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  1. I'm not sure who started on the Ravens' defense last night, but keep in mind that they are always one of the top defenses against the run year after year. Still, it was a pathetic showing by our starting offense, and I didn't really see any pluses from anyone on that side of the ball last night. However, I loved what I saw from Brown, Taylor, Foster, and Anderson.
  2. I wish I was
  3. This is gonna be a game to forget for Perine. He needs to shake it off.
  4. Eagles and Wentz looking good...
  5. Zach Brown is the only one flashing out there.
  6. Fuller... that was familiar.
  7. Nvm. It's back.
  8. Looks like the youtube stream is down. Blacked out.
  9. Do you have a computer?
  10. Stream available on YouTube:
  11. Yeah, I agree on the "superior communication" angle, but there comes a point where superior skill has to trump superior communication; otherwise, the coaches would be out there playing on the field themselves. I think the reason he hasn't bulked up is probably due to the fact that he is already one of the slowest guys on the defense. If he bulked up to 250, he'd likely be the slowest guy on the field... not that it really matters much either way - he's a liability regardless.
  12. This is maddening to me if it holds true. We tendered him this offseason at an original round value (he was an UDFA), and he didn't get one contract offer from another team. We wouldn't get anything in return if another team signed him, and teams still declined. Yet, he is a starter and defensive captain for our team when we have better options to replace him. It boggles the mind.
  13. Actually, correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like we have only a minimum dead cap hit for both players if we release them next year post June 1st: