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  1. Personally, sure I think he can become a great WR. My thing is, I think there's too much stock put into the phrase "number 2 WR". Players line up all over the field now. TE's are catching 75 plus balls. Some offenses are built from the inside out, makes slot guys more important. Corners are bigger and stronger and faster then ever. On the flip side, teams are drafting nickel corners now, who would ever thought that would happen. So who cares if Crowder is "only a slot guy"? Personally, I don't care what his depth chart says he is. He's getting better and if he continues to get 67 catches for 7 TDs, then he is a valuable weapon as a "slot guy". It's not a problem having 4 guys catching 65 plus balls a year.
  2. 16-0 best case scenario 0-16 worst case scenario If we win a couple games we'll probably go 2-14 But if we lose half of them 8-8 is probably our record There's my lame Pittman4two take on the schedule.
  3. Hopefully it all turns out well for him and the team But. Wow. Just. Wow!
  4. Personally, I think there's enough talent, maybe not as "weapons". If Doctson is healthy a proves to be his worth, we will be even better. We have to be good enough to get yards outside the hash marks, and we'll be fine. Reed and Crowder will continue to open up this offense.
  5. Him playing well does not go into getting a comp pick. Once he signs he goes into the "equation" of players gained vs players lost. If they sign a player to a similar contract, consider the 3rd round pick gone. ex: Calais Campbell.
  6. I appreciate your time and efforts for sure. I will never forget the 88 yard TD in your 1st game with us when we beat the Saints opening Sunday. You were the reason for the phrase "Griffining".
  7. Eli is not the leader he should/could be. I do think they need a good leader like T.Williams. Maybe they have that, I don't know??? But given the chance, give me this pair of emotionally damaged WR's to work with any day!
  8. That's not necessarily true. Depending on who is signed during free agency next year, could easily cancel out the pick.
  9. Probably just Albert Haynesworth's agent blowing some steam. Nothing to read there, 1 agent does not make up facts and this agent does not even need to know.
  10. Hey if he did it to get better, that's too bad. If it's another one of those over the counter - he shouldn't have taken it, then it's just stupidity.
  11. I am very happy to hear this. Good job Coach!
  12. I agree, I would not extend his contract now, even if they could. He has to play this year to be eligible for any negotiation or change anyway. Plus he has a 5th year option if the team chooses to do so. It should not be discussed for a couple years anyway.