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  1. Redskins vs Giants Prediction Thread: 2017 Locking the Closed Door

    Redskins 26 Giants 10
  2. Your 2018 Redskins Predictions

  3. Redskins vs Broncos Prediction Thread: Christmas Edition

    Redskins 20 Broncos 17 Merry Christmas to you all!
  4. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    No friggin clue what is going to happen, but will guess that they eventually get a LTD done.
  5. Did you finish the Chargers game???

    I too will admit I turned it off and it became my when a commercial is on - game. I did so when the 4pm games started.
  6. Redskins vs Cardinals Prediction Thread: MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY!

    Redskins win this 26-17
  7. As Mike Singletary once said "I want winners. I want people who want to win"! Never say never, so gotta go with 3!
  8. Redskins vs Chargers Prediction Thread: Slippin' Away

    This is the type of game we win unfortunately. Redskins 24 Chargers 20
  9. Six In A Row...Or We Blow??

    Yup. Blow hard. /close thread
  10. A Confidence I Haven't Had in 25 Years

    Confidence can disappear quickly
  11. Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Battle for Respect

    Redskins: 27 Cowboys: 23
  12. Six In A Row...Or We Blow??

    Paloffs is now. I'm in!
  13. Stay The Course

    I hate resetting and starting over. There is no reason to do that. I agree, stay the course, let's keep moving forward. I am a believer in Gruden and Cousins.
  14. Honestly, we're not ignoring at all. We either swing and miss, or have no patience to develop.