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  1. Clearly you are taking the word naive personally. It was not my intent to offend. Interestingly I don't recall stating you were personally being naive. So I have to assume your being defensive about it must mean that you don't think the team tagging Kirk with the sole clear purpose of just trying to get something out of him like a commodity will negatively impact free agents decisions. So I mean this as an honest question - how do you get there? What makes you think it will have little to no impact? I am just not sure how you can come to that conclusion. What you are saying is that free agents that are on the open market will not care much if at all that the team played loose with the rules to try and strong arm him into helping them after a clearly contentious relationship (regardless of who anyone thinks is at fault hopefully we can all agree that the relationship is not good). I still do not agree Alex is a good example as he was not a FA and he made the decision negotiate without knowing for sure that the team would tag Kirk a third time even if he agrees to a long term deal and the trade. There is no way he could have because none of it had happened yet. So again, it's a completely different dynamic. For your second - you are putting two things together that do not go together due to timing. Yes, it was clear from the day they tagged him last year and did not come to an agreement for a LTD that a 3rd tag was an option. However, up until the team agreed to the Alex trade in principal (not technically done till the season starts) that tag was to keep Kirk as the starting QB. While that does turn some players off a little, the tag stigma is going away some, especially seeing how Kirk and his agent were able to manipulate the tag in their favor. However, once they agreed to a trade for Alex, that whole dynamic changed. There is no way many if any saw that coming. Anyone who did, good on them. So to just say anyone not seeing the tag as a possibility over simplifies the situation. You have to separate before the Alex trade and after as now the tag would just be to strong arm Kirk with no intention to keep him on the team as it's clear at least right now he wants to hit free agency. Other teams have done a tag and trade but they had the player being tagged support. The Redskins do not have that support from Kirk, The last thing - I am really not sure where you are going with that. I will take a guess that maybe you are stating that everyone believes the team did not take a real run at Kirk and it has not impacted Fee Agents? I mean that's a huge stretch, but it's honestly the only thing I can see. I am virtually certain that players noticed how the team treated Kirk. Honestly, some will not like it, others will not care, and some may even say hey they just trying to win. But up until now nothing has had th appearance of being spiteful - maybe to some but it should not. Dumb? Yes. Poorly calculated? Yes. But malicious? No. I believe a tag now will be seen by most players as malicious and spiteful. To think it will not have impact of very little impact I believe is a mistake.
  2. Lol , where to start? First, Alex was not a free agent. He was traded. Second, and most important - the tag has not happened yet! So exactly how could there be any impact from a move that has not happened? The 3rd tag you were talking about was when the team was ostensibly intending to keep Kirk here. Not tagging him to jerk him around and with no intention to keep him on the team. It is completely different. And Alex Smith is a horrible example either way. He has $71M reasons for being excited. That brings me to the last point here is that I never said no players would come here - I said it would influence their decision. Money talks bull**** walks. You pay a guy enough money and that will also influence their decision. The problem with that is now the team is back - yes back - to over paying for quality free agents (even more than normal) or missing out on them completely. So again - if anyone thinks that if Bruce Allen and the Redskins tag Kirk just to try and get something out of him before kicking him the rest of the way to the curb will not have a negative impact on free agent decisions, they are being naive.
