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  1. 2018 Washington Nationals - "The Window"

    If we get a good deal on Harper, by all means lock him down ASAP and flip the OF depth to beef up catching and pitching. I still remain skeptical that we'll be able to lock him down, purely because I'm a DC sports fan and thus very familiar with pain.
  2. 2018 Washington Nationals - "The Window"

    Our outfield is absolute filth, which doesn't make Harper expendable, but it gives us a little bit of leverage.
  3. 2018 Washington Nationals - "The Window"

    Glad the Phillies blew $75 million dollars on three years of Jake Arrieta and not us.
  4. Let's all agree that the Matrix was a documentary and move on.
  5. The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    I left the party I was at before the ceremony, so I never saw the disgusting display with DG. Guess something went right for me today.
  6. The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    He's already beaten the Eagles.
  7. The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    I hate everything.
  8. The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    I hate the Eagles, but I'm OK with them winning after that. Great trolling, great execution.
  9. Welcome to the Redskins, Alex Smith

    I'm happy he's here. He's a good guy and a hard worker. It's a shame about the price, but we've got to live with it. For the third year in a row, I am not concerned about the QB position. That's refreshing.
  10. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    The more I think about this trade, the less sense it makes that we offered Fuller instead of Josh Norman. Would they have taken his contract? Maybe not, but that should have been the line. This trade only benefits us monetarily on a very significant level for one season and actually managed to open up a need that we never had before. It's terribly illogical.
  11. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    We're having this talk because there were reports last night saying the exact opposite.
  12. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    And let himself get a year older and rustier? I can't imagine Kirk lets a year of his prime slip by just to be petty.
  13. The Sycophants of Smith (Merged & M.E.T.)

    Oh boy, maybe we can get Gibbs to come back.
  14. Whether we're in good shape at CB or not, and I have my doubts, the deal was objectively a fleecing and not at all team friendly considering the value we just lost. If we sign a corner in FA for some unholy figure, I may throw my Skins merch out the window.
  15. HapHaszard's Passing

    I never spoke with Hap, and now I regret not reaching out, but in my dozen or so years at ES I always had great respect for him and his tireless contributions to the site. You can tell he loved what he did because he never sought a pat on the back for all that work. I'm not surprised that he was an avid reader, as it takes a ton of reading to digest all of the articles he posted. RIP