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  1. If anyone is curious, our magic number to clinch the #2 seed is 6 with 12 games remaining.
  2. Redskins Rams Post Game Assessments

    I'm proud to have been a part of this. The false start the crowd forced out of the Rams' offense was crazy.
  3. The Positive Thread

    I really like the defense Manusky is putting on the field for us. I don't think it's overly talented, but it is scrappy, aggressive and plays hard each week. This is the most confident I've been in our defense in quite some time. It has a ton of room to improve and more than a couple JAGs, but they seem to give a damn.
  4. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    You can't just "forget" how much Kirk is making when there's a salary cap to consider. Not sure how you can build a better team around Kirk with the contract he's asking for. Sometimes expensive QBs bleed their teams dry. Look at the Colts.
  5. Redskins Rams Post Game Assessments

    I thought the team played really hard. Manusky has done a fine job of getting his defense prepared and ready to put their necks out for a win. I don't think the talent is really there, but I was pleased by their performance overall. It was a bodybag game, but they pulled through. Not sure what to say about the offense. It felt like a supreme anomaly, dominating with the run while Kirk takes a backseat, but I was happy that it happened while our passing game gets it together. The line was fantastic and we probably would have won last week had they played that well. It was a B+ type of game that showed a lot of improvement. Glad I went and saw them at a relative high point.
  6. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    Ahhhh I'm leaving the stadium and getting on the train. Such a fun game, and my first live. I had fantastic seats and some great pics from the day. I don't live in the area anymore, so it was a thrill to watch Cousins, Kerrigan and co. warming up. Small pleasures. The visitor's section was a sea of red. It felt like a neutral stadium. Great fan presence, great OL performance and Kirk came through. Defense was strong too. No complaints. It felt like a mirror image of last week in many ways, right down to the way we took care of the ball. Really fun day. Great game.
  7. Redskins vs Rams Prediction Thread: Possible Gauntlet March?

    This will be my first Skins game, so we'll win a barn burner 9-6.
  8. Random Thought Thread

    I got gifted two tickets to the Skins game on Sunday through my uncle who's a Rams fan. Last minute business trip. This would ordinarily be a groaner of a game, but the tickets are near midfield and um, even though I regularly post on a football message board and have been watching the sport for 21 years, I've never been to an NFL game before. I'm pretty damn excited.
  9. We have some amazing trade chips and a pitching staff that's going to need to be bolstered in a couple of years, if not this offseason (things get murky at 4-5). We also don't have proven long-term solutions at catcher or first base. It's great that Robles and Soto are blowing people away, but I wouldn't get attached. And that's a good thing. You want your prospects to pan out whether you keep them or not.
  10. Whatever, Max didn't get hurt. No lasting damage here. We're already in the playoffs and I want the #2 seed anyway.
  11. Yeah, Dusty cost us this one. And cost Max his ERA.
  12. Anything can be spun into a negative if you're determined to make it happen. Some people are just dickheads like that.
  13. Wasn't BS a huge Andrew Luck fan too? Man, did he ever bet on the wrong horse (colt).
  14. Just don't make it 10+ in a row like a certain team out west, K? K.
  15. Pay Rizzo all the money forever. Do not let him go.