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  1. You are probably right as long as he gets Kirk signed to a LTD. If he does not, I believed the clock starts ticking - loudly.
  2. At this point I don't care what they do - hear me out. I would hope no one would disagree that the traditional structure would be best. They need to hire a true GM and let that person control the scouting and roster - working very closely with Jay. So of course that is what I would prefer. Having said that, if they decide to go another route - a high paid director of scouting with Bruce being the GM - just own it. Be honest. That way if he screws it up he can be shown the door. Conversely if he is successful then he should be given that credit. The biggest issue I have (and I think many others) with the whole Scot fiasco is that intentionally or not - that's a whole other conversation - what they said and at least what fans (including myself) heard was not what actually happened.
  3. I would think Davis could be put on the PS. Have to say I was hoping that Grant would be the odd man out. Coaches clearly see something in him. I don't hate the guy. But would rather see someone like Davis get a chance on the 53. They could keep 7 though. Would reduce depth elsewhere. But with Doctson not a sure thing due to previous injury and it being his first season playing, and Crowder being the only other prime target from last year, I could see them keeping 7 on the 53.
  4. I could be wrong but I believe the point was letting elite CBs walk is a mistake not that teams literally do not let them go. Of course teams have let them walk. Although with both Bailey and Revis, the teams didn't really have much choice to be fair. Only Norman was really the teams decision. He would still be there if they let him sign the tag tender, as opposed to Bailey being very public about wanting to leave and Revis purely following the money to the highest bidder. At least the Redskins got something back.
  5. And all were mistakes. In terms of Sherman - he is not an elite CB right now. He was a few years ago. So letting him go is clearly not a mistake by Seattle. The mistake will be whoever signs him.
  6. What exactly leads you to believe there is less of a chance of a LTD as the July 15th deadline approaches? This would go against all known data in terms of teams applying the exclusive franchise tag. Based on the recent history of teams applying the exclusive franchise tag on players, the July 15th deadline is when most teams sign their player. In fact of the 8 players given the exclusive franchise tag, 6 of those players signed on or very close to the July 15th deadline. As has been stated numerous times, there is absolutely no reason to get a deal done before the deadline - outside fan impatience. If July 15th comes and goes without a deal, then there will be a reason to be pissed. And I will be right here with everyone. Until then this is NFL business as usual. Nothing to see. Unrelated to the contract conversation so not directed at you: As for Sherman - Not just no but hell no!!!! He is on the wrong side of his career. His performance has been declining each year. He has been getting exposed regularly the last few years. Yes, right now he may be better than most anyone we have but Norman. But for how long? A year or two? And more importantly at what cost? Draft picks? Younger players development? Excessive CAP? Let's not ignore the media circus he brings. Certainly do not need more drama on this team. The only positive I can see from him being a Redskin is Trent Williams can finish what he started.
  7. There is a major flaw with this analogy. We have exclusive negotiating rights. At this point, it is impossible for anyone to come in with a better offer. Hence the name "exclusive franchise tag".
  8. What McClain did was almost Bakers entire season in almost 300 less snaps. Baker - 47 tackles - 3.5 sacks - 2 FFs - 782 snaps McClain - 40 tackles - 2.5 sacks - 2 FFs - 500 snaps
  9. I agree there was money there if needed. I also agree that Manusky who was here last year and Tomsula who is a known Dline specialist were not interested. the fact that he was not even offered a contract tells me a lot. Not directed at you - But there is a incorrect perception that Baker was cheap yet the Redskins overpayed for McGee and McClain. First Baker - Signed to a one yr $6M contract. So the comparisons have to right now have to be for just this year. If they sign Baker again next year then we can compare the 2 yr cost. If they don't it will say something about Baker's level of play. McClain - Per overthecap.com his CAP hit this year is $3.74M. McGee - Again, per overthcap.com his CAP this year is $3.2M. That's a total of just under $7M, or a whole $1M more, for 2 guys that are younger and have more potential than Baker. Now let's look at if Tampa resigns Baker. You have to assume it's not for less than $6M. So that would brings his 2 yr total to $12M. The guaranteed money for McClain and McGee combined is $13.75M - or $1.75M more than Baker alone - does not include injury guarantees and roster bonuses. Could be more but if it is that means they are performing so I don't think anyone would care. Both contracts are set up so the team can move on in 2 yrs with minimal dead cap. Just not seeing how the team overpayed here. As for performance, for Baker again I will go back to Manusky and Tomsula for their opinion. They were clearly not interested. As for other other guys, they both have injury concerns, no doubt. That's a fair concern. But the team can get out of the contracts in 2 yrs with minimal impact. If just one works out it will help the team tremendously. IMO the cost of losing baker has been exaggerated.
