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  1. The "New" Way of Tackling - An Analysis

    This way makes more sense. The short lived "Heads up" tackleing was the worst ever. It made zero sense, did nothing to reduce injuries, and completely ignored that most tackling was not straight on.
  2. I wasn't there-I dont know...Only circumstantial evidence. -Tape shows that it was in fact very loud argument. -Bystander went in and told the owner "there was a fight in the parking lot that might turn physical" -Owner in the past said he has called police on the guy -Guy who was yelled at before said the same guy threaten him and called him racial names. So i dont know if there were fighting words or not. But based on what I saw (Man screaming and approaching the car) i have my own thoughts. Do you have any evidence to suggest there weren't? ITs a F'd up law where i have to PROVE that someone who is seen yelling and approaching my family used fighting words -but there is s a presumption that if im shoved I can legally shoot someone .
  3. Well thats just false on many levels. 1st- VA (And other states) have fighting words laws. Most states have some version of that. "Fighting words" are not free speech and can be used in defense of physical reaction. I.E - "Im going to come come up to you and punch you in the fact until you are knocked out" and then he takes a step forward- I dont have to now wait until he throws a punch. that happens. I can push or use physical force before he throws the 1st punch. Knocking someone to the pavement is not considered deadly force. If it was - that means anytime someone shoved anyone, cops would arrest them with attempted murder. Come on TWA - you can do better.
  4. Or dont yell at strangers. We dont know what the guy was yelling -but according to someone who he yelled at before, and according to the store owner who called the cops on him before -When he was screaming may very well have been assault as well.
  5. So lesson here. The guy (Father) should have been carrying and just run out and shoot him. He could have said he was protecting his family. TWA would be posting that he was justified. We live in a F'd up place.
  6. I suppose you have never speed even 1 mph over speed limit, never exceded time limit on a metered space, never didnt use your turn single... please.... Once again -She stayed in the car, There is a term for that -its called "Standing"
  7. So you have never - in your entire life - Doubled park in front of the grocery story to pick someone up? Pulled into a Double white line in a parking lot so someone ran in while you waited? Pulled into a metered space and not pay because the person in your front seat was just jumping out? Pulled next to a red crub while you waited for your friend to run out to meet you? You have never done ANY OF THAT? Depends - But yes. He was yelling/ shouting at his family and moving closer to his car where young children were there. If someone starts screaming and yelling at your family and children in a public parking lot and started moving closer to them - would you NOT push them away? and the "changes the protester game" is just a dumb argument. Context DOES matter. In fact -the entire argument is around context.
  8. The video has no sound. But watch. Sure -the guy shouldn't have shoved the shooter..BUT... The argument was loud. Watch people walk in. EVERYONE who parks and is seen turns and watches. The argument is 100% loud and causing a scene. So the guy with the gun is obviously having more then just small discussion. In fact -it was loud enough that the victim was alerted to it and came running out of the store to protect his family. Yes... Dont forget - you are in a store and you hear that some guy is standing at your car yelling at your GF, her 2 kids under 6, and your 5 year old son. What would you do? You run out and see someone yelling at them and standing RIGHT above the door... TO be honest -if the victim had a gun and opened fire - wouldn't he have ALSO been able to claim "Stand your ground". Couldn't he say he was worried for the safety for his family as this clear aggressor was. So lets give a high level recap. A family (Woman of 2 kids under six, her Boyfriend, and his son of 5) stopped to run into the store and pick something up. She parked in a handicap space. (Shouldn't have done it -but it wasn't even "parked". she was standing there. Im thinking most of us have done something like this. Guy starts yelling at her. Loud enough to draw the attention of bystanders and the father in the store. Farther comes out and sees someone fighting with his loved ones in a aggressive way standing above the car door. He shoves the guy away from his family. Not the best choice, but not one completely unreasonable. The guy pulls out a guy - and quickly the other guy backs up. The threat (if there ever is one) is over. He shoots anyway. Its murder. Not only that - but based on the actual statue - the sheriff is wrong not to charge him. Stand your ground includes a presumption of justification in a dwelling, residence, or vehicle. This was in none of those. So there is no presumption of justification. He is still legally ok to use stand your ground, if he can show that he "REASONABLE believes that such force was needed to prevent death or serious body harm". Because it was outside in a parking lot it is not presumed to be ok. He (The shooter) needs to show that it was reasonable. Being pushed away from someones car and family to me, does not equal a "Reasonable" assumption that his life was in danger or that he risked more harm. Edit - ALSO - Reading the actual law. there is this "The justifications for use of force will also not apply where the evidence establishes that the defendant initially provoked violence against him- or herself.". In my mind -watching the video - the defendant did initially provoke the violence. Dont stand over a car yelling at a women with 3 preschool kids in the car and be shocked when someone pushes you.
  9. Avengers Infinity War - HERE BE SPOILERS!

    thanks everyone! Sounds like I'll prob enjoy it. No massive rush to see it -but next time I go see a movie -sounds like it should be one to check out.
  10. Avengers Infinity War - HERE BE SPOILERS!

    ok -So here is my question to all you fans. What about if im not a die hard fan? I mean -I loved the first captain America, loved all the Iron Men, enjoyed the 1st avengers really liked both Guardians of the galaxy .... Couldn't get into Age of Ultron (Kept annoying me that they caused all these issues) - Civil war started losing track - never saw Blank Panther or the last spiderman movie... Basically -I enjoy Superhero movies when they are good on their own - if they become overly dependent on other movies - I start to lose track. I guess Im asking -for the casual fan - is this a good stand alone move?
  11. Redskins 2018 Schedule (Leaks)

    The early Bye is ok only because of thanksgiving! Works out in our favor! Early bye to review the early part of season and if adjustments need to happen. Then - Late in season -We have thanksgiving and 10 days off followed by a night game. Its like a extra bye.
  12. Wasnt bad -But I agree with the silly Over the top respect for carl. They talk about him like hes Jesus Christ himself "For carl!" "Carl would want it this way". "carls words say..." I will tell you -I like the "new" fear the walking dead! I even liked how they spent the 1st 10 mins basically reminding you that all the characters in walking dead now like to whine a bunch.
  13. Nationals Opening day!

    2 tickets - Section 108, Row M. 7 Rows from field, against left field wall. Full view of scoreboard. Opening day tickets - $100 each. Between 2 and 4 tickets to most other games as well. Usually below face value (Face value is $37 to $42 per most games). Tickets can be sent electronically
  14. 2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    yup... Im in 108 too. Guess I'll just buy my adult juice boxes and read my inside pitch magazine....wait....WHERE IS MY MAGAZINE!!
  15. 2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    Im starting to get worried about the Nats this year. Their spring training has shown me nothing. I get records dont matter, outings dont matter - but some things DO matter. Patterns matter. Sloppiness matters. The entire thing with Ryan Zimmerman is a huge flag to me. I get the entire "Let me get ready with minor leagues to go at my own pace" but now - yesterday -STILL not playing at all with all the starters. NOW hes not even playing with anyone. Just taking a couple days off before opening day??? I hope im wrong but this team seems to think just be showing up they are gonna win 95+ games.