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  1. I agree. Just answering the question about what their blocking looks like. I am not real concerned. Just thought is was interesting. I am excited what the potential looks like. To me, this ensures Crowder can stay in the slot regardless of how Doctson develops. We keep getting taller at WR. Nothing wrong with that. We lost over 2000 yds in receiving. Pryor is a good step. Doctson is a ? Even if he were not, I would not have called us deep at WR. Even with Doctson, it's Pryor, Crowder, Doctson and what? Ryan Grant is the next guy up. Maurice Harris showed a few signs but he is still developing. As stated above Quick ensures Crowder can stay in the slot even if Doctson doesn't develop. More importantly, his contract is for $775k with an $80k signing bonus. Not exactly a kings ransom. With the rule of 51 he only counts about $200k against the CAP. This is a decent signing all the way around.
  2. I was not really disagreeing with you in terms of Kirk. I actually have made all those same points while talking with mistertim who has been really hard on Kirk and his RZ issues. My point was maybe to cut carex a break and try to see where they are coming from.
  3. I was talking more about the teams production. As the QB he owns at least some part of that. How much? That's up for debate. I see it as a perfect storm of better Ds, lack of commitment to the run - and being predictable when we did run, ineffective WRs in the RZ - especially when Reed was taken away, and to some extent Kirk's decision making. We heard straight from him that he pulled out of other plays and threw fades several times as he thought they were there. That's part of the self scouting I am talking about. I see him self improving, along with the team as a whole. Not trying to be an ass here - but am I being overly critical or a realist about Kirk? I ask because you guys were pretty hard on @carex for being more positive than most and trying to see the glass half full side of things. But as soon as I said something that could even remotely be viewed as hard on Kirk (even when it was not), you came right back to defend him. Does that make you a blind homer in terms of Kirk? Of course not. It makes you a passionate fan. And that's great. All I am saying is that while we all may see the team differently, we are all very passionate about the team. Those different views should not define how great a fan someone is. You are both great fans, as are most on this board - even if we see things from different perspectives sometimes (or even all the time ).
  4. Yea, the grade on Garcon was not a surprise. He plays with an edge - a good edge. He will be missed but I am excited to see how Pryor and Quick do in this offense. Gruden likes the bigger, taller WRs. Not a slam on McShay - but we could see an improvement in play calling. It is after all Jay's offense. Hope he commits to the run more often. I also expect Kirk to do better. Not just because of the different tools, but because he is good at self improvement. He will look at the film this offseason and see where he can improve, especially in the RZ. LTD or not this is a big year for both. Was 2015 a blip with 2016 a sign of receding? Or is it steady improvement with last year's small back-slide more growing pains and an much stronger defensive schedule? I believe it's the later but it's a fair question at this point.
  5. It's not as good as I thought - at least from a PFF standpoint. Garcon - 78.4 - 13th - 246 run snaps Jackson - 73.3 - 63rd - 192 run snaps Pryor - 70.3 - 84th - 252 run snaps Quick - 64.9 - 98th - 227 run snaps What we don't know is how much they were asked to block. I also question the scoring model since it has Jackson better than both Pryor and Quick when we all know he does virtually no run blocking. If someone can find something better, it would be interesting. If Pryor and Quick (and Doctson if he can get on the field), can help improve the RZ production and Gruden will commit to run a bit more, how well the WRs block, will be a bonus.
  6. I agree about needing to stay healthy. But why do you say he suffered from drops over his career? Here are the numbers from Sporting Charts: Year, Targets, Catches, Drops 2016, 77, 41, 1 2015, 32, 10, 1 2014, 39, 25, 1 2013, 34, 18, 2 2012, 27, 11, 2 7 Total drops in 5 yrs. Only 1 each the last 3 seasons - including last year where he clearly had his highest number of targets. Not really seeing it. Link: https://www.sportingcharts.com/nfl/stats/drops/2016/
  7. I can only speak for myself but my standards are extremely high. Based on my time here so are the standards of just about very person on this board. Just because people - including myself - point out improvement does not mean anyone is satisfied. The point being made is that there are signs of improvement. Choose to ignore that if you want, but while it's been slow there are sign of improvement. Yes, we are 1 of only 11 teams in the NFL that have won 2 divisions and had 3 winning season in the last 5. Is that good enough? Of course not! To say so would be absurd. Just as absurd as questioning someone's standards. It's a fact. There are signs of improvement. That's all that's being said. Nothing more - nothing less. Clearly we all want better.
