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  1. Trent Williams convert to LG, Will Shields #HOF

    So I gather Will Shields is coming out of retirement and the HOF to play LG? Wicked!
  2. Many throw out Zeke and Barkley, but let's not forget that Philly offense and their rushing attack, that is very deadly.
  3. Five Figures

    Congrats, and keep up the good work around here. Yeah back in the day, we say a few more posts like this. And really was a milestone when you could change your avatar from graduating up levels from rookie to bench warmer to field goal team etc. Was always exciting to see new avatars to choose from
  4. - take on McPhee's signing. He's late to the party, but none the less.
  5. C'mon man. Not even Bruce would trade with Bruce for this. No team is not gonna want a bunch of crappy picks in NEXT YEARS DRAFT! Who would want to do that when Barkley would be more valuable then all those picks NEXT YEAR put together?
  6. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Meh a 5th (and moving up slightly) is better than nothing, was hoping to see a 4th in return. Quitting on his team sucked big time. has this grade:
  7. Ryan Kerrigan future HOFer?

    I am also on the side of love me some Kerrigan. But no, he is not a HOF. Will need to do much much more for that to happen. Great player, but HOF though.
  8. not sure how we are not all extreme experts on comp picks just with this thread alone! Coming next year: The 2019 Free Agency and Comp Picks Database!
  9. And there you go for all you comp pick guys, that contract, as of now, would net a 6th rounder. Party time!
  10. My quote of "But he's just a "JAG"", referring to Allen Hurns. was a bad attempt at humor stating he's just a JAG, as in Jaguar, to stay clear of the peeps not happy with the term "JAG" .