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  1. Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    Below is Ziggy's CAP hit per Overthecap. I tend to agree Hood will be on the 53 and he deserves it if we are to believe Tomsula. He made not one, but several references to Hood playing out of position last year, taking one for the team. Before being forced to play NT, he was a pretty solid DE. To your point about leadership, he is very well respected by his teammates. I also expect him to make the final 53.
  2. Christian did not participate in any of the other drills so he only the speed to go off of in terms of athleticism. This is purely a data driven look. So the analysis is only as good as the data available. Another thing it does not take into account is injuries. Shaun Dion was injured a lot so that threw his production numbers way down. Of course, it also means he could continue to be plagued by injury which is why the metric is developed the way it was. It also does not take into account the competition. Still, this is comparison to all the Pro-Bowl and All Pro players since 1969 and how our draft picks stack up against those averages. Averages are just that, averages. Will some players not fit the frame? Of course. But overall, with almost 40 yrs of data, the predictive model is pretty mature. It will be interesting to see how this fairs in say 5 yrs. It appears he has only been doing this the last two years so not enough data to measure him. When I get a few minutes I am going to look at a few of the 2017 draft projections of his and see how they are so far.
  3. Payne, I agree with. He is a day 1 starter. No doubt. He fills a huge need and is a physical freak and should change the run D immediately. As for Settle, you keep talking about his "physical issues". I have posted several times what he has already done and is doing in terms of conditioning including already losing close to 50 lbs over the last 18 months, and now working directly with a conditioning coach that his agent got for him, and continuing his regimen even after the season was over and has lost an additional 13 lbs. He went from a playing weight in 2016 of over 360 (about 365 I believe) to a playing weight of 335 last season, to 329 at the combine to 323 at his pro day. Not sure what he has to "fix". His teammates like Zach Brown are already talking about - don't forget about big Tim, he is looking good out there. So yes, I will take that challenge. I believe he will get some meaningful playing time this season. As for the next few seasons, he may be out of football just because that happens in the league - but not because of "weight issues?"
  4. That's exactly how I did it in the ES Mock draft although I also picked up an additional 2nd rounder and picked Guice at 26, not 13. Then with Vea and Payne gone I took Settle in the 2nd. In fairness I had to make the Guice pick before the BS came out that dropped him in the real draft. I took an edge rusher out of Okl with my additional 2nd rd pick. That was because I have a feeling they are not going to pay Preston Smith and I had already seen they did not want Gallete back (who is still without a contract). But even though I thought they took Payne a little high. overall they did a great job. Still not a fan of the FO structure but it's hard to complain about how this draft went. Give credit where it's due. They did a great job, at least on paper. It may turn out differently, but that is just part of the draft. They made pretty good choices based on the information they had when it was their turn to pick.
  5. I am a big Settle fan but even for me this is a big stretch. I believe they will both be starters by the time it's all said and done. I have some concerns about Payne in the short term but they are things that should be very coachable, the same with Settle. Neither are complete, but both are very athletic and smart football players. I have every confidence that under Tomsula both these guys will have at the very least solid NFL careers.
  6. I generally like what Brugler has to say but I think he is a bit off here. First, and I will keep repeating this until people stop saying he had a "weight problem" - he was over weight his red-shirt season. But after a challenge from his coaches changed his diet and work out habits and lost 30-35 lbs (depending on what you read) - he didn't lose some then gain some then lose some. He steadily lost weight. That is not weight control issue. Some had him listed at 330 but I believe he played mostly at 335. More importantly, he continued that effort even after the season was over dropping an additional 6 lbs before the combine and another 6 by his pro-day getting down to 323. He also took a leadership role at VT in terms of weight room, conditioning and work ethic. In 2016 I agree he ran out of gas some at the end of games. But not in 2017. He got stronger and the longer the game the more plays he made. He also played 40 to 50 snaps a game in 2017, and all over the line. He lined up virtually everywhere from 0 to 5. Not bad for a guy was supposed to be out of shape. He is also only 20 - will be 21 in July. At least some of the balance issue - which I agree can be seen on some plays and in the combine a few times - is because he is still growing into his body. He was a RB in JR high and even some in HS before he started to grow so much. His feet try to move faster than his girth allows him. That will come with age and technique. I see him befitting from Tomsula greatly as his body and game knowledge grow. He also had some academic issues true - but he got it together and did what he had to to stay in VT - not some just get my by school. VT is a tough school academically so it's not like he took the easy way out. He does over-run plays - very susceptible to draw plays right now. He needs to improve his vision when engaged with blockers. Is he a finished product? No. I did not see him as 1st rd talent. I saw him mid-2nd. I took him a little high from what I had him graded but all the rest of the NT I liked ahead of him were gone and I had no one else I liked even in the 4th after him. It was a need selection I admit. I am not saying I think he is a sure fire pro-bowler. But this guy has so much potential. He has rare speed and quickness. He is a good finisher. Had a great motor, a great work ethic and an excellent attitude - at least at college. Now he would not be the first to do all that in college but then fall apart in the NFL. But I am not seeing it. I think he will at the very least be a solid Dline back-up that has the versatility to play all along the line - he did so at VT. I truly believe he will get some some meaningful playing time this year.
