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  1. Another segment of: Why the slide? Charlie Campbell from
  2. I'm so done with Joe Barry, yet I clicked anyway to see what you guys were talking about.
  3. If the pro player comparison is in fact Matt Hasselbeck, we can only hope that if Kirk says, in a playoff overtime game, "Give us the ball and we're gonna score", that he actually does do that!
  4. Hope it doesn't rain September 24.
  5. Another segment from Charlie Campbell at walterfootball: Why the slide:
  6. I'm all about the Fish. I'm in this guys corner for sure!
  7. Murf bringing it again. Nice job Sir and thank you!
  8. A blurb about Fish from Why undrafted?
  9. Stafford had arguably the biggest receiving threat of all time. Once again, he's 0-3 in the playoffs. He's made 1 pro bowl appearance in his 9 years. For being the 1st overall pick, he's not miles in front of Kirk and his abilities. They are pretty much on par with the same type of inept franchise. For you to claim Stafford is elite and Kirk can not sniff Matt's jock, is laughable. You're not proving any points your just breathing your love for Stafford who is not anything more than Kirk at this point.
  10. What has Stafford accomplished that makes him elite and on a different planet than Kirk?
  11. And one more thing because you got me going on a Friday morning Elite status? Did Kirk not do enough leading the offense down the field on a 9 play 76 yard drive for the what should have been the "game winning drive/score"? I would probably bet yes, but obviously we left too much time on the clock for the disgrace of a defense. Yeah that minute and 5 seconds was even too much time for this sorry ass defense.
  12. Wow man, you're kidding. I know we all have our own opinions, but mine is Kirk is on the same page as Stafford. Stafford coming back on the Skins is a normal procedure for most QB's. Outside of Stafford's 5000 yard and 41 TD season with arguably one of the most dominating WR's of all time, Kirk plays at the same level as Stafford. Stafford is also 0-3 in the playoffs, and 7 games below .500 in his career. (51-58 record) You're doing a great job at trolling here, and reeling us all in. Stafford = Cousins.
  13. Sorry for the rant.......but, funny intent or not, I just hate when people make a bold prediction or state when a player will get injured. Doesn't sit right for some reason. Anyway, carry on!
  14. @Gregpeck99 Just curious. Would you take M.Stafford on your team and what is you opinion on how much he should get paid?