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  1. At least they had the awareness to recognize that it's not an even year.
  2. Ughhhh UNC looks ridiculously good right now.
  3. I'm all in on Butler, which means they will likely be destroyed today.
  4. What an inspiration, skiing in the face of impossible odds.
  5. ...or crafting new bills, or creating budgets, or negotiating with foreign leaders, or protecting the nation, or...
  6. Such a scenario would certainly entail an atypical impeachment process. If Trump does indeed accomplish anything superlative, it will be by having the biggest political scandal ever. YUGE.
  7. Best case scenario as I see it is 3 years: 2 years gathering evidence, another year or so to work through the impeachment process. Stripped of all power by late 2019, early 2010. What WILL happen? Status quo and he doesn't get re-elected.
  8. 5.59 ERA in 9 2/3 IP is a big fat meh for Giolito. Definitely a disappointing start for him in Chicago.
  9. I like Spicer because he makes me feel competent at my own job. He does not give one single, solitary, remote **** about displaying the slightest degree of tact or decorum. It really feels like he's had his job for 60 years and he'll do anything it takes to get fired. Every day he's dragging the Commissioner's Trophy around in the parking lot.
  10. Got to stir up the third of the country remaining that doesn't think he's a moron.
  11. Really glad he got that last album finished as he intended to. Hopefully it gets a release date now. RIP
  12. I'm a huge What About Bob fan. Sometimes we all need to take a vacation...from our problems.
  13. I voted Groundhog Day, but his "too cool hipster douchebag" movies prove his range. Lost in Translation and Rushmore are awesome.
  14. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've been criticized for using cursive in a memo/notes, as if it's a niche form of communication.
  15. Worst strategizing since the Clinton campaign.