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  1. 2017 Washington Nationals: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    But when was Max in trouble? 1st batter -2 pitches 1 out 2nd batter - 2 pitches 1 out 3rd bater - 0-2 - Infield hit.... 4th batter -2-2 count, (1 ball looked right down middle) - bloop single that a good LF catches. 5th batter - Pop up - Werth looks like hes gonna catch it and be done - Loses the ball. So at this point - its 5-4 with 2 outs -Max has looked fine. Just three hit balls - 2 bloopers and 1 infield. 6th batter -Intentional Walk 7th batter - Strike out swinging -Weiters loses the ball then did a bad throw. But MAX got the strike out. 8th batter -on a strike Catches interfence 9th - Max throws his 1st BAD pitch hits him. 10th batter -pop out. I mean -by my count - Max pitched one inning and got 5 or 6 outs! He looked bad only to one hitter....
  2. 2017 Washington Nationals: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    E-Jackson wasnt on the playoff roster for this series. And - while I agree it sucks to be Tanner -Take away 20/20 hindsight and there is no bad decision Dusty made. Max says hes ready and you what? are gonna say "No..I'll go with Tanner?"
  3. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    The big question is what if the player doesnt stand? Then what? What if they stand but walk around? What if they stand but turn their back to the flag? Solution is so simple - National anthem prior to the players coming out.
  4. 2017 Washington Nationals: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    According to my sources in Chicago.... (Ok -Just some girl I know...but I always wanted to say that) there is no rain at wriggly yet. And while it is suppose to be 100% rain today, she said they are saying there is a strong wind off Lake Erie that might keep the rain at bay for at least a couple hours.... Thinking about this -Our bullpen is better then their bullpen. This a start / stop / start / stop /start could help us more then them....
  5. 2017 Washington Nationals: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    Id also say Im not upset about leaving Turner in. Turner is a great player. He is having a rough postseason - but he will turn it on. Im hoping its not to late. He batted .318 last year in the postseason so I know its in him. I love Difo- but Difo is not as good as Turner. Werth; however - Is different. Werth isnt playing down or below his standard. This is who werth is now. Takes a lot of pitches -will grind out a hit now and then, walk....and is not very good in left field. We are seeing the worst of Trea - it will change. We are seeing the full Werth. This is who he is now. Nothing against him - If we advanced Id start him game 1 again. He is a clubhouse leader and is great to be on the team. But hes not the player he once was and in a elimination game, he should be sitting. I would put in Kendrick in left.
  6. 2017 Washington Nationals: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    Im not upset he removed Max..You could see from the convo (And from the post game interview) that Wieters thought Max was done as well... Im more upset he put in Solis. We have had the best 7/8/9 combo since the trades. No reason not to stay there.
  7. 2017 Washington Nationals: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    Game 5 will still be thursday. They lose the travel day
  8. Nationals Game 5! Lower level

    HA - Jdurrell - This was posted LAST YEAR. Although - I do have 3 tickets to this years game 5 as well. But they are more - Section 135, Row MM. $110 each. Havent been posting because they have been selling for more on stubhub. If you are interested -I wouldn't collect the money until after we win tonight (or tomorrow for rain)
  9. Chiefs v Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Can we talk clock management? We continue to struggle with this. Yes - We all know the TO with 58 seconds left was stupid. and it was. But that wasn't the only mis management last night. How about with 1:20ish left in the half. Skins had a 3rd and 4 I think. Up by 3... Skins RUSH to the ball, no huddle, hurry up, and throw a incomplete pass. Chiefs get the ball, drive down, and miss a FG. So no harm... But why were we rushing? We had PLENTY of time and it was a big 3rd down. Convert it and we might get very least control the clock. Id say EVERY week there is clock mismanagement. Often it doesn't hurt us or doesn't matter - but doesn't mean we shouldn't fix it.
  10. Got Dammit Doctson

    What "old rules" would that have been a catch? When going to the ground in the process of making a catch, you must maintain possession. See 2005 Skins/bucs playoff game... Its always been that way. He needs to hold on to that. He did the hard part already....
  11. Im not worried. Why would EITHER party really offer anything before sunday? I mean -if you are cousins and EVEN if you are happy with the skins last offering - why would you sign today? Why wouldn't you wait and see if the Skins panicked a on Sunday and offered more. And if you are the Redskins, say you are willing to offer more. Even a huge amount more - Why would you say that today? You would wait until sunday and hope KC gets a little nervous and says "F it - Lets sign today". NEITHER side has ANY inventive to sign prior to Sunday. My guess -No news until at least Friday. Friday both sides start whispering "we are close but the other side is moving goal posts" then sunday, roughly 30 mins before the deadline, we get word that a deal has been reached.
  12. The College Bound Athlete (share, ask, boast)

    Again -Basketball and football are different. College coaches show up to those. Baseball -HS matters - But Tournments and showcases is where college coaches go. And then normally to see kids they have contact with already. Soccer -To show you how much HS soccer doesnt matter compared to tournaments and showcases -HS teams around NOVA CHANGE THEIR SCHEDULE based on Showcase and tournament schedule.
  13. The College Bound Athlete (share, ask, boast)

    Depends on sport and how good. Football and basketball are different then Baseball, soccer, etc.... Football -Yes -Scouts go to HS games. Basketball -yes -To a lesser degree. But there are also all sorts of showcase for HS players - many give out scholarships. I can only speak to baseball -But ASF is 100% correct. In fact we have a kid at a local HS -Top prospect. He is committed to GA Tech for baseball. His Coach in the local paper was talking about how he now has Pro Scouts at every game - but still never sees college scouts. Pro teams have bigger budgets -But colleges -They are going to showcases. And yes -It does suck for kids with less money because most of these showcases have to charge every kid the same amount of $$. The work around? For great kids without means? Team showcases tournaments. The Tournament has to charge all the teams the same, but the teams can charge whatever they want to whatever kids they want.
  14. The College Bound Athlete (share, ask, boast)

    As much as people like when you judge their kids based on the fact that they want to play College sports?
  15. The College Bound Athlete (share, ask, boast)

    Peter -I just disagree with you. I have seen kids that are so focused on acidemics they are not well rounded kids. My son is sports. Is he well rounded? Depends on how you judge. He does not do any other clubs other then sports. So you would say no. My daughter plays soccer year round. She is 12 and not sure if she wants to even play in college yet. She does want to play HS - but she also goes to STEM camp, does music, hell, there is not a aftershool club she DOESNT want to join. I just disagree because you seem to be very narrow minded when it comes to kids playing sports. You have this general core belief that if kids want to play college they only want to play D1. Then you have another core belief that all kids that are want to play college are doing it only because they want to play (or think they can play) at the next level after college. You also have a general idea that playing sports in college will take away from Academics (For a lot of kids, partying and drinking take away from academics. Possible that for some student athletes sports took them away from partying and not from Academics? ) I get it. Your experiences create your world view. IT does for all of us. Your experiences have lead you to a world view with these core beliefs. Im just telling you - those core beliefs of yours are not actual facts.