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  1. Im not worried. Why would EITHER party really offer anything before sunday? I mean -if you are cousins and EVEN if you are happy with the skins last offering - why would you sign today? Why wouldn't you wait and see if the Skins panicked a on Sunday and offered more. And if you are the Redskins, say you are willing to offer more. Even a huge amount more - Why would you say that today? You would wait until sunday and hope KC gets a little nervous and says "F it - Lets sign today". NEITHER side has ANY inventive to sign prior to Sunday. My guess -No news until at least Friday. Friday both sides start whispering "we are close but the other side is moving goal posts" then sunday, roughly 30 mins before the deadline, we get word that a deal has been reached.
  2. The College Bound Athlete (share, ask, boast)

    Again -Basketball and football are different. College coaches show up to those. Baseball -HS matters - But Tournments and showcases is where college coaches go. And then normally to see kids they have contact with already. Soccer -To show you how much HS soccer doesnt matter compared to tournaments and showcases -HS teams around NOVA CHANGE THEIR SCHEDULE based on Showcase and tournament schedule.
  3. The College Bound Athlete (share, ask, boast)

    Depends on sport and how good. Football and basketball are different then Baseball, soccer, etc.... Football -Yes -Scouts go to HS games. Basketball -yes -To a lesser degree. But there are also all sorts of showcase for HS players - many give out scholarships. I can only speak to baseball -But ASF is 100% correct. In fact we have a kid at a local HS -Top prospect. He is committed to GA Tech for baseball. His Coach in the local paper was talking about how he now has Pro Scouts at every game - but still never sees college scouts. Pro teams have bigger budgets -But colleges -They are going to showcases. And yes -It does suck for kids with less money because most of these showcases have to charge every kid the same amount of $$. The work around? For great kids without means? Team showcases tournaments. The Tournament has to charge all the teams the same, but the teams can charge whatever they want to whatever kids they want.
  4. The College Bound Athlete (share, ask, boast)

    As much as people like when you judge their kids based on the fact that they want to play College sports?
  5. The College Bound Athlete (share, ask, boast)

    Peter -I just disagree with you. I have seen kids that are so focused on acidemics they are not well rounded kids. My son is sports. Is he well rounded? Depends on how you judge. He does not do any other clubs other then sports. So you would say no. My daughter plays soccer year round. She is 12 and not sure if she wants to even play in college yet. She does want to play HS - but she also goes to STEM camp, does music, hell, there is not a aftershool club she DOESNT want to join. I just disagree because you seem to be very narrow minded when it comes to kids playing sports. You have this general core belief that if kids want to play college they only want to play D1. Then you have another core belief that all kids that are want to play college are doing it only because they want to play (or think they can play) at the next level after college. You also have a general idea that playing sports in college will take away from Academics (For a lot of kids, partying and drinking take away from academics. Possible that for some student athletes sports took them away from partying and not from Academics? ) I get it. Your experiences create your world view. IT does for all of us. Your experiences have lead you to a world view with these core beliefs. Im just telling you - those core beliefs of yours are not actual facts.
  6. The College Bound Athlete (share, ask, boast)

    Perhaps you should start a different thread then. This thread was about kids moving to playing college sports. All colleges. I mean -I was enjoying hearing about others recruitment efforts and what they did and sharing my experience as I try to navigate the recruitment world. I know that if you are a TOP 1% of Basketball or Football colleges come to you. For the rest of us -We have to figure out how to get noticed.
  7. The College Bound Athlete (share, ask, boast)

    Did I miss something or did you move the goal posts. Only you seem to be focused on D1 sports only. The rest of us are talking about playing in College...period.
  8. The College Bound Athlete (share, ask, boast)

    BTW Peter - Did I miss something? You are knocking D1 athletes -But seem to ignore that when most parnets are talking about College bound athletes -Most of us are not focused only on D1.
  9. The College Bound Athlete (share, ask, boast)

    This Topic jumped a bit. Peter - Not sure why you are even posting? Whats you goal? Some of the generalizations you make are just incorrect. You have this theme that sports will not lead to "Success in life". How do you determine success? There are 200,000+ HS Sports coaches out there. Are their lifes not successful? There are prob close to 100,000 college sport coaches out there. How about the guy who played HS ball and college ball and now feels comfortable coaching his kids teams? Running camps? Are their life not successful? Did playing sports not have a impact on their life? How about the hundred of thousands people that work in the sports industry (Working for teams, journalism, stats, trainers, etc...) a overwhelming majority played sports. No impact? Its a major generalization. Anyway -Moving on to other questions - Someone asked for those of us who beleive our kids will play college - When did we start noticing. I have 2 different answers. 1 - At a young age athletic kids are good at every sport. At age 8, the kids who is good at football is also prob good at baseball is also good at soccer etc.... My son played football, soccer, and baseball - and early on we knew he was really good at baseball. (I never played, nor even liked baseball until he was born. But he fell in love with the game at age 4, watching Red sox vs O's on TV and seemed to find it magical. We learned the game together. But while he loved all sports, and loved football the most, it was clear he was better then most in baseball right off. But to be honest -I never thought about him playing in college until right before his freshman year in HS. He always knew I was against year round sports and encouraged him to play more then one sport but at 13, he told me he wanted to focus only on baseball, he wanted to play the game as long as he could, and he wanted to figure out how to play in college. I told him I would do what I could, but he had to make a choice, and remake it every year. I told him he could play baseball in HS and just have fun with it. Go to practices, enjoy the team, play hard and whatever happens happens. And i was perfectly ok with that (And yes Peter -Also told him I was 100% ok if he decided he was done with sports). OR - he could decide that he was gonna play after HS and he would do year round, travel, showcase, workouts, recruitment, etc...But that would take a lot of work and dedication and would 100% effect other aspects of his HS life (Social). He told me he wanted to find out how good he could be and how long he could play. And was willing to do whatever it took. I told him I was in but that he could change his mind anytime. Since then - he has done what he said. and it DOES effect his social life. Very often he has to decline some social event because he of a tournament, or early batting practice, or whatever. However -He is also still having fun with Baseball. His BF's are all on one of his teams. He is the happiest when he is on the field playing. And when his grades dropped in HS (Because he got a GF, not because of Baseball) it was his HS coach who sat him down and said "Your grades will stop you from playing college ball" that turned it around. Not anything his mom or I did.
  10. The College Bound Athlete (share, ask, boast)

