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  1. First, I admire your compassion and optimism. I mean that genuinely. I have to admit not signing Kirk to a LTD took a hit on my enthusiasm. I didn't even watch the GB and really didn't care. Now it is pre-season which I have never been a big fan of. But I still always watched as I was hungry for Redskins football. Maybe the season will change that. But back to the point. It's not just about missing a draft choice here or there. It's the construction of a roster. A true football personnel guy looks at things more holistically. So it's also the guys on the back end of the roster, something Scot did not get enough credit for from some. It's the day to day personnel decisions. I get Bruce is not an idiot. And I agree he does not get enough credit for the 2014 draft which has actually turned out pretty well. I have made that point myself before. But for him it all seems to be about winning the negotiation. A true personnel guy will fall on the money sword a few times where it's important. Now I am not advocating we go back to the Vinnie days where they totally over pay aging stars like it's fantasy football. But from time to time you need to step up. The admittedly unfair thing here is had he signed Kirk to a LTD I would have a completely different outlook. But they needed to do one thing for the fans (meaning Bruce and Dan). Just one thing that could have really made the fans feel great about the team and the organization. Just this one thing to show they really care about the fans. But they just could not get past their egos to get it done. They are right and the rest of the ****ing world is wrong. It's exhausting and honestly I am just tired of caring and kind numb. I will use that energy elsewhere for now. Again, the season may change that. Hopefully so. This feels really odd after 48 yrs of never being able to get enough Redskins football.
  2. He is saying the play was for Grant to see if he can get open and if can't to see if he can win a one on one battle with a defender. Cousins is supposed to throw the ball there no matter what else is going on. Grant is likely fighting for his NFL life right now. they are getting more of him on film in certain situations. That's the whole point of pre-season. that's why it makes no sense to get too excited until you see the actual product on the field when the season starts.
  3. So basically you said: "say's you!" LOL When you want to talk facts, I will be here. I will say it's nice to have some comic relief in here. So you have that going for you.
  4. It's interesting that people that scream freedom of speech when criticized for their comments seem to forget two things: 1. Your freedom of speech does not supersede mine, I have every right to call you out on of the content of your posts. 2. Your freedom of speech does not mean there are not consequences to you exercising said freedoms. Your comments lack any factual basis. They are strictly emotional, based solely on your beliefs. As a fan you have those rights. But it does not mean it changes facts and data. It also does not mean people are not allowed to call you on those beliefs. The facts are that as much as I liked Robert myself, he was given every chance to prove himself as an NFL QB, He could not do so. So Jay did what a professional HC should do, make a change. Kirk has done a very good job so far. Is he perfect? Of course not. But your characterization of him is more than just a little skewed due to your own feelings for Robert. As for your shot at the coaches for letting Morris go, exactly what has he done in dallas? The run game has struggled, but your cause and effect conclusion is again filled with emotion, not factual data. Anyway, this one is for you - me thinks yours will be an exciting yet brief stay here at ES:
  5. Because you mostly only hear about the successes. Also, for the most you are not hanging on every player hoping they are the next URFA turned pro-bowler (meaning all of us crazed fans, not just you). But the fact is other teams have quite a few fall short of expectations just like us. And it just takes some players time to develop. What this team has not done is have enough patience sometimes. But even that's a tight rope. How long is too long to let a guy develop? Also, and I can't stress this enough, while the fans really want to basically see mid season football with few mistakes and beating the **** out of the other teams (I know, I know, "I just want to see consistency') - sorry, whoever saying that is not being truthful. We all want blood every play - and that's OK. It's called being a fan.), that is just not the focus for pre-season. About 80% of the roster is and has been set. But that leaves 50 guys playing 10 to 15 spots and then the PS. They need to get these guys work. As a fan it can be frustrating as hell. But as long as they show up for the season, all will be forgiven.
  6. All Things Ezekiel Elliott

