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  1. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Five teams who could surprise with an NFL Wild Card appearance in 2018 Quarterback Kirk Cousins is out, but despite Cousins making more in Minnesota, the Redskins might actually be better off with Alex Smith after acquiring him from the Kansas City Chiefs via trade. Smith is coming off the highest graded season of his career at 87.2 last season, and has consistently graded at 80.3 or higher every season since 2011. Most impressive last season was how good Smith was throwing the ball downfield, tied for the league lead with 12 touchdowns on throws 20 yards or further downfield. “But Tyreek Hill!” I hear you scream. Yes, Hill helped Smith out, but only six of those deep touchdowns went to Hill as Smith still made plays downfield to other receivers. Furthermore, the Redskins added Paul Richardson, who himself had three deep receiving touchdowns in 2017 and they should have tight end Jordan Reed back healthy. Add in the talents of rookie running back Derrius Guice out of LSU and this offense could take a significant step forwards. We didn’t love the value in selecting Da’Ron Payne as high as they did, but he adds strength to their run defense, with 27 tackles resulting in a defensive stop against the run in his final season at Alabama. He rejoins his former teammate Jonathan Allen, who racked up three sacks, three hits and 10 hurries through his first five games before injury ended his rookie season. With more strength up front, the Redskins defense should be expected to improve too.
  2. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    On my phone so can’t copy the tweet properly, but according to PFF: WR Trey Quinn "had the lowest drop rate in the nation among receivers with at least 100 targets in 2017, dropping only two of 116 catchable passes" - 2018 @PFF NFL Draft Guide
  3. What to do with LG

    Dropping like flies.
  4. I would take Kendricks over Foster any day of the week. FWIW, Kendricks was PFF's #9 LB last year.
  5. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Did you? Alex was incredible during the 1st half of the game. Towards the end of the 1st half, Kelce was placed in concussion protocol and never returned to the game. The back-up TE, Orson Charles, took over as the TE1, and he was terrible. He had drops in key moments that would have extended drives, and the Chiefs offense struggled to move the ball downfield. Hill had some key drops as well. The Chiefs defense was also terrible, allowing the Titans to control the clock for 19:04 minutes in the 2nd half vs. the Chiefs having the ball for only 10:56 minutes, with the Titans rushing for 202 yards on the day. Anyone putting that loss on Smith's shoulders needs to go back and watch the tape. The dude had a 116.2 passer rating, c'mon now.
  6. What to do with LG

    Wasn't Deuce just the assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach? Seems a little too convenient to blame any of the injuries on him.
  7. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Hate to pump up anything to do with the Eagles, but here's a really good breakdown of how Howie Roseman built the bully that won the SB last year, and will likely be relevant for years to come. We don't necessarily need to follow this formula to be successful, but it would be nice to have a GM leading this organization with the vision to start a few trends of his own.
  8. What to do with LG

    Forget that. He needs to ask about signing Incognito.
  9. Crowder vs. Richardson

    Haha, for sure. I think that's definitely health-related though as opposed to any skill-related deficiencies. But availability will always be the best ability. He needs to prove he can stay healthy for two seasons in a row.
  10. Crowder vs. Richardson

    I agree with the rest of your post, but I don't think you can hold Richardson's catch rate against him. In 2017, he had the 10th most average targeted air yards in the league at 15.0, which means his QB was consistently targeting him down-field: If you look at the WRs ahead of him, they all had catch rates below 60%. In fact, if you go down the list, the first WR with a catch rate greater than 60% was Antonio Brown, who was 23rd on the average targeted air yards list. Those 22 WRs ahead of Brown include Julio Jones at 59.46% and Alshon Jeffery at 47.5%. Crowder, meanwhile was 22nd to the bottom in average targeted air yards at 7.6; he's obviously going to have a better catch rate because of it.
  11. What to do with LG

    I would love it if we made this move. I doubt it happens though after the whole Cravens fiasco last year. There's only so many times we'd be willing to risk a player quitting on us. Free agent OG Richie Incognito informed the Bills he will not retire before they granted his release on Monday. Some teams in the Bills' position wouldn't budge after feeling a player turned his back on them, but Buffalo quickly allowed Incognito to move on and begin engaging other teams. Although he's a short-term fix going on age 35, Incognito is plenty capable of helping a team at guard. The Ravens with ex-Bills OC Greg Roman make sense. The Bengals could also use another upgrade inside.
  12. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    The third paragraph really gets to the heart of who Alex Smith was as a player pretty much his whole career until last season. Other than Tyreek Hill's emergence, maybe this is the biggest reason for the switch that seemed to flip for him last year (it might have taken a season or two for the lesson he learned to sink in)?
  13. I'm really not seeing much of a difference in frame between Ward and Stroman. vs
  14. I can't find the Arkansas game film with a focus on Payne either, but you can see most of his snaps in this Minkah breakdown: I think the only time he really lost against Ragnow was in the snap below: I think the biggest knock on Payne against the run is that he can get washed out on double teams, mostly due to his high pad level. He's not some big 330 pound behemoth that's always going to hold up at the POA. Though when he does get doubled, he usually gives his teammates opportunities to take advantage and make plays in the backfield. Ignore Ledyard's exaggeration here. It's not Ragnow winning, it's a double-team.