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  1. The New York Post reports there’s a "good shot" free agent DT Johnathan Hankins re-signs with the Giants. Hankins is holding out for a multi-year contract, but hasn't come close to his $8 million-plus asking price. The Giants cleared some cap space after extending Jason Pierre-Paul ($9 million) and getting pay cuts from Dwayne Harris and Shane Vereen. Returning on a prove-it deal could be Hankins' best chance at cashing in next offseason. If the Giants get a couple solid OL in the draft, I have a hard time believing they don't have the best chance to win the division this year.
  2. Thanks for the post. Regarding the target at DL in the 2nd round: My guess is we were targeting Jarran Reed, but Seattle traded up (from 56 to 49) to get him before we could. It makes sense they would know our target, given how transparent Scot can be at times (your conversation with him being a perfect example). I think Scot knew that Reed would fall to the 2nd round, because he was primarily a run stuffer, and teams would pass on him early. His old buddy Schneider probably knows Scot better than anyone in the league, and I'm sure he knew that if he really wanted Reed, he would have to trade up in front of us to get him. Scot attacked the OL and EDGE early in 2015 with Scherff and Smith. I'm guessing he planned to attack the lines again early in 2016, which is how he's stated numerous times he likes to build a team (inside-out). I think his dream scenario in the first couple rounds would have been to end up with Ryan Kelly and Jarran Reed, but the draft just didn't fall that way. Instead of reaching, they went BPA, which I can respect and applaud, but which made a lot of fans impatient and cast doubt on the draft because no immediate starters were selected the first two rounds.
  3. Crowder will be on here soon. Hopefully we have at least one Day 3 pick this year that will make this list.
  4. I'm struggling to find which team has a worse DL than us around the league... Maybe Dallas? But they have a ball control offense that keeps their pathetic DL off the field.
  5. But you were watching film of him in a position he probably won't be playing in the NFL. Most who are high on Reddick are high on him as an ILB, or do-everything LB, similar to Jamie Collins.
  6. The team that drafts him is likely going to play him at ILB. He could be a legit beast there. I hope its us.
  7. SS? At 6'1", 237? Why don't you think he can be an effective ILB?
  8. NYG was legitimately one of the worst defenses in NFL history in 2015. They suddenly transformed into a top 2 defense last season. Check the stats. The main reason for that transformation was the addition of the 3 marquee players they signed in FA. It helped everyone around them play better, from All-Pros like Collins to bums like K. Robinson.
  9. Hope Dan isn't planning to have anyone hold his beer...