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  1. Honestly, we're not ignoring at all. We either swing and miss, or have no patience to develop.
  2. Redskins vs Saints Prediction Thread: No " Brees " Of A Game Here

    Backs against the wall. Type of game the Skins win. Redskins 30 Saints 26
  3. Midseason Superlatives

    Oh I get it. It's digging pretty deep to use him as a disappointment when there are plenty playing on the field. No right or wrong answer, each to their own.
  4. Midseason Superlatives

    There are plenty of disappointing players around instead of picking a guy who tore his ACL, not by choice!
  5. Bill Callahan and the Offensive Line

    Nsekhe would be huge this week if healthy. He played extremely well last year against Minnesota. Everson Griffen didn't provide anything. I fear Tj Clemmings is not gonna cut it. Nsekhe is very important!!
  6. This Date in Redskins History (November 12th)

    Happy birthday. I hope you get a Redskins victory!
  7. 2017 Vikings Look-a-Like thread

    Chaz Mahle Shawn Ashmore
  8. Who do we sign, 2018 and for how much

    I'm sure Breeland loves the fact some fans want him only on a below-average deal.
  9. Redskins vs Vikings Prediction Thread: CK vs KC

    I hope I'm wrong, but how do you all see us scoring 30+ points on them? They haven't given up 30 points in a game all year. Let alone, how often do they do that? They don't give it up and we don't score it. We're not a juggernaut offensively. We had 4/5ths of our o-line out and 2 key offensive weapons. I know any given Sunday, and the point is based on opinions, but I just don't see it. Dan T will set me straight I bet!
  10. Redskins Seahawks Post Game Assessments

    Not sure where I should put this, might as well in here, as it relates to the game. I know we didn't have a full squad dressed, and some were just there as spectators, etc. But does anyone know if Ryan Anderson has had any experience in playing fullback in college? Or do you think he just volunteered to be the lead blocker in goal line/short yardage situations?
  11. Rams certainly appear to have got a good one here. Look what he is doing with Goff and that team too. Kudos to the young man.
  12. Redskins vs Vikings Prediction Thread: CK vs KC

    Might as well put this info in here. Some interesting tidbits about the Vikings before heading into their bye. So some of the "rankings" might be off a bit, but still interesting. found here : Numbers of note: Which all in all will not change my prediction. I'm basing it on personal judgement of "quality of opponent. But what does stick out is. Their defense is still dominant and gets off the field. Everson Griffen will give us fits again, more so with a patch work o-line. Their o-line is performing better then I thought. Thielen is having a better season then I thought. And Corba Kai likes to be indoors
  13. Who do we sign, 2018 and for how much

    See that is the problem. "A good front office makes that happen". It's just a jab at our FO. Every FO "passed" on this guy. Every team would take a pro bowl upgrade at MLB, don't you think? There are many variables that go into signing a player. Fact is we signed him for a 1 year very "cheap" deal. That's not because we have a bad FO. Now if we let this guy walk at years end and he gets away on the cheap, then yes it would be time to blame the FO.
  14. Who do we sign, 2018 and for how much

    Outside of Dont'a Hightower, there was no market set fro Zach Brown. He signed a 1 year $1.25 million dollar deal with the Bills. Sure he made the pro bowl, but at what rate is a team willing to take a risk after 1 year? Before seeing him play this year, most people just thought "Zac" Brown had a band let alone a pro bowl linebacker who apparently is no fluke. The FO did what they did and Zach Brown took what was offered under the market for him. I am not so sure "we were all ecstatic to sign him". So look at this "Redskins sign Zach Brown" thread. No one cared. People didn't know who he was, they just saw pro bowl LB and knew it was an upgrade over everyone's stomping ground Will Compton. It was all about the market price, just as it is and will continue to be with Kirk. But I won't go there right now.
  15. Who do we sign, 2018 and for how much

    Zach Brown could probably be "had" for cheaper. Don't quote me on it, but I believe he was looking for a salary of $5-6 million a year in free agency last year. He's on his way to another pro bowl at this pace. I would think $7-10 million a season would do.