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  1. Is Jay Gruden a quitter?

    Well -if you want to get technical -Since we had 3 To's and over 2.40 left- we would have only really had to convert 1 onside kick. But again - What were the odds? .01%? saints had a .04% chance of winning against us down by 15 with 3mins left. Patriots had a .08% chance of winning in the 4th qtr of the super bowl. anyone remember 2003 monday night game - Bucs vs Colts..bucs scored a TD to go up 21 with 5 mins left in the game....guess who won?? Was it probable? No Was it likely? No Was it possible? yes. is it his job to try to win games? YES. Did he quit? 100%... BTW -What was even more upsetting to me is he quit in his head. I mean - Even if you take him at face value "We were too injuried and i didnt want to risk anymore injuries" the part that bothers me was "I didnt really think about what going for 2 would mean". Seriously? like what if the chargers fumbled the KO and you recovered on the 5. You didnt even REALIZE that we were down by 24 when we scored or you didnt realize that 24 is 8x3? What were you thinking about? What you were gonna have for dinner?
  2. Is Jay Gruden a quitter?

    LOL on the shouting... I could give a lot more then 3 games. Pretty much every game. It seems only the Redskins give up trying to score when they are down with less then a few mins left.
  3. Is Jay Gruden a quitter?

    Well -I personally dont quit until the end, but i dont call it hypocrites. One is a group of fans that watch football for entertainment and fun. They can give up whenever they want. For the other person its their JOB. It is litterly what they are paid to do. We should just rest every starter the rest of the year huh. No point risk anyone from getting hurt. We should simply go out each week with our backup / backups and just hand the ball off every play. No point doing anything stupid - right? Again - CHANGE THE CULTURE! PLAY TO WIN FOR 60 mins!! See the 49ers a couple weeks ago with JG as QB? Down by 15 with 1 mins left and they are calling TO and running a hurry up and score a TD on the last play. Why? They werent going to win. There is playoffs? Because they wanted the team to get use to playing to the end and give JG practice scoring at the end. Giants vs Pats in 2007 last game of the season or vs Us last year - Nothing to gain -Risk everything playing 100% - But they DID. Why? Because their culture is play to win every game for 60 mins. Saints vs us this year. 15 points difference with less then 4 mins to play. A lose doesnt kill them - but what do they do? Stage a frantic comeback because THEY WERE PLAYING TO WIN and send the message that they wont give up. PLAY HARD- 60 mins. ...DO NOT QUIT. Period.
  4. Is Jay Gruden a quitter?

    While you may be right -Doesnt that show quiting? At least mentally? look -When I watch games -Even ones as bad as yesterday, I always keep a running total in my head on what we need to do to win. Before half I keep thinking "If we hold em here and score opening drive we will be down XX" All threw second half -even though I knew we were done, I kept thinking how much we were down by and what we would need to come back...Is it to much to ask that the head coach is aware of the score?
  5. Is Jay Gruden a quitter?

    1- Doesnt matter if we thought we had a chance or not. PLAY UNTIL THE GAME IS OVER! We have no shot at playoffs this year either -Should we forefit the rest of the games? THIS is why players are quiting on him - He already quit 2- Some of our fans base quit so its ok that the coach quit? You honestly dont see a difference between the fan base and the HEAD COACH?? 3- This is their JOB. Play football, as hard as you can until the game is over! If you arent healthy enough to play, then dont. But if you play. PLAY HARD! Its not that hard of a concept. This is the culture then needs to change. PLAY HARD until the game / season is over. Lynn pulled Rivers because Rivers plays hard 100% of the time and would have continued to play hard and he saw the Redskins coaches and players already quit. so he pulled them. And tell me - After the TD- no matter what they had to run a play. They either had to kick a extra point or go for 2. So why not go for 2? What is the downside? What is the risk? It wasnt a matter of not running a play. Either JG quit or he is REALLY REALLY bad at math.
  6. Got a link? You may be right. I am no expert. But what i have found is that by the start of training camp tagged players MUST sign their offer sheet and must either play the year under the tag or sit out the season. The only think I can find is that NFL teams may negotiate with only their own Free agent players through out the year and no other team may until the legal tampering period. Soo - the only rules I see are that NFL teams can negotiate with their own Free agents any time, and any player tagged must sign the 1 year deal by start of training camp. I can find anything at all that says a tagged player may not negotiate a LTD with their current team during the season.
  7. I dont think that is correct. IT means he had to play THIS year under the Tag. It doesnt mean they cant negotiate a contract with him that starts the next year.
  8. They can negoitate now...and could all year. They have to have a deal done by the time FA starts (March 1st?) or tag him or he is free to talk to other teams.
  9. Official 2017 Redskins Playoff Tracker Thread

    Will the last one out please turn off the lights....
  10. Is Jay Gruden a quitter?

