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  1. I’m confused as to what lost means are these kids wandering around the country unaccounted for, or someone took them? or are we unable to state where they are because we cannot contact the people they were given to?
  2. I feel like huff post is intentionally blurring what a mass shooting is in order to lecture people. The story is a tragedy but it seems inappropriate how they’re habdling it.
  3. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    Sure they could. They just have to actually behave that way. The NFL stepped in it when they decided long ago to start punishing players for off the field stuff above and beyond what the legal system does. I honestly didn’t see player protests being the unworkable moment, I though double standards would eventually get them. But the fact that they’re here is unsurprising. They could have avoided it all by staying in their lane. Appeasing social movements and playing politics and trying to make everyone happy is an impossible task.
  4. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    Because this idea that politicians can’t come out publicly and make statements is dumb. They all do it all the time. It’s what they actually do as lawmakers that matters. What the senator said is dumb. And personally, I hate how easily and carelessly nazi comparisons are thrown around. Holding it as some hypocrisy of conservative ideals is silly. The logicial conclusion being what? If you’re a conservative you can’t have or voice opinions on private sector decisions? Give me a break. It’s a dumb and bad cheap shot and if you’re looking for a reason to criticize him or conservatives it’s completely unnecessary. Plenty of other things to pick.
  5. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    I didn’t know they weren’t allowed to have and voice opinions.
  6. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    It’s fristrating watching nick young make plays in the wcf
  7. You don’t miss a beat and I love you for it
  8. I think we’re both speaking to general things we hear from people we disagree with and applying it to each other. I think that’s muddying the waters here. But to address a few of these. Yes, that’s the nonsense I’m talking about. It’s referenced and applied often. I felt like you were implying it. Sorry. I brought up self defense stats because it’s the closest thing we have to what we are talking about. A good guy with a gun intervening in a situation (not all self defense gun situations are where the person with the gun was the victim. Sometimes it’s a 3rd party and the person with the gun intervenes. It still falls under self defense legally. In my state this is legal. The ‘self’ in self defense is a bit misleading.). I realize it’s not a perfect comparison. It’s just the closest we have and I don’t think it’s far off. I think it has merit. Ive never been a “go find the shooter” proponent. I’ve always been a “protect the classroom” person. always as in - since it recently became a thing. I don’t think that requires every teacher have a gun. But it does require every teacher have the option to do what’s required to have one. I want to explain my current mindset so that you understand I’m not just some nut repeating nra rhetoric (even if some of the ideas are the same...) - we have far too many guns in society and lost control too long ago - we don’t have a scotus or political leadership to do anything about the guns in society - to reiterate, the genie is out of the bottle - we don’t appear to have the political leadership or scotus in place to *stop the the guns in society problem from getting *worse** - because of all that, a reasonable and doable option is to have good people take on the responsibility of carrying a gun and acting if something tragic takes place - that is an incredible responsibility I would never demand if anyone, **but** I wish my fellow citizens would be more respectful of those willing to do it you all want increased gun control. I get it. I actually agree with many of you on many things. I’d be cool with banning and confiscating **all** semiautomatic weapons. Including handguns. I refuse to give the nra money. I am not one of the ones standing in your way. But... when end I hear/read the pro-control people talking about playing Rambo, citing the concern of a good guy being shot by the cops, prentending intervention by citizens is pointless, etc... then in the same thought telling us how we need more gun control... it comes across is completely disrespectful of the people who have already thought of this and chosen to accept the responsibilities. It comes across as a complete disrespect of their intentions. It’s a complete lack of knowledge about the situations we know about. And a complete naïveté of the current political landscape. At some point you have to quit waiting for the political aperstus to chance. You have to work with what you got. Even if what you got sucks.
  9. I’m not against metal detectors. I just don’t know how well they’d work. If they were accompanied by sheriffs I’d be stoked. But it’d be more because there are now sheriffs. If I recall correctly, the issue I took up with you was dismissing that it would push the shootings to outside. I guess I see that benefit as minor at best, but I suppose it’s an improvement because it gives the targets more means of escape than classrooms. The issue I was taking here was more about the fact that a “good guy with a gun” only means confusion and a mass shoot out. It certainly can result in that. It’s the implication that it’s the only or most likely scenario that I take issue with. Self defense gun use, if you research it, almost never results in a shoot out. It turns out attackers with guns don’t like being shot at it either. They tend to either get hit, or flee quickly. Mass shooters are different than run of the mill street crime, but I think we have enough examples of civilians intervening (with and without guns) to be at a point where we can stop the nonsense on the topic. Doesn’t mean you have to support the idea or like it. In general I wish people would recognize the potential of intervening and we would do it more often. Instead we constantly talk as if intervention is impossible. I find it incredibly annoying
  10. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    Is that a uniquely conservative issue or something?
  11. You’re all over the place. I’m not against other ideas. I’m just also for arming people, including teachers, because nothing of substance is otherwise being done. You’ll have to direct your questions to the people that only want to arm teachers. Not sure how many of those there actually are.
  12. I disagree with your point. I think it was a bad example for the point, regardless. Theres always this idea these situations will turn into a disaster out shoot out. It’s possible, but there’s this constant suggestion that it’s the only possibility or that it’s the most likely one. It’s nonsense.
  13. I don’t even believe police tried. They went into the hotel if I remember correctly
  14. Who at the Vegas shooting had a gun capable of hitting someone 12 stories up in a window? I don’t even believe police tried. They went into the hotel if I remember correctly
  15. As someone who’s willing to entertain arming teachers, encouraging it with a raise seems all sorts of not smart in fact id prefer no encouragement. I’d like the person to want to do it, not be encouraged.