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  1. **** the Cowboys

    ****ing embarrassing performance on primetime. Dak played like ass.
  2. This is a good post. You also reminded me that there are other teams who have choked as egregiously as we just did.
  3. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    It's a situation where, as a Redskins fan, you aren't surprised at all by the results. But as a football fan, you can't help but take a step back and wonder how it was possible.
  4. There's an "imminent pressure" rule that provokes an IG call. Ohhhhhhh wellllllllll
  5. I feel you. And what's really frustrating is that somewhere, deep down, like waaaay deep down there, I think there's a competitive team in this roster. We've faced by far the toughest schedule in the league and have been consistently within reach. The offense makes a ton of plays. The defense shows major flashes at times and have even had some dominant performances for all four quarters (Oakland, Seattle). But they're ****ing LOSERS. It's so, so frustrating.
  6. I even had the thought of "haha there's no way we'll need this haha" ****.
  7. Kirk screwed that up at the line. Just spike the damn ball and kick a long FG in a dome. If it's a miss, whatever. OT. However, Gruden screwed up with that challenge earlier in the quarter. Evidently, we needed the extra timeout.
  8. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    This is a good point. I guess they were afraid of it being blocked and returned? Which, you know, after all that, doesn't seem so crazy.
  9. You called a very good pass a "fluke" and dismissed any contribution Kirk had to the game. Yeah, no **** defenses win games sometimes. Eli Manning has predicated his entire legacy on that very fact and gets away with it, but Kirk pulling a rabbit out of his hat in that very situation is dismissed. This is what people mean when they call our fans stupid.
  10. We're already paying Cousins a disgusting amount and the defense, when healthy, has shown improvement. You find a great first round talent in 2018 for the defense instead of throwing it away on a QB and things take a bigger turn. On top of that, teams with proven QBs have greater stability and get better deals down the road on account of that stability. That's how the Patriots have wheeled and dealed their way to nearly two decades of dominance.
  11. If you guys are just going to move the goalposts when it's convenient, there really isn't a point in debating. The fact is that Kirk absolutely has put us in position to be at least 6-4 and other players have screwed it up. If you think we're better off with a rookie in these situations, I think you're wrong, but I doubt anything will change your mind.
  12. Kansas City, throwing a great pass that was dropped in the endzone by an inexperienced WR. Seattle, two weeks ago. Today, putting us up 15 through the air with 5 minutes to go instead of playing it safe.
  13. Please don't ruin my Thanksgiving 'Skins.....

    An absolutely laughable Giants team facing a Skins franchise that's renowned for playing down to terrible opposition that's missing a bunch of key offensive starters and reeling from an embarrassment of a loss. Oh boy.
  14. He's doing enough to get us wins each week. Sometimes the defense meets him in the middle (Seahawks), sometimes it doesn't (Vikings, Saints). I don't think there's much point in stepping backwards when we have a perfectly serviceable QB right now who has done what we've all asked and cut down on the INTs this season. I would much rather dedicate all of our attention to building up the defense in the draft than wasting a high draft pick on a project. But if he asks for a deal that's beyond the pale, obviously that's a trigger you can't pull and we'll need to re-evaluate.
  15. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    Kirk's is already up on Facebook. Gruden soon to follow, I'm guessing.