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  1. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    Huh? Your own data says that 1 did in 3 yrs with exactly the same number 6, did it before and after. How does that make the 3rd yr a huge one? Of the ones tat were in their 4th and 5th yrs. Also, it ignores that many coaches are just not even given 3 yrs to get there. Look at all the TO in the NFL. Sorry, not buying 3yrs is some "huge" yr.
  2. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    I get your frustration. I really do. I don't disagree that his end of game clock management leaves a lot to be desired and it;s not a new thing. Totally agree. But honestly, there are coaches with SBs and much better pedigrees even without SBs that are as bad or worse. Not saying we should not want him to get better. But honestly that is really his only major flaw I see. Yes, play calling can sometimes drive me nuts. But there is so much we do not know. There are literally plays called that have nothing to do with the game at hand. It's to set things up for your next opponent or even that opponent later in the day. Yesterday was exactly the type of game we have lost the last 25 yrs. I even said as much in another thread (I think it was the prediction thread). Coming off 2 very good performances, off a bye, against a team we clearly have more talent than, at home and even Vegas thinking we should coast (not a scientific thing but thought I would throw it in). All you had to do was make it primetime game and it's a perfect storm. About as an automatic an L as you could get.... Yet despite giving up an early lead, losing our #2 CB with our #1 already out, many other injuries, some like TW playing through injuries, and then questionable clock management (still not sure I agree that the 3 runs were a bad call. An incompletion there gives them way too much time, but I can see the desire to be more aggressive also. I like to see teams throw on 2nd down there, but that's just me.), many others not exactly having their best day, the team found a way to make the plays they needed to win instead of lose. The PI on Garcon is one they could call all game. We know that from him being a Redskin. Was it bad timing for SF? Of course. But so was the Davis fumble that wasn't. The point is they found a way to win a game they have lost in recent history. And I have to wonder if at least a few guys, and maybe even Gruden were taking a peak at next Monday's game. It's easy to say you have to ignore it. But it's human nature. Monday represents our chance to even be in the conversation for the division. A loss and the only PO chance is a WC. That resilience and determination is a testament to both the players and the coaches, and that includes Jay. Again, I agree he has places to improve. But I am a solid buy for now and the foreseeable future despite those flaws. This team is slowly learning to win and is fighting hard for Jay. It's just not that easy to find that kind of leadership, especially when you throw in his having to deal with Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder. I honestly don't know how the guy has not lost all his hair and decided to become a monk dealing with those two egos for 3+ yrs.
  3. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    Actually you have it backwards. You are looking at through the very narrow view of a fan who sees a few things they think they can do better and the few mistakes made. If you were truly thinking like a coach you would look at the big picture not the micro picture. Being a fan and being critical based on the micro-view is totally your right but don't pass it off as some greater more informed analysis. Jay did explain why he ran it 3 times. He wanted to run clock. And as he pointed out, a single incompletion any time during that series leaves 35 to 40 more seconds on the clock for them. No one is saying he is perfect. But who among is perfect? All coaches struggle with clock management, at least form a fans perspective. The fans are not on the sideline having to make the call in real time. Jay Gruden gives this team a few things this team has not had in 20+ yrs outside of Gibbs 2.0 (even he struggled with clock management if you remember): 1. A steady voice during chaos. He is a very level guy, something needed when dealing with big egos like Bruce and Dan. Although I wish he had a bigger voice (thinking Kirk's lack of a contract.) 2. A very high level offensive mind. He can get some offense generated. I would like him to work more on the run but let's face it, this is a passing league. 3. The players really like him and more importantly respect him. They play very hard for him. That has not been true here outside Joe Gibbs for the last 30 yrs. 4. Oh yes, and winning ball games. He inherited a total hot mess of a football team. Yes there were some key pieces here, but they were in pieces. Not a team. He has gotten them to play together. Yet he crafted 2 winning season s and unless I missed something we won yesterday putting the team at 3-2. 5. The ability to attract high level assistants. Make no mistake if Jay were an idiot then there is no way you guys like Tomsula and Callahan here, not to mention Torrian Grey and Manusky. In the short term I can see the frustration. But when you look at the long game, you can see a team emerging with grit, toughness, and the will to win. But this takes time to create this culture in a place that has not had that culture for a few decades.
  4. Not sure you can really say that. He was good in college but then he got injured first game as a 49er. I do not believe he has played since. Didn't he also have some injury issues in college? He may or may not be good at the NFL level. But I would sure take a run at him if I were Jay and Co and find out.
  5. Redskins vs 49ers Prediction thread: A Mini - Homecoming

    Sure, if we win all the other games :-) Realistically, no. But I do think we can get to the POs even if they sweep us. Once in the POs, anything can happen. I would like our chances to not get beat 3 times in one season. But we have to get there first.
  6. Redskins vs 49ers Prediction thread: A Mini - Homecoming

