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  1. I thought it was ok. Actually like the way its going. Try to rebuild but still have normal human behavior, and of course Zombies. I do wonder a few things - Like those that live on hilltop. They do most of the farming. Dont they ever think "You know -there are some nice houses in Alexandria. Why dont we move there?" also - They figured out gas but not solar power? I hated Fear but this season really enjoyed it. I think its that the characters stopped being so freaking serious all the time. Not every conversation was slow and drawn out and so serious. I get its dark times, but man, people are still human and have actual personalities! in Fear, the beer guy, the girl trucker, guy in the wheelchair. They have real conversations, say stupid things -joke. In WD, every single conversation is deprived of any real emotion other then "MAN. LIFE IS HARD".
  2. TMK9973

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I actually like Jay in General. I think he has started to come into his own (While we are killing him on the play calling, lots not forget that Alex smith simply missed wide open guys). HOWEVER -It seems EVERY GAME Jay Gruden makes a stupid, bone head, not paying attention, doesnt understand football kinda call. Im talking about things like not going for 2 last year against San Diego (When, despite getting crushed, a 4th qtr TD with 3 mins left and all 3 timeouts would have gotten us within 2 scores). Last night - Please explain this. Down 20-6, with about 2:45 left in half, we are punting from our 30 or so on 4th and 7. We punt it only like 35 yards but there is a running into the kicker call. Jay is screaming it should be roughing, Refs dont change it. Then he DECLINES the penalty. Why? Like what logic is there in declining it. Take the penalty and get a better kick then 35 yards, or at least take some time off the clock, or whatever. But why decline it? Next play -DB throws 64 yards and breaks the record. I get that the play had little to do with the outcome -but thats is what im judging him on. Hes got lots of people around him, figuring out a game plan with a weeks notice is one thing, coming up with a goal line play with game on the line is something you probably think of none stop. Making the little calls during the game in situations you hadn't thought of (And making mid game adjustments) is what makes a good coach. He has failed at this.
  3. TMK9973

    The new tackling it realistic?

    Im saying it is part of the game and this rule is silly.
  4. TMK9973

    The new tackling it realistic?

    Such a cop out. Yes -The QB are the big stars. But How often does that big star become a star because the OTHER big star came out of the game due to injury. ITs part of what makes the NFL so great. What if these rules were in place in 2001. The star of the pats is Drew Bledsoe. What if he never gets hurt in game 2? Tom Brady remains a 6th round QB and who knows if and when he gets his chance. But he came on and boom. Big Ben was 3rd string in 2004 when the top 2 QB's went down. In comes big ben and boom. (Yes - slightly different. Ben was a 1st rounder. He was gonna get his chance). What if in 1987 these rules protected Jay Schroeder? Doug williams stays on the bench and what happens? What about if in 1999 Trent Green never gets hit and doesnt get hurt? Kurt Warner goes back to Arena the next year? Yes -QB's are a big draw and when they get hurt sometimes the team suffers and people stop watching, other times the guy who comes in builds his own following and people watch more. This rule is just stupid.
  5. TMK9973

    The new tackling it realistic?

    Disagree - HE could have (and should be able to) keep going forward and tackle the QB. But he would land full force on him. So when he hit him he keeps moving his feet to the right to NOT land on him, his cleat gets stuck and his knee gets torn. This looks to me like he got hurt trying to avoid tackling through the QB (Which is how you are trained to tackle). its a terrible rule as written - Needs to be changed.
  6. For years teams subscribe to this belief that allowing tickets to be resold at low costs, reduce the number of tickets they will sell at higher costs. Perhaps at some point that was true. But now with HD, Big screens, Stubhub, etc... Its not a choice between "Can I buy a $25 ticket and if not guess I'll have to buy the $105 ticket" its now "Can I buy the $25 ticket easily from my phone or should I just go to a bar to watch". We all know the NFL makes money via TV rights. Thats the bulk. A saw some where a family of 4 avg spend at the stadium is about $580. So lets say $145 a person. That is what the Redskins make. $8,265,000 a game when they get 57,000. Or about 58m for rest of year. I think you do drastic action. You need to get butts in the seats. You need people to want to go to the game again, you need word of mouth of people saying "What you doing this weekend?" and the answer "Heading to the skins game". You need people to go and say "went to game, had a great time". So here is what you do. 1 - Announce STH that use their tickets directly - Get a 60% refund. Thanks for being a season ticket holder. Thanks for sticking with us. We charged you too much. Rest of year - use your tickets -60% refund. (Resold on stub hub, sorry - no deal). 2- single game tickets -40% off all seats rest of the year. Figure out of that $145 a person the avg is $115 a ticket. Other $30 is what they spend. So now - instead of a avg of $145 per person - its $87.50 a person. BUT - I think you would get more butts in seats. Probably more like 70,000. So - instead of $8m a game, you are now making $6,125,000 a game. 7 games left. $42,875,000 rest of year. So you lost 15m - but you earn massive good will. You get fans back in the seats. You make going to the game something people start doing again, you rebuild a fan base. ANd it cost you less then another star player. I know my numbers are high level -but it could work.
  7. TMK9973