    I have no idea if Elliott is guilty or not. He has certainly made several stupid decisions. If he did it, he needs to be dealt with. But in the end, I just do not know enough about this to say definitively. But either way, S Smith - while mostly a mouth with nothing much to add - has one part of this right. Roger Goodell has complete autonomy and that's the player fault. The players association gave up too much in the last CBA. So while they can whine all they want but they signed the agreement. They need to learn from this and put in a few of the following in the next CBA: 1. Set reasonable time lines for investigations. These things take way too long. 2. There has to be access to an independent arbitrator. As it is they have to appeal to the very person who determined guilt and set the punishment. 3. There has to be better definition around, "Conduct detrimental to the league." It's entirely too vague and aids in Goodell's latitude. 4. Set standard punishment ranges that do not leave so much up to Goodell's discretion. This is in no way to defend Elliott. He is an accident waiting to happen and at this rate will be out of the league in less than 3 total years in the NFL, which BTW, nothing would make me happier. But that does not mean that Goodell does not have too much latitude leading to decisions all over the place. It's a problem that seems to get worse each year.
  7. The 2017 Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Is that on Davis? Moses slides out to get the blitzing LB. Carrier looks like he thinks he has #23 but Davis takes him. Makes Carrier look lost but I think it's Davis who takes the wrong guy. Anyone see that differently? I couldn't get any sound so if they explain it I could not hear.
  8. The 2017 Training Camp Discussion Thread

    I am not a mod nor am I trying to be one here. Just hoping to help a fellow poster. This is a great post! Very well written and thought out. You have some great input and I believe tend to look for the good, which I personally like. It would serve you really well to leave the criticisms of other posters - calling out negative posters and lumping people that disagree - out of it altogether. Let your position stand for itself. You have a great perspective. If people disagree, discuss on those merits and steer clear of lumping posters into a certain group. It will never end well. And I agree, despite a lackluster showing by the offense, the defense showed some promise. Saw some plays made we have not seen in a while. Again, it's pre-season gm 1 so it could all be a mirage, but saw some guys flying around out there.
  9. Is the Extremeskins message board officially dead?

    Only to those that have it coming....
  10. Is the Extremeskins message board officially dead?

    Forums rules - they are pretty easy to follow. And regardless of what some posters tell you, it's the mods who decide if it's thread-worthy. Having said that, most of the comments I have seen are more an attempt to be helpful than to ridicule. But if you start the 20th "I hate Dan Snyder" thread or "I like XXX player as a FA" when there is a very nice and comprehensive FA thread, expect to get dinged. I will agree that while self regulating is generally a good thing, there are times when it goes overboard (every poll question seems to start with 5 to 10 responses telling the OP what's wrong with their options - start your own if you don't like it!) . But that's typically when the mods step in and close it or tell people to back off. The tailgate - It's Wash DC. Politics are going to be heavy. I am really glad they keep it out of the stadium. If you want to discuss something else, start a thread. It's pretty wide open what you can post there. Fantasy - I ****ing hate fantasy and am more than happy there is not a focus on that here. It's the worst thing that ever happened to football IMO. Having said that, start a fantasy thread. It could be all things fantasy. Anyone wanting to talk fantasy could go there. Not defile the rest of the board. In the end this board is what you and all of us make of it. Just need to stay within the rules - which are just not that hard or unreasonable to follow.
  11. Would I prefer them to have stormed down and scored a TD first drive? Of course. But it's game one of the preseason. With all the new parts it's going to take time. Guys are going to look out of place early. If this is still like this into gm 3 and then the start of the season OK. And of course we have to get the "but what about Carolina and the Giants last year" fall back when nothing else makes sense. Sorry, but that's more on the players. I have yet to see a coach make a tackle, catch a ball, or throw a pass. If as a player you can't get ready for a game that can put you in the playoffs that on you. Do they get all the blame? No. But to me it's most of it. And they got rid of several players from last years team. Further, the average turnover for NFL teams is about 30% - heard that on NFL.com but did not verify, so if it's wrong, sorry. It's still a big number even if it's not 30%. Having said that, to say they didn't care to perform is just ridiculous. Many of the players that actually played are fighting for their NFL lives. If anything, they might have been trying too hard. Also, we have no idea what the coaches were trying to accomplish and what individual assignments were. Yes, no TDs and a fairly inefficient offense is not worth praising. But this offense has a history of playing well in the season. I was more interested in the D. And for the most part the 1s and 2s looked better than they have. But honestly the defense is always going to be ahead of the offense early on. Both teams struggled offensively for the most part. I am as big a stats person as you will find, but preseason game 1? I could care less. Again, if this continues throughout the preseason and into the early season, OK let's get worried. But again, it's game 1!
  12. So are Tomsula and Callahan burnouts or clowns? Last I saw they were two of the most highly respected position coaches who both have head coaching experience - you know leaders. Matt Cavanagh is also very well respected in the league. Jay is gaining respect. He is 17-13-1 in the last to seasons. The team just had 2 previous position coaches get HCing jobs. But I guess they are only leaders now, not when they were here. I love the total over-reaction to a single preseason game. The world is crumbling and no one can save us.
  13. Please show me the coach without talent that wins SBs. Just one would do. Let me help you. You can't. Gruden is 17-14-1 the last two seasons. That first season was a left over **** show from MS and company. Does Jay own some of it? Sure. But let's be real here. He came into a total mess. Huh??? Ok, so it doesn't mean much, but for this team it should? Exactly how does that work? You had it right in the first part - preseason does not mean much. And you can not like to hear it all you want about people making the factual statement that the team is vanilla and not game planning, but it is a total fact. And the Redskins were not the only ones. It's the first pre-season game and you are ready to question the coaches leadership? So many new moving parts. It takes a little time to gel to get to know each other. A new DC, many new faces on D and O. If they still look like **** to start the season, OK then the criticism is justified. But let's not jump off any bridges over one preseason game. There is a reason they call it "preseason!"
  14. Is the Extremeskins message board officially dead?

