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  1. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yes, actually I talk to people that way when we are having a discussion when I think it's warranted. But I was directing it at the comment not you personally. You took it personally. Not seeing where I said you were bull****. Not seeing where i said your opinion was bull****. I did ask why that was so hard to understand as I would think of all people you have seen the team provide garbage enough to see through it (more on this later). But you took it all personal. Further, you have jumped to a massively incorrect assumption. I find the entire narrative of fake news just plain dumb as hell. Before you get upset I am not calling you dumb. I am saying that whole narrative of fake news is dumb. I will not say another word on that is it is dangerously close to bringing politics in here which I find disgusting, not to mention thankfully against the rules. You have drawn the false conclusion that my problem is with ESPN when it's not - well not this time. It's with this FO. I have seen about 20yrs worth of bull**** coming from this team to recognize it when I see it. They are good at putting on a show. And the actions coming from the team suggest the opposite of what they gave in the article. So it's not an ESPN thing its a Redskins FO thing. They lie all the time. When they are not doing that they are trying to cover their tracks. And you dismissed out of hand articles and people with first hand knowledge that refuted what was in the article. That is up to you but I have seen this movie. I know the publicity decisions on this team have displayed a horrible combination of incompetence and dishonesty. Please see the press release about Kirk not getting signed for exhibit A. There are some half truths in there but mostly it was a CYA exercise with some exaggerations and even some fabrications sprinkled in. There are many more but that should suffice. Done here. Moving on.
  2. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I stand by the statement that I think the article is bull****. If you take as harsh that's up to you. I can promise you I am not angry nor is there anything you can do to get me there. I simply replied. Again, if you find that harsh that's on you. I have no idea if Hankins is going to sign here and said so. My point was you said it was already decided (Hankins ship has sailed) and had attributed cause (referenced the USA Today article which was extremely flawed) when in fact there was virtually nothing to support it. If you have verifiable information please share. If it's simply your opinion phrase it that way, not as if it is fact.
  3. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I read the article and find it to be bull****. Group think is bull****. Someone has to break ties and be the ultimate decision maker. Since everyone but Dan works for Bruce, it's Bruce. I could care less what bull**** comes out otherwise. Not sure why this is so hard to understand. He has control of the team and makes the final calls. What I find interesting is that you question most everything else the team says but you go right along with this. So exactly when did I say it was not a disaster before? Wasted space above. Not responding as it's a waste of time. You are free to your own opinion. I gave mine. Not responding other than that. It's a waste of time. Hankins may not sign here. But you are making a correlation that is not proven and has no factual data to support it other than a very flawed USA Today article. I am not fan of Bruce's but that USA Today article was missing so much context and details it's pretty meaningless. Other players have signed here. Garcon who played here under Bruce recommended Richardson play here. I am certain it has a lot more to do with money than an agents feelings being bent. Not saying Bruce Allen isn't a douche. Just saying that there is no evidence that Hankins has made up his and that's what made the difference. Lastly, if the agent thing were true the Redskins would not even be on the short list, and his agent would definitely not let him come here.
  4. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I am usually on the same page at least to a certain extent, but I disagree with your assessment of that article. That is how pretty much every team puts together their draft board. The scouts put together the initial board and the team leaders - GM, HC, Dir Player Personnel typically review the player information, add their own information based on the film they have watched and formulate the final board. As long as everyone agrees they leave them slotted. If they disagree they watch tape together later on the ones they disagree on and come to consensus. On draft day the same group makes the call on who they select. The only difference here, and what is ultimately the real problem, is not a dysfunctional process - because it's actually pretty standard. It's who is making the decisions. And while they can dance around it all they want, right now the final call is Bruce. None of us want Bruce making the final call, and for good reason. But he is determined to prove he is a "football guy" when no matter how many times he says he is, he is just not. He is a slick politician who gets decent deals done sometimes but pisses a lot of people off in the process. My hope is that in an effort to prove he can build a team he actually listens to the guys around him more and they get their way. If he gets stubborn and decides he knows more than they do, it will be a disaster. One thing is for sure, this is his board. No question about this being Scot's' board. No potential strategy from anyone but the guys in the room right now which by his own doing falls on his shoulders. i am certain this is the way Dan sees this. So far he bought this bill of goods - that is a different problem all unto itself. Good or bad, Bruce owns this. This is what he wanted. There is an old saying - Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it! The next few days will be very interesting. I know one thing that could help him tremendously going into tomorrow - sign Hankins. The margin of error goes up dramatically. For that reason alone I am surprised he has not found a few more $M. If he doesn't, if Hankins signs somewhere else at a pretty decent number, some will call Bruce stupid. I do not think he is stupid. I believe he is much more arrogant than stupid.
  5. Uh, that was pretty much my point. Not sure where you are going with this. Wasn't really sure where to put this as it doesn't need it's own thread. This is as good as any place I guess. Thought some might enjoy it if thy have not seen it already. Shows many of the nasty hits we laid on dallast over the years, along with some great plays against them. I know I enjoyed it.
