't get a lick of it...