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  1. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    Some were calling that we would be in first by Memorial Day and, well, it is possible to be alone in first place tomorrow night. We beat the O's, Braves lose both in their doubleheader and the Phillies lose to the Dodgers = half a game lead for the Nats.
  2. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    Strasburg's batting average is only .099 lower than Harper's right now.
  3. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    1 ER in 7 IP and Tanner is on the hook for a loss. Come on, offense.
  4. The DC Sports Curse Thread.

    If you don't care about hockey, it's your loss. Playoff hockey is the best and you're about to miss out on the highest-stakes series you may ever be privy to if you're a MD native.
  5. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    As a Hawks fan from my college years in the midwest but a MD native, I'm thrilled for the Caps and am rooting hard for them. **** a curse!
  6. I'm just switching entirely to streams and refuse to buy any gear. I've been on merch strike with the Skins since Scot was unceremoniously removed to soothe Bruce Allen's ego.
  7. Yes. This is the ownership wanting to snap their fingers and have their negro employees do a little jig for them without having a mind of their own. Whether you agree with what the players were doing or not, the mentality of this decision is ****ing gross and everyone behind it should be ashamed of themselves. Of course the NFLPA wouldn't sign off on this garbage.
  8. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    DAMN. Impressed by Severino's reflexes as well; he wasted no time getting his glove over.
  9. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    Who wants to take a stab at reading MAT's lips?
  10. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    People have been calling for MAT's head, but he was MVP today by contributing in every facet. As long as he bats near the bottom of the lineup he's a solid everyday starter, at least in our Injury-compromised outfield.
  11. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    Don't be a downer after a win. I never said the season was over or that I was going to stop watching. I said it's been one of those hard luck seasons and it's tough to get excited when setbacks keep happening. That response was probably a little extra for what was I'm sure just a poke at me, but I just want to be clear about what I said.
  12. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    YES. I've been waiting for MAT to knock in Soto all game and it came at a great time.
  13. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    Three walks, three hits and a homer in two games. Wow.
  14. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    Holy crap, I went to get some groceries after the 4th and apparently missed the throw of the year from MAT.
  15. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    Hahaha 8 pitches to Soto, 8 balls. Opposing pitchers are SHOOK by this young man. Our offense has been absolutely horrendous today, by the way, in case you haven't been watching.