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  1. Latest FA Disappointment: Josh Norman

    Sorry, the second part was not directed at you specifically. I should have said that. My apologies. I have edited.
  2. Latest FA Disappointment: Josh Norman

    While I agree with @Darrell Green Fan overall the actual answer to your question is $8M with $9M in dead cap. This is not directed at you, but more a general statement: I am still amazed this conversation is still going on considering we actually have an elite player on the team and still people find reason to **** and whine. There are many other parts of the team that deserve the criticism, not one of the best CBs in the league.
  3. Latest FA Disappointment: Josh Norman

    Norman is a redskin for 5 yrs unless the Redskins make another choice unless there is some very unusual clause in his contract. Niether overthecap or sportrac say anything about him being able to opt out. This is just not true. Norman is more than capable of following WRs. They gave just not used him that way. He has struggled a few games here lately but it’s difficult to know how much of that are his ribs and also the impact of injury replacements. Before he was injured he has been one of the more consistent players on the team and was playing at s very high level. As as for calling out the HC and DC he is a team leader. He gets to do that. I have no problem with him holding them and the other players accountable.
  4. There is no grey area when it comes to the name change thread. But it's up to you. I am not a mod. Just trying to help a fellow poster.
  5. @Veretax This should not be in the Stadium There is a name thread in the Tailgate as this is also politics related. May want to reach out to the Mods and ask them to move it before they do it themselves. Possibly less consequence if there is mea-culpa.
  6. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yes, there is a very, very good chance we will get another moron. But we already know that bruce is incompetent, not to mention arrogant and with a huge insatiable ego. With that in mind, there is a much better chance of getting someone that is capable than the chance that bruce changes his stripes.
  7. You have way more faith in danny and bruce than I do. You really do not see them letting Gruden go and then transition tagging Kirk and matching any offer, or worse franchise tagging him and paying $34M for him this year? C'mon that would be the danny thing to do! I agree you cannot put this all on Danny. However, as the owner, if this is not his plan to start with (and I do not think it is), then he still has allowed bruce to convince him this idiocy is the right thing to do. Just like shanny saying he was over- ruled. If his contract said full control and he did not insist they enforce it and leave if they didn't he is at least complicit. Danny is the one person who can put an end to this if he really wants to - of course after the season ends. Your first point about bruce saving face I believe is spot on. His ego will not be able to take the beating that will ensue as any contract worth signing will be astronomical compared to what Kirk could have been signed for. And as you say that leads us to plan B - Colt McCoy anyone? I was going to say we could bring back top 10 QB Sudfield but with Wentz injured the eagles may actually need him.
  8. Did you finish the Chargers game???

    For the second week in a row - but the also only the second time in 48 years - I turned it off after the 3rd period. And I knew we would get killed last week after the dallast game was over. I have mentally prepared myself for the beat down. Having said that, I am not getting rid of any shirts or memorabilia. I have decided not to go to any games for a while (I live outside the area and have been going to 3 to 5 games a year). Honestly though it is really hard for me to get too upset at the team. I know there are all kinds of "blow it up" nonsense. But the fact is I don't care what people like to think, but losing 11 starters to IR along with losing a few veterans from the year before, not to mention 4 of their pack-ups to IR along with all the other guys lost for games but not to IR and it's amazing they lasted this long. The Chargers are a very good football team. It still hurts and is very irritating to watch. But while i know people think they were not trying, many guys out there were trying , they were just out-manned. But you just can't miss that many players and have other players coming back from injury and expect them to play very well. So, turning the game off and doing something else is not reason to lose your "fan card" what ever that is.... I love to play golf - more than the Redskins. But there have been times where I had to get off the course. It was just bad and getting worse. Like yesterday, I start thinking of work I could be doing. I will turn it off again if they lay another egg. But I will also be right back the next week hoping for the best until it's clear that will not happen.
  9. Latest FA Disappointment: Josh Norman

