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  1. The Tampa Bay Bucs are on the Clock @Bonez3 Denver is on deck @jsharrin55 PMs have been sent.
  2. Speaking for myself, it's mostly just a fun exercise. If gives you a reason to look at the players in the draft and create your own big board. You look at players more critically and also look at players you otherwise may not look at. Also I like understanding different teams in the league and their needs and their draft strategy. Then you look at did the team draft the same players? Position? Was the strategy the same? Different? Then you see where they do get picked and ultimately how they fare in the NFL. Last year several of the guys created some scoring algorithms that put a score comparing where a player was drafted in this mock draft vs. where they were taken (or in some cases not taken) in the real draft. Ultimately the real measure is how they fare over time.
  3. Sent another PM to @styx491 May not have seen the first one.
  4. Please don't take it personal man. I was not trying to be an ass. Just offering my thoughts. I did not see it was just one player. Still not in favor of it as in reality teams sign quite a few URFAs. But again, if you want to do it, then do it. I am not trying to stop anyone.
  5. Ok, only for the sake of argument - 32 teams submit a list of 6 players. The person keeping track has to order each person by time, then take their first player. Then the next. But what happens when the players are not in the same order. You can't reorder as it removes the priority of the GM. If you do it one at a time. This would mean the person organizing would have to track each round, each player. And when do you stop? I appreciate your passion here but I am not going to change my mind. It just seems like an extra level of complexity that will be hard to manage. If someone wants to do it, have at it. I hope it works. Again, while I disagree I could be wrong.
  6. I just offered my thoughts. I honestly believe it will be a logistical nightmare keeping track of who wants who and when they were submitted. Maybe I am wrong. More importantly, I am not out to stop anyone. Feel free to continue. For me, I do not see the value beyond adding your list of targets to see who gets picked up.
  7. I don't disagree. It would be interesting to see what teams ultimately sign players. But us trying to assign them would be very arbitrary. For me adding your wish list to your final draft would be enough. I still believe the assigning to teams and tracking would be a nightmare. But if someone wants to do it, then cool.
  8. Not sure what your question is. I will take a guess but it's probably wrong. With the draft you can at least measure where your guy was taken vs. the regular draft. No way to do that with UDFAs.
  9. While I get the desire to somehow add UDFAs to the mix, trying to keep track and assign UDFAs to teams would be a logistical nightmare. Unlike the drafted players, UDFAs can sign with anyone. There is no hierarchy in the real draft. It's not even first come first serve. If more than one team wants a players they get to decide where to go. So, I agree with Epochalypse. Adding a small list of who your next 5 or so were to what your UDFA targets would be to your final draft results might be interesting. It's likely the players would be on several teams short list and that's OK. Lastly, other than pure curiosity I am not sure how you would measure it.
  10. The Philadelphia Eagles are on the Clock! @skinfan57 The Arizona Cardinals are on deck! @Reaper Skins
  11. That's more like it! LOL
  12. Ok, really disappointed with you guys. Not even one "your mama!" joke! You guys are slacking!
  13. Only 28 picks left overall - 3 for Denver! Looking good! With a good push and a little luck we can get done by the end of the weekend.
  14. Good pick. Thought he might go higher - like the 5th.
  15. #1 - Very little if any impact. People wanting season tickets are not waiting to hear about Kirk this year. If they don't sign him this year, then this may be more of impact next year. But people know he will be on the field for Washington this year. #2 - Virtually zero impact. Fans are fans. If they want the jersey they will buy it. #3 - The extra CAP is unlikely to be more than $5M. They can get more than $9M making a few other moves. No one is being cut after the draft that is Norman/D Jackson type. This is a non-issue. #4 - Nationally and with the local media this will not change even if they sign him right now. The Redskins are the NFL's and DC media whipping boy. Don't get me wrong, DS has caused it and much of it is deserved. But signing Kirk will not change that in any significant way good or bad. The team will still be presented as dysfunctional. The story will be "Why did it take so long?" "The team is only caving to fans. They really do not like Kirk." Etc. Again, not saying it's not deserved. But signing him now vs. later is not going to reverse that in any significant way. However I agree this would be a great sign to the fan base. A fan base that needs to hear something positive. For whatever reason DS does not value perception and just doing things because it's the right thing to do. BA appears to be working with the same mentality. It will not change many peoples perception of DS (and it should not) but it will make people feel better about the product on the field, not just this year but for the next 4 to 5 yrs. The biggest step change will be if July 15th comes and goes with no deal. At that point even the most optimistic of fans like myself will have had enough. Again, signing him will not change many minds that DS is a complete **** up (yes I have shifted to the dark side.) But I along with many others will feel a lot better about the product on the field and by more optimistic about our chances of winning on Sunday's (or whatever day we play). There is one thing that you didn't list that I believe is the biggest issue of waiting. If he had been signed before free agency, Kirk could have been lobbying guys to come here. That might have been enough to sway Bennie Logan to come here. I remember a big reason Jackson and Norman came here was the full press by other players. Look at Derek Carr in Oakland and some of the stars on other team. I am sure Eli had a part in NY luring Brandon Marshall? Kirk could be helping that and right now why should he.