  6. I agree if they draft someone late it may not reduce his value, but it's never going up after the draft no matter what they do. He will not be "in the drivers seat". At that point he will need a team more than the teams need him. Again, there is nothing that is going to happen in the draft to make them increase their offer. His only hope to get more money is to wait until TC and see if someone major gets injured. Then he could possibly get more money as a team may be desperate. But then he risks not getting a contract at all. Agian, once the draft happens the majority of the risk is on him. The teams have plans to move forward without him.
  7. I believe you are looking at this in a vacuum. Right now he has leverage because there are multiple people wanting DTs. After the draft, that number will go down significantly - especially since what we are told it's down to us and the Jets. Also, just because they do not get a guy in the first two rds does not mean they have not filled the position. Another part of th leverage before the draft is it gives people options going into the draft if they feel they filled that hole. But if they were not spending X amount before the draft their offer is not going up. It only goes down. Fans may be desperate for a DT/NT but the team will not operate that way. Hankins does not get more leverage after the draft - period. Once they decide not to sign him before the draft, they have made a plan to move forward without him.
  8. His leverage goes down because the teams interested will have filled the spot with someone. May not be who they prefer but it will be a viable option as opposed to over paying for a FA. My guess is he will sign today or tomorrow unless teams have withdrawn their offers. The NFL frowns upon players or teams dominating the news cycle when they already have an event like the draft already scheduled. So I doubt anything happens Thursday.
  9. I watched this live streaming. Good interview. Not sure he told us anything... LOL
  10. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    For me the difference is that Guice regained his form by the end of the season where Chubb looked good but not who he was pre-injury. Also, there is a huge difference between a badly sprained ankle and tearing your PCL, LCL, and MCL. I like Chubb, don't get me wrong. But between the two, I like Guice a lot more. For me Chubb would be a fall back where Guice is someone to target.
  11. This I totally agree with. So do not mistake my willingness to wait as a vote of confidence in the FO. I have very little confidence. But I also acknowledge there is a lot I do not know. Also, while I am not thrilled with who Bruce has been bringing in and how he does his job, I do have faith in Jay and the coaches ability to bring guys along - maybe more than you which is where we end up going in different ways on this. But they have been developing guys - something we have not seen here in a long time. There are still so many moving parts that there is still a path to a better team. Maybe they dumb their way into the right one this time..
  12. Was not trying to put words in your mouth. I was responding to @Califan007 specifically but with a very general comment. I do not believe I called you out directly. But am sorry if you felt that way. Was never the intent. Why should there be any hint? They owe us nothing. Everything they tell us they tell the rest of the league. This day and age of instant gratification has created an environment where everyone thinks they are entitled to know every detail. I just do not agree with that at all. Honestly I am glad they have figured out a way to keep things in house - of course unless they need damage control - then it's a sieve, But that's a different topic. Again, they really owe us nothing. I will go a step further, it would detrimental for them to say anything. What if they say - we think he is the starter and it turns out he is not. They find out someone else is better. Everyone would be all over them. WTF - you said he was the starter. Don't you know your own people? Yet if they say nothing like they should, it's they should tell us something. I am totally Ok with them not saying a thing until Sept 9th when the season opens. It should be an open competition until then. We will certainly get some idea when OTAs and TC get started. Until then, I think we just need to be patient. Let's talk about what's really going on here - I get you are pissed because they let Breeland go and traded Fuller. I am not happy about Fuller myself. However, once Bruce backed himself into a corner, something had to give. As for Breeland, I could care less. He was not great and he had head case issues. He took the signing of Norman the wrong way from the beginning. Then he pouted all for 2016. He played better in 2017 but that was a contract year for him. As for DRC - I was only luke warm on him but he would have been decent. Having said that, he is clearly asking for too much. He has still not signed with anyone. I agree Bruce and be too tight sometimes. But in fairness it's not like other teams are forking over the money either. Nothing wrong with holding the line. I am in total wait and see mode. There is just too much off-season to go - not the least of which is the draft then post draft cuts. Last but not least - they have a plan. One you clearly do not like - and that's fair. But I disagree that not having a plan and having one that some see as not a good plan are not the same thing.
  13. i was stuck between the thank you and the haha. I am not the biggest fan of Bruce or how the team is run in general but good grief. It's like people think they just sit there like fans do and look at things in a complete vacuum. Let's let Breeland go. I hope we have someone. Where is Jay's dart board!
  14. Not sure you can draw that conclusion based on salary. He is not getting paid that because he has not had the starting time yet. By extending him now, they get him on a more team friendly contract, even if they think he could be the long term starter. Also, why would they name him the starter right now. It's April before the draft. We have the draft, OTAs, and TC. The only thing certain about the team depth chart right now is it in flux. There is absolutely no benefit of naming anyone anything right now. In fact they should not name anyone to anything. They should be fighting for their positions.
  15. Or they could be trying to put pressure on him to decide - probably a bit of both. Need to bring guys in because they want to sign someone and if it happens to push Hankins into making a call, at least they know where they stand. I would think Hankins would want to sign before the draft. His options get limited. Unlike some that think signing or not signing Hankins does not change our draft, I believe it could change the entire approach. To start, it makes getting a big guy in the middle a nice to have instead of a have to have. That allows the team to look at players thy may not feel they should be looking at with such a huge hole to fill - assuming they see it the same way we do. While I want Hankins here, I really just want him to decide and let's get on with it. I love what he could bring but if his price is just too high then let someone else pay it.