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  1. I too am on the Kurt Cousins will be here and our QB next year. Kirk as well.
  2. And whether or not a LTD gets signed before 4pm. A new thread will open, so that's exciting!
  3. Are you kidding? Osweiler got 4 years 72 million and 37 million guaranteed for diddly poo. 1900 yards passing and 10 TDs. As compared to, previous stats and 1 year of almost 4200 yards 29 TD's and leading the league in completion percentage. You don't let QB's walk of this kind of production. You've never seen it before. Even teams with average QB play would have had to talk about the possibility of offering a contract to Kirk. ETA: And I'm talking about after 2015 and his "market". Thus for sure the market would be over $20mil after 2016
  4. Best quote was from Thom Loverro yesterday in his article:
  5. That's all fine and dandy, but it also is not all on Kirk.
  6. I understand that, but this teams' standards and another teams' standards are completely different. That's my point. This team has stunk. Defense, special teams and costly mistakes. Not just Kirk. There are plenty of teams that will pay him for what he has done. May not be up to this teams' standards, but I can name 6 teams off the top of my head that would instantly be better with kirk and their standards. If his average of the past 2 years is below this teams' standards (68.4% 4541 yards 27 Tds 12 INTs) And he "walks", teams would be lining up to sign him
  7. The FO has screwed this up so bad from day 1 it's unbelievable, Kirk is "Banking" on himself again and not "taking" what was offered previously or in May. Good for him. Even is he doesn't play up to "standards", what standards? Who's standards? Dude's getting paid next year no matter what or how. Can't blame the guy
  8. Well there you have it, nothing less will get Cousins signing. Hold on to your seats folks.
  9. Personally, I'd rather roll with Quick more than Grant. But that's like saying I'd rather date the prettier of the ugly girls.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, I think Grant's cap hit is more than Quick's cap hit, so if that was the case, this logic is no good.
  11. Holy crap, I just read all that and my head hurts from math. Let's just hope Carr signs soon so we can move on to talking about Cousins upcoming contract or something. I'll tell you one thing, I'm glad I don't make $29.8M dollars a year.........oh wait, sore head.
  12. As a player what would Kirk prefer? As the FO what would they prefer? As a fan, what would we prefer?
  13. Even tho kirk is slated to make more next year "if tagged", I don't think their party can ask for more than Carr.
  14. Lombardi just strikes me as bitter most of the time.