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  1. Not sure I understand. A. Pick 33 is a 2nd pick. B. Comp picks begin at the end of the 3rd round. Generally the 1st comp pick his pick number 97, baring no team had to forfeit a pick.
  2. my bad. Looked at the Reed "per year" and presumed Landry was talked about per year lol
  3. No way Landry is only $5/6 million. He's tagged and that $15 million will have to be part of the equation. Expect Landry to be more than double what you're suggesting. Probably $12-14 million per year
  4. .500 In 2018 Would Be A Good Year For The Skins

    The offseason hasn't started. But with the trade for Alex, and hopefully a healthy roster etc.... I always expect a .500 or better season, this season will be no different. There were flashes last year. As of today, I expect 9 wins. The free agents and draft might bring my total up.
  5. Well I did say 3rd round comp picks, as there are some who believe we will get one with Breeland. I most certainly know any pick can hit as a pro bowler. My thing was going through free agency to try and be granted a comp pick is a disaster.
  6. A. I don't think he said he LOVING to let our own players go. B. Sacrificing more picks? You're contradicting yourself here. If "our" players go to other teams, it works in the equation for your precious comp picks. You keep mentioning the team can gain comp picks if we don't sign free agents. You won't gain comp picks if the teams' best players don't hit free agency C. It's practically impossible for "us" to keep all of "our" own players based on the market. If breeland goes, we will probably replace him, with someone less expensive. They may cancel out in players lost to players gained. Who knows?!?!? But doing free agency that way is not how one will operate. Your analogy of doing free agency to gain comp picks is ludicrous to be honest.
  7. I know pro bowl is a bad example, but I don't have the time to go through and find "impact" player. My point was you'd have to wait until at least year 3 in 99% of the cases when drafting a "comp pick" player to make an impact. It was a lazy way of saying impact player. FA's will supply more of an impact then a comp pick. So you got me on that, but I can certainly say we have had more impact on some FA signings then the league has had on comp picks
  8. Not only that, a 2019 comp pick does us no good in 2018 and chances are very slim that they will make an immediate impact in 2019 as well. I understand the comp pick, how it works, and it's luxury of getting one. But more than likely you're waiting 2 years AT BEST before one will contribute. We all know a 3rd round comp pick is basically a 4th round pick. Food for thought, and I only went back to 2010. There have been 30 - 3rd round comp picks awarded. Zero, none, nil, zilch have made a probowl.
  9. It's not a fact. You can't lose something you don't have. That 3rd round pick is not something we have. If the Redskins do nothing, they're bigger idiots then we thought. Also, you don't know what 10 million per year "may" net you. It might only net you a 4th rounder in 2019. Case in point, $9 million"netted" you a 3rd rounder in 2017, but $9 million "netted" you a 4th rounder in 2018. (In the equation) Cap goes up, contract value goes up, compensation goes down. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you go into free agency with your approach of ------ hey we will lose this guy, so let's not sign any free agents, and we'll get compensation for him -------- you'll be out of a job faster than you can compute the gain versus the loss of every player for the top 32 compensatory picks
  10. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    See 1998: Happened with our very own Redskins. A franchise tag feud between Sean Gilbert and the Redskins. Gilbert ended up signing with the Panthers after sitting out a year, in which the Redskins did not match and received 2 first round picks in return. Side note: History would show that with all the wheeling and dealing in 99/00, the Redskins ended up with Brad Johnson, Champ Bailey, Chris Samuels and LaVar Arrington, amongst other minor gains and losses.
  11. Name the last "unstacked" team to win it all. Name a QB that can win without a totally stacked team. Carry him to victory? Isn't that what a football team is all about? Alex can win game and has proven it. Alex has also played well enough to win games in the playoffs, including his last game with the chiefs. Your hatred is clear as day.
  12. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I hate Debbie Downers.
  13. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    If checking it down gets us a winning percentage of 68.3% (his last 7 years), playoff appearances, and a chance to win, while he's here..... Sign me up, I'll take it. Football is more about winning than what ever stats you want him to put up.
  14. Perine is not done yet, and not as bad as some people make him, certainly not camp Fodder.