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  1. superozman

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    Interesting last year to this year.... Is it WR, Coaching, or himself?
  2. superozman

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    Cousins is 2.67 seconds, Smith is 2.79 seconds in "Time to throw". 17th and 26th respectively. I understand you are on the delivery point - but it doesn't drag it out to where its "A couple of secs". ON the other hand, while looking up that stat, i noticed another stat. He has an AWFUL QB rating outside the tackle box 10-20 yards out. and that is where A LOT of routes go in Grudens system. Hmmm....
  3. superozman

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    I think there are a few determining factors here: 1. Jay Gruden's play calling. For years we hear about "if the read is there, if the coverage is there, etc." about not enough deep balls. Gruden wants his QB's to be conservative, I fully believe. His scheme is many short passes and let pass catchers do the work. We've seen this for years. I have always said you should take a shot to Desean each half when he was here. But we went games without a deep shot. 2. Alex Smith loves to get the ball out quick. Coupled with a coach who is hesitant to go deep, that means we are seeing a lot of passes within 15 yards in the air. 3. Alex Smith hasn't really thrown into coverage much - until yesterday. numerous plays we saw throws into coverage (a few Doctson catches) and we saw success. the optimism in me says that he's gaining trust and we will see it more. 4. Deangelo Hall on Good Morning Football stated that Gruden loves to get 5 guys out in routes. that leaves 5 to protect. That equals quick passes, especially if the D rushes 5-6.
  4. Jersey colors remainder of year based on other team info. I'd assume burgundy at home unless we start a trend with Dallas.... Cowboys (H) - White - per previous post Giants (A) - White - per Giants uniform sched Falcons (H) - ? Buccaneers (A) - ? Texans (H) - ? (Texans only preview home uniforms for the year) Cowboys (A) - Burgundy - per previous post Eagles (A) - ? (Although I'd expect the all black eagles alternates, so white) Giants (H) - Burgundy - per Giants uniform sched Jaguars (A) - ? Titans (A) - ? Eagles (H) -
  5. Good find. I'm hoping white/white!!!!!!!!
  6. superozman