  7. Here is a different look at Guice - it's based on his performance coming out of college as compared to previous pro-bowlers since 1969. They look at 3 criteria, total offensive market share production, age, and athleticism. The opening screen gives it away. Guice is #2. No surprise that Barkley is #1. But the only thing keeping Guice from #1 is speed. He talks about it. Again, I found it an interesting look. There are no highlights. This is all numbers and charts.
  8. I am not trying to be an ass here I am trying to learn. Maybe I am not looking at the video correctly. I have watched every bit of video of him I can find more than 5 times each, and most of them frame by frame isolating his play in preparation for the ES Mock draft. I did not see what you are seeing. So please can you be specific? Which highlight video and what exact plays? If there are that many times that's it's more than other players than it should be pretty easy to identify several plays in 2017 that demonstrate your concerns. The ones I posted are just 3 of several that I have watched. I cannot find a reason for why he did not bench at the combine so it's a fair question. But it does not mean he has an upper body problem. As for his conditioning - I already addressed this. The notion that he has a conditioning problem is just not true at all. He has been working on his conditioning hard for the last 18+ months after a challenge from his coaches and has lost almost 50 lbs and was playing 40 to 50 snaps a game for VT. He was leading the conditioning exercises and was known at VT for having a great work out regime and work ethic. Here is an article about him with the guy who worked with Tim to help improve his conditioning. He talks worked with him on a problem of blinking at the start of the play and not disengaging from blocks very well. You can see this in 2016 (maybe this is what you are talking about). He worked with him on those things along with his conditioning and You can see he does a better job in 2017. Also check out the Ziggy Hood connection. https://virginiatech.sportswar.com/article/2018/01/24/tim-settle-wyatt-teller-preparation/ Last but not least, he is young. He will just be 21 in July. So he is still growing into his body and will do nothing but get stronger and more fluid, especially with Tomsula and the NFL level S&C coaches for the Redskins.
  9. Can you be specific? I am certainly no expert but I do not see it that way. Here are 3 different films on Settle - his Highlights, the NC Tarheels game (his worst that I saw) and Duke. Can you identify which plays you have your concerns? I would be interested. Again, I do not see it but I am clearly no expert. This is an honest question. I could very easily missed something. Let me know your thoughts. I will say my concerns with him are balance as he gets a little too reckless and he over runs plays - very susceptible to draws. I beleive Tomsula can coahc him up on this. But I saw no problems with his upper body strength. Even in the NC where he started slow, they had to double team him or he made plays. And it was not all bull rush from his get off which is lower body. He was pushing through blocks and wrapping up QBs and RB. Has serious quickness for a guy his size. One play he is double teamed, but he lets them think he is not really rushing then splits the two getting in the QBs face. Also check out the punt block. Blows up the lineman and while falling gets a paw up and swats it. Shows great body control that takes good upper body strength.
  10. Not sure about strength but he has been putting in “real work” on conditioning for more than 18 months. He lost 35 lbs going into last season playing at 335. He was down to 323 by his pro day. So it’s clearly now habit. BTW: He was leading the young guys at VT in conditioning last year. Just because he he has a little jiggle in his belly does notbmean he is not working hard. He has a great work ethic.
  11. Maybe for a game or two. But then opposing Ds scout you and see your pattern and design plays to get guys out of position.
