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  1. Living and working in the Baltimore suburbs I would love nothing more than to beat the Ravens and rub it in all my smug ass coworkers faces....
  2. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I mean I know its summer league, but we have nobody on our roster with this type of athleticism, have to find a way to keep him....
  3. I reread as no one thought it would stand, but its still here, hope im not wrong.
  4. Sorry, I respect your insight, you've been here a long time as well as me, I dont post a lot, but get your drift. I suppose so, sorry, been on the defensive end a long time today.
  5. Why in the world would you give a crap about that... If 2 dumbasses of any sex, creed, color, sexual preference want to do that, why do you care...
  6. i think those are fine gun laws actually, i own a shotgun, and a 38, i live in md... what more do i need?
  7. So show an example at least, that choice wasn't swaying anything one way or another,,,
  8. OMG, I so don't understand how my thoughts, ideas, feelings, opinions differ from many Americans. Its tragic that we are this divided. Well thats just great, everyone needs an AK...
  9. I more meant that I'm lumped into a group that I cant speak for and dont agree with. Growing up here on the outskirts of DC, my best friends were a Jamaican, 2 Indians, A black guy, 3 white guys, and an Egyptian...
  10. Yeah that figures your an old crotchety get off my lawn man...
  11. The amount of money it takes to raise a baby and have a place to live, and have necessities, especially if you dont have a family that can absorb it is tremendous. Thats such narrow sighted thinking....
  12. Da **** you talking about, do you even have kids?
  13. Thats crap, what Im saying is making a poor decision when you 16, shouldn't preclude you from being the person you could be because you made a mistake.
  14. What??? millions living in poverty on food stamps if thats what you want... Plus there will still be abortions, just like there are still drugs, just taken underground thanks to your self righteous beliefs.
  15. Sad part is Im white as white can get, Irish/German. So I guess im lucky in that my daughter carries my heritage by name and complexion, but the Jewish faith. I just have no idea where this hate mongering comes from. I cant look at another human as inferior to me because the pigment of there skin is different, its the dumbest ass thing ever....