  8. You are spot on in terms of the urban myth about Marty. He was not all bad though. After Norv, the team sorely lacked discipline. Marty brought that. And yes those first 5 gms were horrible, but he also finished the season 8 - 3. I remember watching those games with my brother in law and it wasn't pretty (Marty ball never was), but they were gutting out wins. But he was a little too far the other way. Pissing Darrell Green off was not a smart thing to do. Sticking with Jeff George for even a minute was a joke. Marty literally got run out of every job he had. Hell the Chargers fired him after going 14-2! But over time, Marry has become a beacon for how Snyder has meddled and messed things up. I had no problem with Snyder firing Marty. I did have a problem with him bringing Vinnie back. I always have wondered if instead of bringing Vinnie back, had Snyder gotten a real GM, how different would things have been? I also agree with @Skinsinparadise that while Vinnie was poor with $, Bruce appears too frugal. There is a place for both being cautious but being willing to open the wallet when needed. Some might point to Jackson and Norman. But it can't just be for superstars. The team needs a lot of really good players along with a few great ones. The GMs that are successful are the ones that know when to do each pay or pass.
  9. For me the comparison to Moss comes from his leaping ability and how he can go up and get a ball. They didn't show it in the highlights, but I saw some film on him where he literally ripped the ball out of guy hands. But you are right, in terms of physical presence and athleticism he and Green share a lot of similarities. If he gets anywhere close to either of those guys in terms of production, he will be a big boost for this offense.
  10. Thanks for posting the video. This kid has a real chance of being someone special. His vertical is amazing and has really long arms. As a college player he reminds me of Randy Moss in how he goes up for contested balls. If that can translate to the NFL, he will do some special things. He will need some coaching obviously. He tends to round his routes off instead of running them crisply. He also ran a limited route tree at TCU. But both of those things are normal for many college WRs and are typically coachable. Really rooting for this kid - both for him personally and what he can do for the team.
  11. The day they released Scot was the very moment that Bruce owned everything that happened after that - good or bad. If you fire someone then follow their exact guidance it's not the persons responsibility who was fired. It's on the person following that guidance as they can make the decision not to follow it. But if things do work out you can't just say - well that was Scot's plan. Regardless of the outcome it's 100% on Bruce - good or bad.
  12. I said I was moving on but one more attempt here. Then I am done for sure. First he played last year and helped the Saints. He had 133 carries for 548 yds for a 4.2 yd/carry. So what he did before that is immaterial. He clearly could add some value. And at the whole $760,000 he made last year he will barely impact the CAP. That's if they even sign him. But that's not even the point. I get you are pissed about how free agency has gone. And I don't entirely disagree. But I am not going to be overly critical on every little move they make because I am not happy with some other moves. While they have bigger needs, it does not mean everything else has to come to a stop. I am pretty sure they have enough people to multitask. As I said from the very beginning they have nothing to do with each other.
  13. Sorry, but I believe this is a total over-reaction. You are acting like because they are kicking the tires on a RB - that's they have not actually even signed yet - that it stops all other efforts and takes up all the roster spots. Moving on from this non-issue.
  14. If they decide there is an UDFA thy want they can cut him loose. Why make a big deal about it. It's just one guy. There are plenty of other rosters spots during the offseason. Also, you have no idea what they are working on behind the scenes. Not to mention there is a draft coming up.
  15. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. This is the offseason. They need RBs for the 90 man roster. Why not bring him in. It will not do anything to keep them from bringing the other guys in.