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I really want to start a new thread, but certain it would be moved here, and rightfully so. However, the stadium experience is lackluster. Now my point of view will be not from a season ticket holder, but someone who averages 1 trip a year from Philadelphia. However, I will also compare to Philly for things, other sports, and averages across the overall NFL to show that a lot of this talk about "improvement" is a bunch of crap at times. Overall - has the Redskins as the 4th most expensive Fan Cost Index at $623.50 for a family in 2018, and in 2017 CNBC had them at #2 and CBS News at #1. A couple reputable outlets having a perennial .500 or under team recently with a few exceptions that high? Something has to be done with pricing. There should be no way a team who wants to provide better service thinks they can keep these numbers up. This tells me its all talk, and no action. This is the main reason. HELLO!!!! You appear to be talking the talk, start walking the walk. Parking - I do not have season tickets. I would like to, but it's not in 2018's budget. Therefore, my options are hoping a extremeskins buddy has a pass to sell, buy a pass on a site (and pay additional fees) or do cash parking. In researching cash parking, its a bit all over the place. Prices differentiate, rules differ, and most certaintly, time to get out of the lot differs. And the fact that cash parking isn't owned by the redskins, doesn't give me any confidence that they care about their patrons outside of season ticket holders. Not a season ticket holder? **** you! I parked in a lot where i thought it was near the Jericho lot where i parked last year, but I don't think it was. It was $40, which is cheaper than a pass. However, it took me over 45 minutes to begin to move out of the lot, as the entire lot could only exit one way. And that was after watching players exit the tunnel, taking a pee, and trying to find the father in law. Stadium Visually - The Fedex colors and the hanging advertisements are freakin' brutal, frankly. Walking into other stadiums, you have team colors, team photos, different things that stand out team related. The purple, green, blue, orange, black all over the place is basically saying "I don't care about the game day experience, just give me my money ****!". Give me Redskins colors, a dark burgundy would look intimidating at night, etc. Those are the items that could be simply updated. The rest of the stadium cannot really adjust. Stadium Eats - Pricey here too. $6 for a hot dog is above average. And I wanted to try something that I saw last year, a "Grub Tub". Well a grub tub apparently doesn't come with sauce for your tenders? I had to request buffalo sauce and probably got away with something for free, but it was like. $20 for that - i guess close enough? What I did perceive though are some of the things I cannot stand! 1 - the burgers at the Burger and wing company stand had the cheese not melted? Really, melt that ****! The sandwiches at Skins pit beef and a couple other stands were pre-wrapped. I understand you want to feed the needs to many, however, if you are promoting supposedly awesome things (Skins pit beef was one this year i believe), treat them right for charging $12 for a sandwich. Phillies for example - the generic stands have prewrapped everything. those are typically cheaper, made ahead, etc. Go to a Stand of a local establishment (IE Campos), and you get almost made to order. Generic Cheesesteak - $11. Prewrapped, pick up and go. Typically no line. Campos, $12 cheesesteak, get in a line, order at register and pay the person, then pick up your cheese steak put together on the spot. Why does that matter? NO SOGGY ASS ROLLS! Delicious, facehump worthy food. While I typically enjoy some drinks, I have to say the drinks are on point. However, sitting in a lower level, I was shocked at seeing the beer guy only 2-3 times while at my seat. They appeared to enjoy getting people as they walked into the section instead of walking around to the seats. In game experience - While I hate some of the prompted stuff for stadiums, the Skins need it. "Quiet offense at work" or something needs to be up way more often. I saw Big Country's look of disgust at all Skins fans being loud on offense - I know Panther fans were there, but I saw a ton of Skins fans clapping, etc. Drive that point home! I have heard a "Let's go Redskins" chant in the past. But yesterday once the video board did a "D, C, D, C, D, C" chant. Pick one, stick to it, and do it more than once a game, and only while skins are on defense. The get loud prompts were pretty good. But I think i'd turn the volume up on some of the players get loud chants - I could barely hear Norman talking. In the end, it's about money, and the Redskins don't let you forget it. And there is not a new stadium, advertising is pimped out everywhere outside, concessions are high, parking is high, and the product hasn't been up to the pricing standard. It's a simple fix, but I'm not sure we'll get the team to attempt to fix it.
  7. superozman

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    Well i hope you didn't bet. And I'd definitely check Cam/Rivera lead teams versus the Skins.
  8. superozman

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    To make Monday's game more interesting, Sunday's games can really go our way. If they do, this team should realize that they need to step it up vs. the Saints: Vikings in Philly. Philly is at home and that crowd will be hype. However, Minny is better than their record. I fully believe they have a shot to beat Philly this week. Cousins is familiar and plays well vs Philly. Vikes have a bit of a revenge game here. Eagles secondary hasn't been playing up to par. Giants in Carolina. Carolina really really really should win this one.... Dallas in Houston. I'm torn. I want to say the Texans can handle this one but they haven't been playing great and will Hopkins be healthy? Perfect world, all 3 lose and the Skins win - we have an awesome lead for this early in the season.
  9. superozman

    I'm tired of Charley Casserly's criticism

    I've always thought he's been overly positive about the redskins. I guess with your sample size, he seems to be not as positive with the secondary. However, as a whole he's been overly positive.
  10. We have secured tix, thank you BornToHail for your offer!
  11. Let me know. I will be actively searching and if I purchase I will post in this thread as soon as possible. Thanks!
  12. Yup, I was thinking that 3 pant rule still existed. I couldn't find anything on it. And I dont think preseason matters, from years past, but could be wrong. Different helmet, and different pant, and limits on # of times alternates can be worn is extremely dumb in my opinion.
  13. i'm sure this has been said in this thread before. But i'd love to see just a pure mix of all of our uniform opportunities. White/White. White/Burg. White/Gold/ Burg/Gold. Burg/White. Burg/Burg.
  14. superozman

    Redskins vs Colts Prediction Thread: Will the Redskins "Luck" Out?

    Redskins - 23 Colts - 21
  15. I said this yesterday in front of Eagles fans, and when they didn't argue I realized it wasn't a full glass of kool aid, only a few sips. If CT25 stays healthy, and performs like he did last year and yesterday, he should be in the conversation for MVP. Of course then A-Rod does what he does...but still a full season of what he was doing last year and this year is a key for us.