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  1. Well, to be fair, it's a lot easier to have eye-popping game-winning drive numbers when you have Khalil Mack on the other side of the ball. He's one of the top 3 defensive players in the league, and he proves it over and over again at the end of games where he is a master at getting strip sacks on the opposing team's final drives. The man had 4 forced fumbles in 4th quarter or OT last year. It would be like Kirk having the benefit of Kerrigan consistently doing what he did in that second Eagles game last year when he sealed the W with the strip sack on Wentz as the Eagles were attempting a game-winning drive.
  2. If only we were competent enough to hire John Dorsey immediately.
  3. PFT is reporting that according to "multiple sources" Carr received $40m guaranteed at signing. This ranks him 6th among QBs, behind 1) Rodgers - $54m 2) Luck - $47m 3) Flacco - $44m 4) Ryan - $42m 5) Newton - $41m
  4. The players always over-hype QBs after a very good first year in the league. The players love their shiny new toys.
  5. Just woke up to this fantastic news (on the West Coast)...
  6. Unless they want to collude to make themselves less money, that's not going to happen. It's part of the CBA that the total cap has to rise in relation to the amount league revenues rise.
  7. IMO, in addition to the guarantee, this is what Cousins and his agent are truly after - making his per year contract value escalate at the same percentage that the cap escalates - and is the probable hold-up in negotiations... because no team in their right mind would want to be the first one to do this:
  8. Conspiracy theory time: I'm probably alone in this, but I think Garcon and Jackson were both in Cousins' ear towards the end of the year about upping their stats before the season was over and free agency hit. I'm sure both were desperate to hit 1,000 yards and ensure they got paid this offseason. And Kirk, being the nice guy that he is, was willing to help them build up their stats, sometimes at the cost of hitting a more open WR. It's really the only legitimate explanation I have for him treating Crowder like he had the plague towards the end of the season, and missing him wide open for TDs a few times, when they were connecting so well at the beginning and middle of the season. I say all that to say, I think something similar may happen with Pryor this season. And he has the potential to be more dangerous than either Garcon or Jackson ever were. I will definitely be buying plenty shares of him in my fantasy leagues.
  9. Brown was the 5th WR on the depth chart his rookie year, then the 3rd WR on the depth chart his sophomore season - behind Hines Ward and Mike Wallace. His 3rd year, he was competing against Mike Wallace and Emmanuel Sanders for the starting role, and was eventually named the starter over Sanders. So yea, he's had good competition at WR on his team throughout his career. Where are you getting the weight for Crowder? He weighed 185 pounds at his combine, which is similar to Brown, who weighed 186. I would think Crowder has only put on more weight since coming into the league and entering a professional strength training program. I would rather the best two WRs start. If that's Crowder and Pryor, then so be it. I'd actually be excited to see what Crowder can turn into on the outside. If he proves he has no problem producing in a starting role, and breaks out in a similar way to Brown, then that would give us significant leverage in contract negotiations with Pryor next offseason; we wouldn't feel forced to resign Pryor if his asking price gets too high. EDIT: I see that Keim has the weight at 177. Not sure where he is getting those numbers, but they're probably wrong. He has Crowder listed at 5'9" as well, but Crowder came in at 5 foot 8 & 1/4 inches at the combine. I doubt Crowder grew 3/4s of an inch over the past 2 years just as much as I doubt he suddenly lost 8 pounds.
  10. Think about if the Steelers had limited Antonio Brown to the slot after his first couple years just because they allowed themselves to feel comfortable with the "if it ain't broke" way of thinking.
  11. So... Keim seems pretty damn sure that Crowder will be starting in 2 WR sets this season.
  12. Second year WR Josh Doctson has returned to Redskins team drills this week. Doctson only played 31 snaps last season due to injury. However in 2015, Doctson had an overall grade of 92.0, and his WR rating of 149.2 was second in the country among qualified wide receivers. Docston also had the third best catch rate on deep passes in 2015 at 53.1, and his 4.08 yards per route run was tied for the best in the country. Docston excelled on post routes in 2015, as his QB rating when targeted was 156.3, which was 51.5 points above the NCAA average. Last season, his current QB Kirk Cousins had a QB rating of 118.8 on post routes, which was 16.4 points above the NFL average. Doctson also made PFF’s list of potential breakout receivers for 2017 .