  12. Good grief it was all over the place. I fixed as many as I could find. Seriously, thanks for letting me know. Wish someone had said something sooner. I started with CAPs then decided to spell it out and got it wrong everywhere. Will not forget now!!!
  13. LOL - Fair enough! I think I did that one on my phone! It's been corrected.
  14. That's fair enough, but honestly I was just focusing on the people picking on purpose. There is really very little way to know if someone will trade up. Also, my point was never to say there was no risk. It was to say it was minimal, at least from where I was looking. Also, they clearly had other players in mind. So as long as they had say 3 guys they were willing to take there and had judged they would likely still be there at 59, that's how you judge your risk. If someone takes him fine. You take one of the other choices. Again, there is always risk. It's just how much and are you willing to take that risk.
  15. In reference to the part in bold, I believe they had a pretty good idea that he would still be there. They would have looked at the teams picking between the picks and determined each teams needs and likely draft pick. If get it's still a risk but they clearly still had other players they liked and felt could make an impact at 59. This coming from someone who drafted him at 26 in the ES Mock Draft - We did this well before the bogus character issues were discussed. I trade back from 13 to get an additional 2nd rd pick. Below are the teams that picked between 44 and 59, who their RB is and my opinion on why they felt that team would not take RB before 59. Trying my best not to use hindsight - but the thought process during the draft. If you feel any of logic is flawed it could be a good discussion. Having said that, of all the teams in front of them at 59, IMO Indy was the only team that represented any real threat to take RB. And even they would already be giving up on last yrs 2nd rd pick. Thoughts? GB - RB - Ty Montgomery. Also, they have Aaron Rogers and a really bad D that cost them games last yr. Spending a 2nd pick on RB does not make much sense - yes I know they took CB in the 1st, but notice they took CB again in the 2nd. KC- Kareem Hunt - Enough said. AZ - David Johnson - With only 6 picks and more urgent needs - especially after taking Rosen in the 1st, Guice would have been a luxury pick - one they could not afford. LA C - Melvin Gordon - ranked 7th best RB in the NFL - RB was just not a need- certainly not in the 2nd rd. PH - Thay have a corral of RBs - Ajayi, Sproles, Smallwood - ANd they had just 5 picks - that 2nd being their 1st pick. No way they take Guice. Dallas - Elliott - No way they take a RB in the 2nd. I could see a late rd pick as some insurance in case Elliott does something stupid again or/and as a back-up. But like AZ, this would be a true luxury pick, one they cannot afford if they want to compete for PO spot. Also they need big help on D. I will go hindsight here - they took the best OG left on the board knowing they are about to pay some big money to their Oline (See Martin announcement) and will likely have to let one or two go. If was a great pick by them - as much as I hate to say it. But RB was never happening. CH - Jordan Howard - # 6 RB in the NFL. I can see a later pick but you are not using a 2nd rd pick for RB. They had bigger needs - WR for one which as it turns out is where they went. Indy - Maron Mack - Not going to scare anyone. However, they have Luck coming back and their game relies more heavily on him and the passing game. Also, Mack is a 2nd player that had an up and down season last year - 2nd in the league for 0 yd carries but also leading the league in carries over 20 yds. Having just invested a 4th rd pick last year, have luck come back this yr and more pressing needs, it was a good bet they would not go RB. Having said that, to this point this team presents the biggest risk. TB - They had already selected Ronald Jones at 38. Zero chance they go Guice. Cinn - Giovanni Bernard and Joe Mixon who they used a 2nd pick on last yr after some character issues - punching girls. I do not think he should be in the NFL, but it's not my call. From a football standpoint he did a pretty good job as a rookie. No chance they use a 2nd rd pick on RB again this yr. Carolina - They just took Christian McCaffery in the 1st last yr. He did a great job for them. Also, Cam takes a lot RB snaps away. RB for them at this would be a wasted 2nd rd pick. NE - They took Sony Michel in the 1st at 31. Zero chance they go RB again in the 2nd at 56. Oak - Marshawn Lunch and they just brought on Doug Martin. I could see a mid to late rd pick investment, but with those two guys they are not going RB in the 2nd. Atl - Devonte Freeman and Tevin Coleman - Between the two they make a pretty good backfield. Could Atl have chosen to take Guice? I guess, but it seems unlikely given they have two backs already and they had other bigger needs. Again, I could see a mid to more likely a late rd flyer, but not in the 2nd.