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  1. tshile

    90s music

    Alcohol might be the worst substance for a music festival
  2. tshile

    90s music

    You’re either an amateur or a lightweight.
  3. Colt gives me so much more confidence than smith.
  4. There is a significant portion of our fan base that seem to think there’s something good going on here.
  5. Fool me 10 times and we stop showing up
  6. tshile

    90s music

    Reaction as a teenager glyyyyyyyycerinnnnnnnnnnnne duhn duhn, duhn duhn glyyyyyyyycerinnnnnnnnnnnne Once you learn how to play the guitar you instantly develop a hatred for Bush for convincing you to ever like them, and for anyone that still likes them
  7. tshile

    90s music

    I can’t decide if I’m more embarrassed of liking limp biscuit or bush bush feels like the correct answer
  8. tshile

    90s music

    Hahaha were packing up to move and just had this conversation wife: you have a lot of cd’s (from the 90’s and early 00’s) me: yeah did you look at them and judge me? wife: no I didn’t have time me: I definitely would have judged you
  9. tshile

    90s music

    Kind of but not quite for me 90’s music is my favorite and I was 17 in 2002-2003. But I always hung out with people 2-3 years older than me. I definitely identify with gen x’ers and I’m way past the cutoff. Junior and senior years were rough - all my friend aweee in college. My entire life my wife is the only person I dated younger than me and she’s only younger than me by 1 month. My dad bought me a discman nirvana’s never mind and sublime’s 40 oz to freedom when I was like 10. I was instantly hooked. The problem with being so young in the 90s was I missed all the tours and festivals when they were in their best form Sad sublime wasn’t mentioned once. I had a lot of things explained to me growing up that stated with a sublime song.
  10. tshile

    Election 2018 Thread (Blue Wave in Progress)

    I want people to ID me to run my credit card wife berates people when they don’t ID her for it using self checkout has sort of cut into those opportunities though.
  11. tshile

    90s music

    @PleaseBlitz excellent choices i love 90’s music
  12. tshile

    An assault on American democracy is underway

    It was discussed quite a bit in real time as it was happening in the threads related to the election https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/meet-the-press-70-years/john-lewis-trump-won-t-be-legitimate-president-n706676 I only went through the effort because I love spoiling your little worldview of nonsense whenever I get the chance. There were others. If you care to actually pay attention I’m sure you can find them yourself.
  13. @Llevron i can’t in good conscience recommend the dems go easy on trump to get him to help on gun reform. I cant chide them for not trying to do that either. His word is garbage. It’s not worth a thing. He may double cross you, and worse it may or may not even be intentional. The dude’s word is just garbage. I would trade the mueller investigation for him drumming up support for serious reform on guns. I wouldn’t be happy to let him skate, but I’d be stoked to see something meaningful happen on gun control. I would consider that a huge long term win for a small short term cost. My kids aren’t going to give two ****s about who trump was, but everything we do (or don’t do...) in regards to guns may shape their lives. I imagine suggesting such a trade, much less executing it, would be illegal
  14. They’re not excited to be shouldered with a ton of responsibility with no resources and expected to fix a problem that probably can’t be fixed? Expectations and parameters set by folks with no clue about the guns, the mental health issues, or even how laws are created? sounds like a bunch of sissies. ( ) (( ))
  15. They’re going to use all their political capital going after trump and things trump did. They will conveniently not have enough political capital to do it, and they’ll again feel justified in that approach. they won’t have enough to do anything about gun control. And even if they did, I doubt whatever they did would pass scotus, and if it was something that didn’t even get challenged to go to scotus I’m guessing most of you would consider it a nothing burger. I realize this feels like we’re blaming the wrong people, but we’re not. No one has really come to the defense of the GOP in this thread in a very long time. A random person that gets chased away here and there, but that’s it. There’s really no one arguing the role the GOP and NRA have played in this.