  10. While I agree with some others that Bruce does not tend to out bid for FAs, he has shown he will pay guys that have already shown what they can do in the Redskins system - assuming he pays Kirk. Kerrigan, Moses, Reed, Davis all got really nice contracts. It's interesting that Bruce gets accused of being cheap until he pays one of our guys than it's they paid way too much for him! No, it's not a lot of people but more than just one or two. Not sure I follow that logic. Would rather "overpay" the guys in house than FAs.
  11. Great post! I agree 100%. It's not that I don't get the desire for a solid option at NT. Would love to have a huge beast in the middle occupying blockers. But I just am not on the sky is falling without one plan either. They added some nice pieces around that position that can help average be better than average. Thanks for putting all the data together!!
  12. They are currently $71M under the CAP. Now would be the perfect time to eat the $11M in dead cap. It would have to be an injury settlement unless he gets cleared to play. But CAP is not the problem. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/san-francisco-49ers
  13. At this point we are probably splitting hairs. There is no scenario for me that I would have taken Howard over Allen with both there considering the teams needs. Again, I am ecstatic they took Allen. He has a much better chance to make an immediate impact on this team - and as you said provide a disruptive presence on the Dline we have not had in a very long time. Myself and others are just saying Howard would not have been a disaster by any means. He is going to be very good for a very long time. As for Sprinkle, I like his potential. He at the very least should provide a solid blocking TE that can be a good release valve. He is not going to scare anyone on seam routes or anything vertical but he will be load to bring down underneath the D if people sell out for a WRs - which they may have to. I love the idea of an empty backfield with - Pryor and Doctson (or Quick early) on the edges, Crowder in the slot and Reed and Sprinkle/Davis also on the field. That will create some match up nightmares. Some said Sprinkle goes on the PS this year. Not sure that happens. I believe he makes the final 53 un less he has a poor camp. I believe Niles Paul time here is probably up. Hate to see him go but at this point his only value to the Redskins is on STs. And while he is a great STs player, he can't stay healthy and other young guys are ready to take his place.
  14. Let me start with IMO Jonathan Allen was the right selection for the team considering our needs and who was on the board. But had they taken OJ Howard I would not have been that upset. With Reed's injury problems and inability to block effectively and our reliance on TE for this offense, an argument could have been made for Howard. And while Allen may be the better overall prospect, it's not head and shoulders. Not that it means anything to the professionals, but in getting ready for the ES mock draft I had Jonathan Allen #3 and OJ Howard #4 overall - (behind #1 Myles Garrett and #2 Jamal Adams). I bet most people had OJ Howard and Jonathan Allen pretty closely ranked. I agree Allen had more dominant performances but to me that was more a function of how each was used. In the NFL OJ Howard has a chance to be the next Gronk. Again, Allen was the right decision for us. He has a real chance to be special. But OJ Howard would have also been a great pick - especially considering the DLine depth in the draft and after the top 3 TEs the talent drops pretty significantly.
  15. You mean the Wizards? Showing your age! It's OK, have another beer... lol I just watched the Caps lose game 7. Crazy.