    This shows me having joined in 2013 but I was here before with a different screen name. I spent the first 3 yrs at Redskins.com. It had no moderation and it had to be killed. A few people made it unbearable. So I turned to this board. I have looked at other boards and places for discussions about the Redskins and other teams and this is still the best, and quite frankly it's not even close. There are few people that used to be more consistent posters that I miss as they would provide threads say describing the difference between 1 gap and 2 gap defensive line responsibilities. Or breaking down the Redskins running game. People that have been coaches maybe even at the college level. Having said that, I still find a lot of very good information in here. Much more insightful and well thought out posts with data and facts. This board being actively moderated keeps it from devolving into the type of garbage boards you see more of now that social media has taken hold. It takes a lot of work and patience by the mods and I truly appreciate it. Does it cut down on some posters? Yes. But for the most part those people don't add anything of value. Right now is probably not the best time to judge either. There are a pretty significant number of people that check out once the season is over and don't really come back until the first real game of the season. Also, the teams handling of some issues - most recently the Kirk Cousins issue has soured people on the team some which has led to lower interest in the team. That has nothing to do with the board but may have led to some spending the time on other hobbies As for the twitter thread - count me as one that could not be happier that the twitter thread has been made for just the tweets. I do not actively participate on twitter and plan to remain twitter free as long as possible. But it is a great source of information from some things. But I hated sifting through 100s of comments to get 4 to 6 tweets that actually had information. One suggestion to accommodate both is to have a twitter feed discussion thread dedicated to discussion about twitter topics specifically. I know the hope was that the current arrangement would spur more individual threads but so far it has not really done that. Maybe keeping the tweets in one thread but having a catch all twitter discussion thread would help. Just a thought.
  15. With the tweet from Scot, let's get this out there: Raise your hand if you would trade Scot M for Bruce Allen? Think about it before answering. Not sure it's as cut and dry and many will think it is. Maybe someone who likes to start polls (looking at you @Califan007) could start a poll to see. Results may be a bit surprising. For me, the is specifically Bruce for Scot, not Bruce for anyone. Stirs the pot and leaves: