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  1. As a 30 year old fan I am tied of hearing about the hogs or how we should recycle old jerseys. I think now is the time to be fresh and bold with our jerseys and at the same time honor it heritage through the color scheme and find a way to tie it back to the past but looking to the future. I like the name Warhawks because 1. It is a nod to the capital. 2 it's aggressive. 3. The logo ties back to that native look. What do you all think? I'm pretty sure all the old guys are going to clown me for this.
  2. A concussion doesn't count as an injury and he finished the Tampa Bay game.
  3. Teddy bridgewater, Tom Brady, Deshaun Watson, Can Newton.....
  4. Minnesota Vikings- played behind Teddy Bridgewater who went to the pro bowl. New England Patriots- Tom Brady. Houston Texans- Had a chance to play but was concussed. Texans then draft Deshaun Watson. Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton was their franchise QB. When given the chance Taylor injured his elbow. Has he really been given a chance to be the guy? Imo no. Watching and rewatching the TB game the guy was flawless and at 27 he is in prime qb age. I don't think it's necessary to trade away multiple firsts, or break up the DLINE which has been suggested to get an all-sta
  5. 2 seconds for Stafford and maybe settle big maybe
  6. If we keep the name as Washington Football Team then our logo should be allowed to comeback. The the name offended people not the logo
  7. You could hear Taylor call out to Tom after following him around. As Chase is speaking to Tom, Taylor has to hold on to Brady's collar to get him to acknowledge him. Brady says something quick then gets outta there. No respect.
  8. He's done it with all his teams that's his move.
  9. Best part is the Defense had a long drive and quarter change to rest. Let's get another stop Baby
  10. Am I crazy? Trade two 2nds for Matthew Stafford and cross fingers hope and pray for a way to draft Devonta Smith? I think that alone transforms the offense and makes us ready for the super bowl. Matt Stafford Micd Up
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