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  1. I like when we dodge who we voted for to call the other person a liar about who they voted for
  2. Golf

    If he wants to play he’ll get a sponsor exemption unless they’ve already been handed out?
  3. Golf

    Zander Lombard oh my
  4. no one leaves their hood up. Need a free and clear head snap
  5. In fact the drug industry went to crypto. Even drug dealers figured out how dumb carrying cash is Also drug dealers beat us in not charging less than whole dollars. Drug dealers are smarter than the people who designed our currency
  6. I didn’t say buy. When you you can smoke your weed with phone app let me know.
  7. Yeah and it was probably $100 before you had to pay someone to count it for you and give you bills back the only advantage cash has is that you can’t roll your phone into a tube
  8. Which is why improving it is a nice thing?
  9. Wrestling, cross country (you just never stop....), soccer, hockey*, football, basketball, baseball *the only sport I didn’t play competitively growing up, guessing it fits there You ever watched a baseball practice? Its the only thing slower than a baseball game.
  10. Yeah and you cash carriers are walking disease and germ sacks. Real gross people. Good catch @PleaseBlitz Meanwhile an entire continent called Africa is making huge strides because digital currency gave them better access and less corruption. The coin clangers need to wake up
  11. Im eagerly awaiting the day where on a Friday night you can find multiple tables in whatever restaurant you’re in with everyone at the table on their phones waiting for crypto to spike so they can pay their bill and bounce “oh ****, waitress! Btc is up 500$, quick, bill me!”
  12. Oh and change. My god the change. Who the **** wants to deal with change. Whoever decided we should split the dollar into increments of 100 with little pieces of metal is a moron. Clanging around, losing it, I mean wake up people cash is inferior. Theres a whole business in “we’ll take those stupid pieces of metal from you for a fee”
  13. I think the article is wrong about a few things, including this assumption that digital currency must have a central point of failure. I switched to using fee-free credit cards for 99% of what I do anyways so I can rack up points. So this is less of an “issue” for me. Whenever I have to carry cash, which happens occasionally, I get angry and don’t understand why anyone carries cash. It’s slower, it’s bulkier, and you have to keep track of it (as well as whether you have enough for what you’re doing) i dont gave any any of those problems with my card. And I don’t even need the card to charge to it. and I get money for using it.
  14. I can only get the rim now. When i was 18ish i could get the ball over the rim but it was more of a lay in, not a real dunk. just couldn't get high enough. I can't play pickup anymore because i've lost too much coordination. I look like an idiot with a basketball now... just way too out of practice. It's been damn near 15 years since i played any competitive basketball