    2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    Heard a very solid inside source that said the deal was in place for the Potomac Nationals to come to one loudoun. All terms worked out, due dilagance, everything. But the Lerner's veto'd it. Cant blame them. They saw that less then 5% of people that go to Nats games are from the woodbridge area, but about 30% or higher is from western farifaix / loudoun country area. As much as I wish it would have happened -I cant say they are wrong. I would 100% give up my nats season tickets and go to more minor league games if they were in one loudon.
  8. TMK9973

    MMQB: How Su'a Cravens fell apart..

    I actually think @Koolblue13 nailed it with his physical health = Sad, mental health = **** Think Ryan Clark not playing a playoff game in Denver. He was physically cleared to play - but a Dr said "However - with your condition -playing in the thin air in Denver could result in major issues. Everyone agreed. No one called him a quitter. Su'a Cravens had some mental issues -Diagnosed by 2 Dr's. But he was physically cleared to play -so F him! Hes a quitter. Ive said it before in this thread - Despite what people say when they say the believe Mental illness is real - We still treat mental illness as a fake issue that "Strong and Tough people" dont get.
  9. TMK9973

    MMQB: How Su'a Cravens fell apart..

    So if you make good money you can't really have mental issues and if you are Gay then your family issues really dont have a real effect. Is that your argument?
  10. TMK9973

    MMQB: How Su'a Cravens fell apart..

    So hanging out on the sidelines with his ex college team = "Seen Partying"?? Thats a new one. And according to you - Skins say "Take 30 days and decide if you want to return or not" Then during that 30 days he said "Im trying to decide if I am going to return or not" and thats a issue? BTW -Im not saying Sua Cravens is blameless. Im simply stating that I think the kid has some issues beyond just being spoiled and while neither the Redskins nor Su'a handled this as best as it could have been, I also dont think either is worse then the other. In the end -Su'a had some issues - Redskins didnt want to deal with it, they parted ways.... It happens.
  11. TMK9973

    MMQB: How Su'a Cravens fell apart..

    No - Im reading it. I read where he has having major issues and told his teamates his motivation wasnt there and he didnt feel right well before final cuts. (One while he was actually miked up). I read where 1 Dr told him he had linger effects and another Dr told him he should be taking meds for his mental issues. Both Dr's recommended by the team drs. I read where the team told him in private and publicly that they would give him 30 days to figure out if he was gonna play, but then a week or so later put him on the inactive list - despite what they told him. I read it all. Did you? Or did you just decide a while ago that he was a screw up and anything that says it wasnt 100% his fault was ignored.
  12. TMK9973

    MMQB: How Su'a Cravens fell apart..

    Yea- i really don't. He played one year. If you think he is just a punk then be happy hes gone. Would you have him rather played and been on the field when he wasnt giving 100%? You think he ows the Redskins anything? Do you think the Redskins owed him anything? Its a business and these are employees. Sometimes employees get fired, sometimes they quit, sometimes its just not a good fit. The guy wasn't a redskins fan - news flash - 99% of the players on the Redskins today are only Redskins fans now. They didn't grow up skins fans, if they went to another team they would be a fan of that new team. Its a job. I am a fan, I didn't root for Alex smith last year, but I will be rooting for him this year. I rooted hard for Kirk Cousins last year, but wont this year. This is how it works. To actually have hatred for a guy because after 1 year of employment with a team you like, then leaving because it didnt work out (For whatever reason) is silly.
  13. TMK9973

    MMQB: How Su'a Cravens fell apart..

    He has kept it - but the Redskins have made a claim to get it back. Look -I think Sua is suffering and needs / needed help. But I also dont blame the Redskins. They are a business. They have no obligations to Sua other then what they did, but Sua has no obligations to them either.
  14. TMK9973

    MMQB: How Su'a Cravens fell apart..

    Well not true. He was not paid. he was NOT put on IR and the issue people are having trouble with is the team told him they would give him 30 days and then in les then 30 days put him on the inactive list. Which is unpaid. So it seems its you that isnt understanding the situation.
  15. TMK9973

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    Thank you. Personally - Dispite my joke earlier. I think he was 100% wrong. Hitting a 4 year old like that is not ok. Period. Having said that - The guy did what he had grown up doing. By all accounts he realized he went to far and then realized that it wasn't ok. He cooperated with police. Plead no contest- Accepted Responsibility, etc....