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  1. This Date in Redskins History (September 24th)

    Nice job. Love theses write-ups. Always brings back a memory of 2 of some games.
  2. How is our 2017 draft class doing?

    Then we can start the flashy rookie thread for Perine!
  3. Redskins vs Raiders Prediction Thread: Will SB XVIII Ever Be Forgotten?

    But outside of remembering that game, I still have visions of Cowboys, Lions, Bengals, Cards, Panthers and Giants. We can also find ways to lose games or just not even show up. But I will try and remain positive.
  4. Prime Time and What's Our Identity?

    Yeah unfortunately, nothing much to see here. It was against a rookie head coach, in his 2nd game, in a pupil vs mentor game. Although I agree with you, it's not as big as it would appear. It's like Kramer being Karate champ against 12 year olds, but of course they're all at the same skill level. Those kids are young and will get better, much like McVay.
  5. Good Memories: September 19, 2005 - Monday Night Miracle

    Totally remember watching this game. Was one of the most frustrating games to watch before midway through the 4th quarter. But i'll be damned, I even cracked another cold one when Moss got the first TD. Cowboy Killer!
  6. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Building around a QB, the best example is Kansas City. With the right coach and the right scheme and the right players, this team is year in and year out a playoff contender. Now some might argue that they consistently lose in the playoffs and that might be true because they have no rings, but this team is built without paying top dollar for a QB, and have been competitive even in the playoffs. Kirk Cousins may actually be Alex Smith. You're not going to get the 4500 yards and 35 TD seasons with Smith, but their numbers are very similar except for yardage, because the Chiefs can run the football. But Smith takes care of the football. He has not thrown double digit INT's since the lousy years in San Fran. Smith is also 62-25-1 since 2011, the 3rd highest in wins below Brady and Rodgers. He signed a 4 year modest contract extension in 2014 totalling $68 million, but was still pretty high back then. But even with him under contract with a "low" cap hit of $20.6 million in 2018, thus 2 years left on his contract, the Kansas City Chiefs TRADED UP to get the QB they think will be their future. Not only did the Redskins **** the bed with contract talks, they have **** the bed in looking for their future if they didn't think he was their guy. And don't get me going about Sudfeld and lower round chances. I want Cousins to get paid as a qb, but I don't want to cripple the team in doing so. I don't want to have him on the Redskins with the label of highest paid qb in the league, not even for a month until someone else passes that total
  7. Sad really. Sticky situation for both sides. I wish him well. But giving him this much time off probably sealed it. I don't think he'll ever play again.
  8. What happened to DJ?

  9. Redskins vs Raiders Prediction Thread: Will SB XVIII Ever Be Forgotten?

    Primetime. Raiders are better then both teams that we have played. Way too many injuries, even if they are day-today. As "well" as the run D has played, this is another monster coming at us with that offensive line. Just not feeling this one. A carbon copy of last weeks game is needed to have a punchers chance - run the ball early and often. Problem is we can and probably will fall behind the Raiders unlike the Rams, so Jay will get away from the run. Raiders win. But as always - you don't want to win a prize betting against the Redskins. So will hope for the upset. Redskins 24 Raiders 23
  10. Press Release: #Redskins Quotes- Gruden

    Damn that's a lot of injuries, even if they're day-to-day. Full speed ahead, we need all those guys!
  11. Prime Time and What's Our Identity?

    This is exactly how I'm feeling and thinking. If we fall behind by double digits in any of Prime Time games coming up in the next 4 weeks, I just don't see this team coming back. I am just a fan watching, and 2 games is a small sample size, but no one player really strikes fear at this present time. The running game must continue to be good and improve.
  12. Prime Time and What's Our Identity?

    3 of the next 4 games are Prime Time games! It's time to put your big boy pants on. This receiving core is a work in progress at best. There is no fear of a DJax. There is no consistency of a Garcon. Reed and Crowder are "underutilized". Grant is Grant. Doctson is _______. It would be nice to see this team ground and pound is they can. It's time for smash mouth football. Running the ball and stopping the run would help this team big time in this 4 game stretch. The next 2 games won't be crippling, but it certainly won't help losing both of these games. I will admit I am not as confident as I was going into the season. Help me drink some Kool-Aid.
  13. How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    Save for Art Monk in 1980 (and Keenan McCardell in the 12th round in 1991 and literally giving up on him right away), we certainly can not draft a WR for love or money. It's embarrassing.
  14. Hilarious after reading the OP, I was gonna post the exact same thing.
  15. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Sunday is a must win.