    Between being 10 pt favorites and the most optimism from the fan base that I have seen in many years (much of it deserved), isn't this exactly the type game we have laid many an egg on? I just have this really bad feeling based on the last 20+ yrs. I hoe I am completely wrong. It would be nice to put away an inferior team early for once instead of letting them hang around and possibly lose. Having said that, if we do win this one handily as we should, I will really start believing this years team can do some real damage. On a side note, I said this elsewhere, but are we ready to admit that philly is really good and maybe that first game was more they are that good than we were that bad? Just a thought.
  7. Happy we could help you guys out

    Your point is well taken and I certainly like our chances but not sure it's exactly the same with McVay. KS and PG I am sure feel slighted by the Redskins where with McVay, he was given his opportunities by the team. One is because you want to beat your best friend the other is because you hate the other guy with a passion. Either way, I hope we kick their ass all over the field. A nice 35 pt win would be nice for a change.
  8. Happy we could help you guys out

    Cannot agree more loving to see dallast lose! And in such a soul crushing way! Made my entire weekend! Many thanks to Packer nation! And thanks for the well wishes. But easy now on the 49er prediction! lol In recent history, this is exactly the type game we come out flat and play like garbage. Not to mention Pierre Garcon and Kyle Shannahan both have had this game circled since the minute they each respectfully became 49ers. We should have an easy game of it. But it just doesn't go like that for us, at least not in recent history. Maybe this is the start of a positive change! Here's hoping! With a little luck we may meet in January. GL till then!
  9. A Confidence I Haven't Had in 25 Years

    I generally agree with your thoughts. Two things to add/ponder. 1. Is it time to admit maybe Philly is that good instead of us being that bad? I know several did not have a great game, but Philly is making many look like that. I was frustrated by that game too. But the more the season goes on, it looks Philly could be for real, as much as it pains me to say that. 2. Until we beat the 49rers, and handily I am not allowing myself to get too excited. I have seen this movie too many items. That does not mean I don't share your assessment of the talent. I think this team has more talent that in a long time. However, that has not stopped us from laying a huge egg when we should be expected to put someone away before. If we beat the 49ers like we should, then I may allow myself the luxury of being more optimistic about the rest of the season.
  10. Got Dammit Doctson

    I understand what you are saying. But my thought is that without the facemask, he can see where the ground is and doesn't need to brace himself as much, or at least in a way that he does not get injured. With his head pulled back he can't see how for the ground is. Of course, this is just speculation on my part.
  11. Got Dammit Doctson

    So let me get this straight, he leaps for a ball and gets two hands on it (That you admit he only gets to because of his height and leaping ability), gets horribly face masked on the way down (please see @Stugein post with picture), and it's a huge "mistake"??? Sorry, but that's a bit ridiculous. It would have been a really nice catch had he made it. But that he didn't come down with it, while unfortunate is not a "mistake". He tried but when you have a guy pulling your head back by your helmet and facemask on the way to hit the ground from that high a leap, him not holding onto the ball is not a "mistake". The vitriol sent Doctson's way has been over the top. I saw things like "He is bum!" "I hate him" "He is a bust" and more. Not to mention the idea that he is directly responsible for the loss. The guy is in essentially his 4th gm of his NFL career, on a huge stage in a hostile environment, with the other team apparently allowed to cheat - at least on that play. And people want to trash the guy? Just makes no sense. And then you finish with the WRs need to help Kirk out more. How about those passes be a little more accurate? I love me some Kirk, but he is not perfect. Not by any means. They need to help each other out.
  12. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I believe the refs stopped time bless you are thinking of another time. Then they came and said Oakland did not want to challenge then they did when given more time. It was pretty messed up but Kirk had no chamce to get the play off. The play calls have been getting in fine for the most part. This is not jays first time calling plays. esp. to start the season pwople acted like jay had never called plays before. He's actually pretty damn good at it.
  13. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    I saw that too but chalked it up to salty raider fans in denial. You look at those plays and those guys are pissed when Carr gets sacked. Just childish excuses.
  14. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I have posted the cousins vs Brady, Bree's, rogers, Ben r, and Eli numbers at the same point in their careers, both in terms of seasons as a starter and overall starts. That was through 15 games last season. I will try to find that data as he compares favorably with them all. May be time to update. Not saying he is those guys yet. But as @thesubmittedone said, they were not who they are now at that point in their careers either, and that shows in the data. You need playing time to develop. He has the tools to be at least very good. Looking forward to him taking the next step, which I believe he can.
  15. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    In general I agree. Just two things: i like spaight a lot. But he missed two big tackles that i. saw that he just can't miss. He lunged at a few guys who made him look bad. But I believe that will clean up with more reps. I was was not down on the team due to the Kirk contract just BA who screwed the pooch no matter how you look at it. I don't see Kirk leaving either but he will not be cheap. I hope BA realizes if this team performs well this year - PO run possible div win - he can't let Kirk walk. He will be run out of town. He has swallow his pride and get it done. Period.