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  1. Yeah I don't get why we couldn't have just thrown Bryce in there as a DH, but oh well. Rattled off 6 straight wins, 5 of them on the road, and dropped one with a JV lineup in. It's not the worst thing. Seems like we're getting the DBacks at the right time. Things are really bad for them lately; they even lost JD Martinez to injury in his debut with the team.
  2. Oh well, at least it's interleague. Still 11.5 games up if we lose. Kinda depressing to see what we look like without Bryce though.
  3. The Braves have a lot to be proud of for what they've accomplished this season, but they are what they are: a .500 team with a good lineup and a weak rotation. They aren't up to a division race with the Nats, who are pretty conclusively the 3rd best team in baseball behind the Dodgers and Astros.
  4. For me, the first three episodes were great and the fourth one was awful. I...would actually accept that pattern if it holds.
  5. It cracks me up that the Angels ended up with Ben Revere and Danny Espinosa. Surprised they didn't take a waiver on Papelbon too.
  6. He's had a solid acting career. Louie and Horace And Pete are quality shows, plus American Hustle and Blue Jasmine are good films.
  7. Nate Sudfeld, who, despite having a really awful name and being only one of about 5-10 QBs to ever have been drafted from IU, will lead us to the promised land. Yep.
  8. Good. I didn't see the full interview so I wasn't sure if that was just loose editing or if Allen really doesn't give a ****.
  9. Did he call him "Curtis?" wtf
  10. The best part about this video is the confidence his players have in him. That's really sweet. It would destroy team rapport if we lost him, and we probably will. Again, I blame the FO for mishandling this situation not just in this offseason, but in the previous one as well. That said, Kirk has broken my heart a bunch of times in the past few seasons. There weren't a lot of highlights to be taken from the late season Panthers and Giants games, for example. He just doesn't seem to have those highlight reel wins when the season is on the line. He's not a good redzone passer. But he can improve, he has the team's approval and he should be retained for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, we're long past that point.
  11. I just started The Leftovers and am really getting into it. In general I like depressing shows that make you want to put a gun in your mouth (why not make reality seem better, instead of the other way around?), but I'm surprised I enjoy this one so much already. I heard mixed things about the early episodes.
  12. Except when the Skins are playing Remember that awful swinging gate episode?
  13. I live in a fairly low income urban area and am working towards my secondary education teaching credential. Season 4 has me shook lmao
  14. If The Wire was just seasons 1, 3 and 4, it would have made my list. Season 4 is one of the best in television history. Not that 2 and 5 are bad or anything (the series finale is incredible), they're just kind of inconsistent and meh. And that's 40% of the series right there.