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  1. Man, I really like this pick too
  2. welcome to the Nation!!!
  3. i dont think he's a tweener....hes a NFL ILB...athletic nfl ilb..who can guard te
  4. Elijah Hood..for real..."Stephen Davis"-esque overloOked
  5. My WTF pick moment was Allen
  6. hey I play TotalWar...since the original Shogun...I even modded a WW1 game outta of the Napolean 1
  7. I nver even gave my smelf permission to imagine a scenario where we'd really get Jonathan was too deliciously delusional...yet here we are...the perfect pick we needed...Jerome Brown 2.0 talent son....HTTR!!!
  8. I actually saw us taking Trubisky on an Espn Mock Draft....
  9. I can't believe they dissolved. And, yeah, I'm not sure how going in from a different point would affect the rejection/dissolving issues...what a chitty predicament you're in Morne...I'll keep you in my prayers and good luck brother...HTTR!!!
  10. man, that really sucks...sorry to hear that Morne. How long is rehab from those types of surgery?(..never mind I read further...)
  11. 15 million?? seriously..15 mil?...did God tell him he was worth 15 mil or somethin'? Sean Gilbert his agent???...pfft 15...
  12. ive always liked boulware...from clrmson, right?
  13. wowsie, that was impressive
  14. lol. I think it makes her look distinguished...