    THANK YOU FOR THIS. This has been something i noticed often thru the years. No wonder his players quit on him when the season is lost, he doesnt send the message that you play to win for 60 mins!! Yesterday -there was still almost 3 mins left right? Breeland scores a TD - YOU GO FOR 2!! Make it you are down by 16 with about 3 mins left.... DIdnt the saints come back from 15 with about 3 1/2 mins left? You go for 2...100 out of 100 times. EVEN if you think you have no shot of winning...even if you just want to go home. EITHER way - you have to run a play (Extra point or 2 point). GO FOR 2!! You make it - Try a onside kick. You dont recover the onside- TAKE YOUR TIME OUTS. You could not get the onside and STILL get the ball back right at the 2 mins warning down 2 TD's. Were we gonna win? No - Not the way were were playing. But you send a message. WE PLAY TO THE END OF THE GAME /THE SEASON.
  11. Did you finish the Chargers game???

    I cant ever not watch a skins game -all of it..however -mid way thru the 3rd period I left the bar i was at and watched the rest at home....
  12. Man -Last nights show reminded me why I love and hate this show. The good -Love the entire kingdom scene. Loved the speech by the Savior where he is begging them not to make him do this. It fits his character. The invasion of Alexandra was great - Even Carl stalling for time. But yes -Have a TON of questions and thoughts. 1- Carl aint dead. Zero chance in my mind. We are gonna find out what ever bit him either wasnt a walker or it didnt go deep enough or some BS. 2- During times of battles -Every one quickly ditches Rick's daughter - Like EVERYONE very often. 3- HOW did they get out? Why does everyone seem ok when they ask "How did you get out" and the answer is just "Eugene". THATS NOT A ANSWER. 4- The king creates a diversion - then rolls up in a school bus...and then...Tells everyone to Run? Maybe tell everyone to GET ON and drive away! 5- "Hey- Lets go to ocean side -its a super long drive - we come in peace - but before we go in, lets park right outside and take a nap 6- I loved the battles scene - I loved the ambush on the saviors and Dwight having to pull the trigger... that was good. Bad - Slow close ups of each persons face...WTF was that? I expected the 24 hour music and A ticking. They did it 3 times! 7 -Maggie has a convy - Just talking about how they would never give up so fast, All these cars - each one filled with people with Guns. They see a road block -They see cars coming - they are in a war -sooooo Do they get out and fight? To they jump out of their cars and take defensive positions? Run into the woods to ambush them? No. The stop..sit....wait until everyone catches up and surrounds them and then turns over their guns.... 8- Alexandria is now destroyed - They came from Atlanta - Its a BIG country -How about you now take your people is a thought...LEAVE!!! You found 6 communities just around DC - bet there are some near OTHER cities as well!! 9 - Once again -Lets let Negyn talk forever and not kill him. You all are focusing on the fight with Rick -um - How about when carl was talking to him and everyone was focused on carl - You couldn't get just one of your many "Sharp shooters" that have shown their ability to go up a different part of the wall and take him out?
  13. Official 2017 Redskins Playoff Tracker Thread

    Right -And keep Jay..IF we finish 8-8 or 9-7 this will be the 3rd straight year of non losing record. That hasn't happened since when? 1990 -1992?? We are NOT a very good team. We keep Jay!!
  14. Official 2017 Redskins Playoff Tracker Thread

    ..and the Saints losing didnt help us! For this weekend Needs skins to win (Obviously) Jags over seattle Vikes over panthers Bucs over lions Bonus would be Brown over packs and Giants over cowboys....
  15. I dont remember the posters name - but who was they guy that kept posting for years about how the stock market was on the verge of a crash like we have never seen?? He posted the first post right before the stock market took off and as it kept reaching new highs for a while he kept posting how much the crash would hurt. We need him to come back and post in here that Bitcoin is about to crash!! (Make no mistake -I am sure one day it will crash. The question is what will it look like when it does and how high will it go first).