  3. This is a common misconception. There is actually no specific limit to the number of times a QB can be tagged. What makes it limiting is the escalating salaries - so in effect it's very unlikely that anyone would tag a QB more than 3 times - as we have seen 3 times is already pretty expensive. But there is no specific rule stating a QB can only be tagged three times. All non-QBs can only be tagged twice. That is a specific rule in the CBA. As for Kirk - this is all just bluster. Bruce is stubborn but he is not completely stupid - at least he better not be. He is jsut trying to get someone to blink before the tag deadline as that's his only chance to get a tag and trade - assuming he could convince Kirk to play along - I have my doubts. I am pretty certain the talk of the grievance being filed was Kirk's agent trying to goad Bruce into something foolish like tagging Kirk. Kirk would then hold all the cards. He can sign it then refuse to negotiate a LTD with anyone - and please people stop with the 1 yr rental for $34M stuff. That is just a fantasy to try and get something to work. Is it technically doable? Yes. But it would be career suicide for whatever GM tries such a dumb ass move. Or he can not sign it then hold the team hostage. As for the team pulling the tag, If I were Kirk I would wait until just before the draft which ties up the Redskins money during the biggest part of free agency but keeps them from trading him - even if someone it dumb anough to consider a $34M one year rental. They will not pull the tag before the draft if they do go down this insidious path. Because there will still be plenty of QB needy teams left. After the draft not so much. This biggest part of this whole tag and trade discussion is that people actually thinking it's an option are looking at it from only the teams side. Yes, it would help the team. However, Kirk has zero - less than zero to gain from helping the team. And no it does not ensure he goes to the team he wants. Onc he is a FA - and he will become a FA either now or next year - he can pick where he goes. At the point the team tags him it stops being about the best situation and becomes all about money. Bottom line is that once again if he is tagged he holds all the cards - period. You can talk possibilities and chances all you want. But the bottom line actual reality is that it's a stupid ass move that would only to made to pacify Bruce Allen's massive ego. If I were Kirk at that time I would do anything I could to screw Bruce over and make him look even worse. So yes, at that point I would get both petty and vindictive and make $34M doing it. But that's just me. Who knows what Kirk would do. This does not even mention that the Redskins then become that the last choice to play for any Free Agents of value. If anyone thinks players don't watch this type of crap and have it influence their decision on where to play, I have to say that's pretty naive.
  4. My friend Jkam

    I am truly sorry for your loss. It's never easy to lose someone close. His memory will live forever with not just his family and friends including you, but also the entire ES family.
  5. I am sensing you have a problem with danny - it's just a hunch since you are beating around the bush so much..... Being out of market I do not hear those guys or any of the local radio. That can be both good and bad....
  6. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I am usually with you but you have lost me on this one. While I agree DS has done nothing to deserve a SB trophy, but we have suffered mightily. If he can get his head out of his ass or just get lucky, I don't care which, I would be glad to see him hold up the trophy, it not for him but for all us long suffering fans.
  7. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    I was all on board with giving him a look. Let the players and coaches take a look at him. And of course if they decide to do that there is zero I can do to stop them. But for me when you get on social media whining before you have even been re-instated, that is just a huge red flag. And considering his past I personally do not need more than one. Having said that, if the team thinks he can help them and they can keep him in the game mentally, I will root for him to make plays on Sundays if he is out there. It does seem a shame to just release someone that has the potential he does. But man - already whining? Just shut it and let your play do the talking.
  8. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Even if what he says is true - and it may be - he should be keeping a low profile and just not saying anything. I was holding out hope and willing to see if he had learned anything, but he has already lost me.
  9. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    If he did post something like that anywhere for any reason - kick his **** to the curb. He has learned nothing and will be a headache. Just to be clear, I was never in favor of just giving him a roster spot just kicking the tires. But if the above is true - I consider the tires as having been kicked and found out they are flat as hell.
  10. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Ok, last time here - I did question why people were so angry - I did not suggest they didn't care as much if they were angry. Again, I get that may not be how you meant it. So again I am trying to move along from it. I hope you can. As I just said above - if he is gone tomorrow fine. I just hate to not even perform any due diligence. That is all I have been saying. I just want them to put the team on the field that gives them the best chance of winning. If they all think he can help them win and want him on the team then I have no problem with it.
  11. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Maybe not and you are probably right that he may fold if it gets tough. But two things - 1. Make it tough on him in TC, really tough. Make sure he knows the he is fighting for his NFL life every minute of every day. Make sure he knows he will have to work twice or three times as hard as anyone just to stay on the team. 2. Get the players input - the leaders like Kerrigan, Norman, and DJ. If they are in great. If they say - kick him - then kick him, quickly. My whole point here is not that I want them to give him a spot on the 53 or even the PS. But I would prefer they perform some due diligence to see if they can get any value out of him. It's not going to break my heart if he is gone tomorrow no matter how they get there. It just seems like it's at least worth seeing gif there is anything there. If not, kick him just as quick as you can and move on.
  12. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    When you say fans care and get upset - it implies that I and others that are not angry do not care as much - maybe that's not how you meant it but that's how it reads. But Ok - not really important at this point. Whoever said i am Ok with him quitting? I even said i was pissed when it happened. I chose to get past it and not hold a grudge. What I do not get especially is the black or white to this. You are taking an extreme position and questioning why others do not. For me it's a waste of time to be angry with a kid who made some stupid mistakes. I am perfectly fine with the coaches and players kicking the tires and deciding if he has learned anything and deciding if he can help the team. If they can get over it and believe he can help the team then let him play. I want to win more than i want to remain emotional about it. I got angry when it happened but I moved on.
  13. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I see that as I am writing this @thesubmittedone just posted something similar. But I am posting anyway, well cause i put so much work into it. I hate to waste such a masterpiece!! You are probably right here. I think Jay has not gotten the right chance to be successful. Having said that, every time Dan hires someone new for one of the top jobs like HC or defacto GM, there has always been strings attached in the firm of other people. Many seem to forget that Bruce Allen did not hire Mike Shannahan. Dan Snyder had always wanted him as a HC. So even though he hired Bruce first, DS gave Bruce his first HC. I say this because if somehow Dan finally gets it through his mini me little head that the team needs a traditional structure and he hires a proper GM - this may be the only good thing to come from a philly SB win, just saying - then I would want that GM to be free to start completely over with the staff and yes the HC he wants. Maybe he has some hold-overs but I would want it to be his choices - not hamstrung by Dan's favorites. So if Jay has to be sacrificed to get a proper structure and fresh start, then I am all for it. Jay will be fine. He will go work for Jon for a year and he will resurface for HC openings immediately.
  14. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    So if you don't get angry at a player that you feel screwed the team then you are not as big a fan? That you don't care enough? So you want to go down that road of who is a bigger fan? I don't so I will jsut say: We all care way too ****ing much about this team. And I mean every single person on this board that's a Redskins fan. That's you, me and everyone else. You say you get angry because you care. I don't understand it but OK. It's clearly your right. I am want to win so badly that I want them to look at every possibility with an open mind. And it's my right to question the value of getting so angry. There are things that make me angry. I was pissed at him when he ****ed us last year. But it's a new year. IMO It's zero value added to hold a grudge. Be careful? Of course. But hold a grudge? Not worth it. Again, since it seems to keep being ignored - no one is saying put him on the 53 or even the PS without truly earning it. But if the coaches think he's earned it and the players are cool with it, who am I to tell them they should be pissed. I promise you that if the kid has straightened out and the players and coaches think he can help them win, he will be on the team. He still has his head up his ass they will boot him - quickly. Now if he still has a head problem and they keep him over someone else, OK that's a reason to be pissed. But not at him, at the coaches who did't cut him despite him still acting an ass. That's like being angry at the 5 Y/O that the parents let run up and down the store aisles. It's not his fault. He does not know better. But the parents are at least supposed to.
  15. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    While I understand what you are saying I disagree to a certain extent. The problem with drafting with this type of approach is you end up missing a player that can help you. For me it's best player available. If it's a QB on the board, take them. If not move on. The nice thing about having Alex - and the reason I kind of flipped on trading for him or not - is that now the team does not have to be desperate. At this point the cost is irrelevant. He is here. And part of that is it gives the team the luxury of not having to draft a position early on. And I was add this - if he out plays Alex, $24M/yr or not, let him play. Smith can be the most expensive back-up in the NFL. If you have yoUr starer on a rookie contract who cares.