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  1. Why does ford get to demand who testifies first? and since this is really about kav, why wouldn’t he testify after her? thats an absurd and dumb demand.
  2. I’m assuming strong testimony?
  3. *what was her name..... **** it I want an omelette* the only good breakfast food at cnu’s cafeteria were the omelets
  4. Because of what her friends say I believe something happened to her. I just don’t know what and certainly who did it. He could have been too drunk. Not an excuse to do it, just a justification for not knowing he did it. Ive certainly done things while drunk I don’t remember. A lot of things. Piecing it together the next morning usually began with “where did this gigantic bruise come from?”
  5. The key difference is the number of accusers against the person. We see the same thing with all the #metoo stuff yet we only have one accuser here. It doesn’t mean he’s innocent. It just doesn’t fit the pattern.
  6. Saying the same thing over and over does not make saying something evidence. I agree with the gist of your post. But it’s not evidence.
  7. Something that could make testifying useful. Assuming the gop isn’t successful in subverting the entire thing and making it a clown show Well, carry on convicting someone with a simple statement then. Hopefully you’ll at least evenly apply your bs sense of evaluating things.
  8. I don’t know what means... does it make it ok... no.... but you can’t punish someone for an accusation with no evidence to back it up. Suggesting otherwise is absurd. You don’t know what evidence is? also - yeah, you’re starting to get it. I think it probably is impossible. Unless she has a dress she’s waiting to show everyone.
  9. Thats not how it’s supposed to work, you’re supposed to give evidence to prove the accusation. Not the other way around. Here’s a reason for that. That said, of the three people she claims was there one is not accused of doing anything wrong and he says he wasn’t there (the other two’s statements are irrelevant in this context as they’re accused of wrongdoing)
  10. Evidence Thats not evidence. That’s her telling someone else the same thing she’s telling us. It’s hearsay is it not? i agree that’s the strongest thing she has going for her. That’s the problem
  11. Mans a difference between hearsay and evidence. I think im familiar with it all but make no promises. What’s the actual evidence?
  12. What is the actual evidence ?
  13. Of course that’s what’s going to happen. If the dems wanted an investigation they shouldn’t have played political games. The gop doesn’t have to cater to them, so they’re not going to. And baring any actual evidence of something, that seems appropriate. The only new thing is this 3rd guy claiming he wasn’t there either (and he’s not accused of any wrong doing) the dems has months to do something with this and didn’t. At this point it’s looking like that’s because there was nothing to do with it. If this third person is being truthful then Fords story is essentially shot. The only thing going for her is that she also told the story before. It’s a very weak case. And she wont testify. Im sure he dems will continue to support her narrative. But that’s the only thing supporting it at the moment - a political stunt.
  14. What does that matter? We’re talking about 30+ years and I don’t blame ford for it taking months. All that is in someone else.
  15. Surely you’re capable of understanding the difference between discussing something in your past with your husband and/or a therapists helping you .... whatever... and making a public accusation of a public person who’s in a public interview? also demanding an FBI investigation? surely?