    Love this thread..I could use help if anyone has advice. My son is a baseball player. 10th grade. I would say above average fielder, avg hitter, and way above avg speed (Best time on 60 is 6.7 right now..can do 6.9 regularly). Hes also below Avg height but still growing. He is on a showcase team now that are doing national tournaments (including 2 perfect game events including the major one in Atlanta). But he is not hitting Home Runs and he doesn't pitch - so he isn't going to draw attention just by playing. His expectations are reasonable (I think). DII, DIII...He did have a D1 coach tell him last summer that he thought he could play D1 - but not in 3 years. He told him because of his size and still growing he might consider Jr College first then transfer to a D1 if he really wanted to play D1. (And yes -We are telling him to pick a list of schools he would want to attend even without baseball since long term - he still will be going to that school. And yes - We are telling him he needs to get in academically to the school before he can even look at baseball). SO the questions / Struggles I have - how to get the coaches attention. I know about writing the "letter" to different coaches and include a video resume. What I struggle with is 1 - What to say in the letter. 2- How to make the video! 3- When these should be sent out. Also -still struggle on how to get him to narrow his focus on what school.
  11. Nats Opening Day

    Updated for different seats I got. Section 239. Row M. $40 each.
  12. I enjoyed it. A little more upbeat..even a joke here and there... "Oh..I forgot to mention.." "The tiger? We see". I do have a few questions 1- You all saw that there was someone else in the car with Gabiral right? 2- Why do the saviors not leave a "Governor" or "Ambassador" or something in the communities to prevent plot against them? Not hard - "This is our guy. You hurt him we hurt you" 3 - I didnt get the herd scene. Perhaps i'm just slow. Why did they move the cars back (Which caused them to split up briefly?) How did those cars even start AND have gas in the tanks? Wouldnt the saviors had sucked the gas out?
  13. ok - I understand the confusion. We are both talking different single payer model. There are different models. You are speaking of the type like in UK and France where single payer means goverment pays for everything. Im speaking more of the canada models where the government makes deals with private medical places, including private insurance to cover their citizens. So - If the state is negotiating on behalf of its citizens and paying a private insurance. That is a form of single payer. That is what option 2 is. The state negotiating and paying a private insurer for health care for its citizens.
  14. 1 -Any post that starts with me being put in charge is CLEARLY not wrong... 2- You are incorrect on the details. From what I read (Looking for the link) - the money goes into a HSA - but the auto enroll will be for a basic plan that would be a high deductable plan. The state would work with insurance companies to define the exact plan. So People would use their HSA, until their deductible was met. Just to add -Here is what I think they are saying from what i read. Im Joe Blow and I currently get insurance from Obamacare for $600 a month. But because i make so little - $400 a month is subsidized to me by the Fed. In this new plan - The state would create a HSA for me and would put in $4560 a year (95% of 400 X 12). Then -They would auto enroll me in a health care plan that is a high deductible plan (Say $5000) but only costs me $150 a month. Hopefully -I spend less then $4560 a year on health care and can roll the money over. Because i have a interest in keeping my cost low -I will cost shop routine things. If I am hit with something like cancer -My high deductible plan will kick in! IF I want a different plan -I am free to shop for a different plan - but still get my $4560 HSA. I like it. I just dont like option 3....
  15. Here is the most interesting part of the last proposal. Option 2 allows for a auto enrollment with a opt out...and calls for the state to negotiate with insurance companies on what that plan will look like. There is a name for that.... Wait for it... SINGLE PAYER! Yes folks -the 1st Republican plan to replace the ACA is a plan that allows ACA to continue or to be replaced with a state based single payer.... FYI - I sorta like it - minus option 3. I think a auto enrollment -Along with a direct contribution to a individuals HSA will end up covering MORE people then a mandate with a $200 penalty! And -I do think HSA's on a wide scale wold lower overall health cost. The only thing I would change is option 3. States should be given the option to come up with their own solution WITH the same amount of federal money as long as after 1 year from implementation the uninsured rate in that state is equal or lower then the national uninsured rate.