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  1. Bryce isn't much of a brawler. We knew this from Papelbon. The guy led with his face and his hands were down so of course he got clocked. To be fair to Bryce, it's hard to get in a good punch running over to someone like that and Strickland is a big guy with a reach advantage up on a mound. If he's going to keep getting in fights every year, someone needs to teach him to plant and punch through the hip.
  2. Bryce should have heckled Strickland about the 2014 HR(s) on a slow walk to first base, and then kept going in for Zimmerman's AB. Gotta embarrass idiots with your words.
  3. The helmet slipped out
  4. My favorite part about this was that we got an insurance run later in the inning.
  5. That was great. Even the SF commentators were on our side with this. "That's just an I don't like you pitch."
  6. Tolerance is important, but you cannot nor should not be tolerant of everything. And being able to discern between the two is not an inherently conservative quality.
  7. I wish we'd actually try for a sweep once in a while instead of resting the whole offense. It's not often that you get gifted series as easy as that one. But whatever, it's a marathon, not a sprint. The Giants and A's are bad teams and there's no excuse for dropping those series, but the Dodgers are brutal right now. I expect just a hair better than breaking even out of this road trip.
  8. We really do not give a single, solitary **** about this game.
  9. Got my tickets for the 6/6 Dodgers game. I'm going with an international student friend of mine who has never really watched baseball before but wants to get into the sport. Can't ask for a much more exciting matchup than Nats/Dodgers right now, at least not in the NL.
  10. We looked dominant today. Let's hope Ross gets his usual run support tomorrow and we get the sweep off an awful team.
  11. This was a fun year for film. Lots of highlights. Die Hard is the best thing here, but Dead Ringers and The Land Before Time deserved to make the list. Brain Damage and Vampire's Kiss are hilarious cult horror.
  12. His 5+ ERA would make him one of our best relievers, sadly.
  13. 7 scoreless and 15 Ks in a career day for Stras. Really damn impressive considering he started the day with a 27 pitch inning.