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  1. Wow. Fabian is a SPARQ monster. Ranked 2nd among CBs.
  2. So did we draft the replacements for Breeland and Murphy next year?
  3. Over 10% of all players drafted so far have been Alabama players... ridiculous.
  4. Yup. Knew that was coming.
  5. And Zeke Elliot/Travis Fredrick are salivating at the thought of Phil Taylor manning our starting NT spot.
  6. Thanks to whoever posted this article in the draft thread. It's definitely getting me more excited to see him play than I was at first:
  7. 5. RYAN ANDERSON, Alabama (6-2, 251, 4.83, 2): Fifth-year senior didn’t start on the strong-side until 2016. “Everybody in the locker room at Alabama respects him and is afraid of him,” said one scout. “He’s a man playing. I’d take him in a heartbeat. He’s got short arms (31 ½). One of those guys that beats the measurables. (Adrian) Hubbard was a better athlete, longer, better body. He’s not even close to Anderson.” Has undergone shoulder surgery. Was arrested on domestic violence charge in 2015. “He’s like a 1970s NFL defensive player,” said another scout. “He would clothesline you if you let him get away with it. Love the tone he sets. You talk to all the Alabama guys, they’re like, ‘He’s the guy.’ Surly on the field, but in a good way.” Finished with 128 tackles (40 for loss) and 19 ½ sacks. “I question if he can play,” said a third scout. “He’s an (expletive), he’s short, he’s 4.88. Where are the special traits to say this guy’s a starting player in the league? He’s going to meet the NFL tackles. He’s not playing the weak sisters from Vandy, Tennessee or Florida.” From Daphne, Ala.
  8. Damn. And they get Tomlison.
  9. For anyone who doesn't want to fall into a depression, don't look up Anderson's SPARQ score.
  10. Yea, writing is on the wall for Trent Murphy.
  11. Ughh. Took the wrong Bama OLB. Name: Ryan Anderson School: Alabama Position fit: 3-4 outside linebacker Stats to know: Picked up 129 pressures (22 sacks, 27 QB hits, 80 hurries) over the last three years on 703 rushes. Creating pressure on 18.3 percent of his rushes was well above the NCAA average of 10.0 percent for an edge defender. What he does best: Subtle hands. Never too demonstrative with them, but keeps his body clean the same. Ultra-productive in SEC. Rarely “lost” blocks even if he didn’t win at highest rate. Strong on the edge against the run. Rarely lost his gap. Plays low, even for size. Routinely wins leverage battle. Makes up for lack of length with technique. Long arms offensive tackles. Pin and swat is his go to move. Uses it very well as a pass-rusher and wins edge with it. Shows the ability to play low and win with the bull rush. Biggest concern: Not overly athletic and could almost stand to slim down to test upfield shoulder of tackles more. May lack a true position in the NFL. Lack of length will get amplified at next level and could get swallowed up. Looked completely out of place in coverage at Senior Bowl. A switch to off ball linebacker wouldn’t be smooth transition. Change of direction isn’t anything special and doesn’t have great bend around edge Was iffy finishing plays in space. Player comparison: Akeem Ayers, Tennessee Titans If Anderson could transition to off-ball linebacker he could be a dominant blitz threat much like Ayers. As a pure 3-4 outside linebacker he may not be nearly as productive as a pass rusher unless it’s in a more limited 10-15 rush per game role. Bottom line: Anderson is a ‘tweener and may be tapped out already with his potential. He’s been a supremely productive college player, but he’s also played in a favorable scheme at Alabama with incredible surrounding talent. He’s worth a look to see if that production can translate at the next level though he may be limited from being a three-down player.