    I agree with everything you stated. The fact that someone felt compelled to trash one of the true bright spots on this team is just mind boggling. Norman has been worth every penny and then some. You can't afford to break on throws very often when you know the QB could have 3 to 5 seconds or more to throw. You will get torched, and badly. His lack of ints shows a ton of patience and discipline to me. That goes for the entire secondary. You just can't take that many chances right now. @thesubmittedone hit it on the head in terms of lack of pass rush up the middle. But in fairness the team did address this issue by believing in Iaonnidis and getting lucky with Allen (not sure they go interior Dline early unless Allen falls to us. But who knows. Will take it.) Injuries have really put a hurt on things. This does not excuse some of the less than stellar - or at the very least inconsistent play of some of the healthy guys - looking at you Crowder, world beater one week, and single-handedly gives thew game away the next. I agree about TEs but as you stated this is a league problem. Look at Reed when healthy. It's a natural mismatch. Not sure it's that easy to just find someone to cover them. It will take away from other parts of the D. Hope we get to see a healthy version of this team next year. It could be exciting.
  10. @Skinsinparadise nice video. Too bad his teammates really don’t like him. I mean you can hear it in their voices.
  11. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I get the implications this has on bruce. We can only hope this brings his demise as the Redskins defacto GM. And I am glad it's being reported. But where is the Jay connection? Scot and Jay have always had good things to say about each other. And unless I missed something, Jay had nothing to say about Scot being gone other than it was unfortunate. Florio should stick to reporting what he knows, not making dumb **** up as he goes along.
  12. They missed one possible outcome. Kirk simply plays on the tag forcing the team to either transition tag him again next year at an even higher rate or just let him go in free agency. This is where the "Does Kirk want to be here" part comes into play. I am not a big proponent of Kirk just wants out, at least not right now. I believe if they would make an honest offer - not this 80% or less of market value garbage, he would sign. I also agree - and have been saying the same for some time - forget the per/yr. That will be driven by the guaranteed money and total years. It is what it is. As I and others have said or a while - it will take something close to $100M guaranteed - likely something in the area of $70M fully guaranteed at signing with another $30M in injury guarantees. Any reasonable offer like that would make any dislike of Bruce not be as important. It's clear he really likes Jay and his teammates. Once he is paid he can ignore bruce. But if the team (BA) gives him yet another bull**** offer and refuses to move relying on the tag, he will have to believe he is not really wanted here and would make choices to get out. I know I would.
  13. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    Thanks for the link! Good read!
  14. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I am in no way a shanny fan but Bruce Allen was hired before MS and was thrust upon him. And to get shanny to agree he was told he had full control of the roster. It is clear that is not what happened. But to be honest I still hold shanny somewhat accountable. When you have a contract that says - I have complete control then you don't honor that contract, you GTFO. Anyway, the main point is that Bruce was 100% a Snyder pick. Shanny inherited him. I completely disagree. What kind of people they are and their professionalism goes directly to how competent they can be. Do they need to be angels? No, of course not. But the lack of even some of the most basic human courtesies shown by both these men is especially atrocious. Also, the lack of standing by a commitment is also really bad. Players do not want to come to an organization where you can't trust the management. Also easier to keep in house guys without over paying. Sorry, but the two are inextricably linked.
  15. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Not sure that is a fair statement. Please hear me out. While I am firmly in the - I would much prefer Bruce be gone, and I mean like today - barbour makes some good points. Ponder this while reading the rest - if you are so inclined to read the rest - if not maybe ponder this anyway: If Bruce has a good off-season this year (I will define good in a moment), would you assessment of him change? For me success quite frankly is primarily tied to Kirk Cousins and a LTD. If he can get that done even after all the buffoonery to this point and get Zach Brown and maybe a few other key players signed and still have a few $s for FAs, I would have to reassess. A few things from my perspective - 1. I am virtually certain Bruce cannot get this done. I believe his ego at this point and some misplaced sense of protecting Dan's money (at least in this case), will prevent him from getting a deal done. After that, it's anyone's guess if he can get the others done. 2. It will not change my mind in terms of wanting a true GM - yes even if he does well. While it may work short term, this FO model is set up for failure. 3. It will not change my mind on how badly he messed this thing up with Kirk this year, I was on board with him until he did not get a deal done and let Kirk play on the tag. We can play the :Well Kirk was never signing anything" game. But I have a really hard time believing if given a truly competitive offer Kirk turns it down. Ok, now to you... :-) I think you are exaggerating the first line. Winning cures everything. If he gets some wins under his belt, with or without Kirk (although I happen to believe that at least for 2018 winning without Kirk will be exponentially more difficult), I believe many people - including myself would move more to a "well Bruce is not my favorite guy and he ****ed up the Kirk things, but the team is stronger and is winning. I agree the 2014 draft was at the very least solid and have posted that well before now. I will also agree that at least for now the 2017 draft also looks solid. Unlike some, while I can see Scot's finger prints on the board, these drafts are way too volatile to give anyone too much credit who was not in the room. However, there are other problems with Bruce - and to be fair this could be a Danny thing - but he just does not handle things in a professional manner. Look at Scot. Yes, there were reports he was a no show. However, we also know he was sent home by the team. Was it because he was drinking again? I don;t know. But i know they gave too many details that tried to make them look good. I would have preferred something more like - we have separated and we wish Scot the best. The end. Instead all kinds of bull**** leaked out trying to discredit Scot. And the whole publicity stunt with Kirk right after they failed to sign him - it was like - "Hey it's not my fault!". I would have much preferred something more like - we tried but were unsuccessful. We look forward to a great year and hope to give it a better try next off-season as we see Kirk Cousins as the future of this franchise. But no, they have to assign blame. I could go on but I am sure you are well read enough about the Redskins that i don't need to. I have to reiterate that I just do not like this FO arrangement and I think that is what has most people pissed at Bruce. It's a power grab by a guy who does know how to evaluate players. But fair enough, let's see how it goes in the next 8 to 10 months.