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  1. Grumpy Vet

    When Can We Get Out of the Alex Smith Contract???

    You guys see the Skins recently tweeted that Alex Smith was voted MVP for the Falcons game? The replies are comical.....
  2. Grumpy Vet

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I keep hearing about the new food. I've been once, reluctantly, this year. What new food is there that people are really impressed with? I tried to order the hotdog w/ the BBQ on it and they "don't got those" during the third quarter. I settled on a BBQ sandwich as that was new since I was there last. It was awful and way overpriced. The rest of the stadium experience - still bad as usual - so I'm curious what part of the new food is actually good. Unlikely I'll be back this year, but if I go back, I'd love to find at least a small glimmer of goodness.
  3. Grumpy Vet

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    My brother in law and I gave up our season tix this year. Frankly, over the last 15 years the experience has gotten worse and I decided to choose family time w/ my kids over a day at Fed Ex. It was such a sigh of relief to have been unburdened by tickets. My mother and sister (no kids) decided to keep theirs. Yesterday my sister was sick and couldn't go to the game so my mother asked me to go. I went somewhat reluctantly yesterday to my first game of the season. It was awful. I'd put the crowd at 60/40 Skins v Panthers. My mother floated potentially taking my 11 year old daughter at one point because I wasn't stoked about going. Thank God I didn't allow that to happen. I'm no prude, but that stadium is no place for a kid. Beers getting spilled on other people by almost blacked out drunks (fans of both teams).....constant cussing, smoking in the stands....etc, etc. Could I have texted blah blah to blah blah blah? Sure - but I would have been on my phone constantly and missed most of the game. It's a culture problem....and it wasn't like we were in 446 up against the top upper deck. This was lower bowl corner end zone. I don't remember our seats last year in the 200s having as many "problem children". I remembered reading there was new food this year. Since we didn't tailgate, I thought maybe I'd go find a bright spot with some of the new cuisine. I ordered a footlong hotdog w/ some BBQ on it. That sounds interesting. Two minutes into the 3rd quarter I was told - "Ain't got that". They only serve like four main things at this concession area. How can you be out of 1/4 of your menu? Ok, let's try the BBQ sandwich please. For $12 - you get no sides and the sandwich was bad. The soggy bun was the best part. Maybe I hit a dud and there are improvements at all the other places to eat? Don't know - to me it was SOS (Same old Skins) of crazy long lines and disappointing food. I know the Skins are trying to fix stuff, but they aren't anywhere near where they need be. All the covered up seats in the upper decks looks awful. I'd estimate almost 1/3 of the seats were empty. The optics are just sad. I was waiting for us to implode at the end (SOS), but they were able to hold Carolina off. Glad to see a win. I'm a big Skins fan. I'm not a Fed Ex fan. The whole game day experience is putrid. Just Yuck.
  4. Grumpy Vet

    Season Ticket Renewals

    @MarkB452 Thank you for the extra info. Much appreciated.
  5. Grumpy Vet

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Got it - thanks for the detailed info. Much appreciated.
  6. Grumpy Vet

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Thanks for the reply. I'll wander on over to Stubhub and see what they have. I knew the team was selling single games - but wasn't sure if that was through the normal tix office or a broker. So - if I follow the link on the Redskins official page - it takes me to Ticketmaster. I'm finding club tix - 4 of them on the side of the endzone for $500 each. When I go to Stubhub directly - they have a crapton available for less than half of Ticketmaster. What am I missing here?
  7. Grumpy Vet

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Good morning season ticket holders. I just got a call from another sales guy from my company that lives up in NJ. He had a customer up there ask him for tickets to the Redskin v Texans game. Customer specifically asked for club level seats. Kind of ballsy if you ask me - but whatever. The guy knows I'm a Skins fan and called me to ask me the best way to go about acquiring 4 - club tix. So.....I'm here. I know the Skins have single game tix available for some games. Best way to get those is just call the Skins if available? Any special number? Any idea what the face value of that particular game is in club? I know they changed the face value of games this year to reflect the match up. Any help on where to get started is appreciated. Hail
  8. Grumpy Vet

    Friday Night Lights - Game Thread

    Biggest thing I learned last night is who my kicker in fantasy will be this year.....we can't score TDs.
  9. Grumpy Vet

    Friday Night Lights - Game Thread

    Portis was horrific a few years ago on sideline. Really enjoyed him tonight. Props CP. hope it turns around for you. Looks like you are having fun. Skins D and Offense - same old crap.
  10. Grumpy Vet

    Friday Night Lights - Game Thread

    Surprised....just so thankful I bailed on tix this year and don’t have to watch this in person. AP might be real. Rest of the team is flaccid.
  11. Grumpy Vet

    If available, would you purchase ES gear?

    Definitely up for the hat. My old black ES hat is more grey now.
  12. Grumpy Vet

    The "Remember That Time..." Thread

    Swinging Gate?
  13. Grumpy Vet

    Season Ticket Renewals
  14. Grumpy Vet

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I liked spending time w/ family and friends at the tailgate - but none of the people I tailgated w/ have kids or their kids are grown up. So we are just in different places in our lives and our priorities are different. It has been problematic for years. I'm super strict when it comes to drinking and driving. I would normally have 4-5 beers at tailgate and nothing in the stadium. Here is a typical football Sunday: Call an Uber to go from my house to my sister's house - leaving at 6:30 AM to arrive at 7:00AM. Hop in the car w/ our group to arrive at 7:30 - 7:45AM for opening of Red Zone. Tailgate from 8AM - 12:15 PM - usually fun. Game from 1PM - 4:30PM that is rarely fun. Sit in traffic to get out (brother in law drives back) - putting us back to my sister's house at 5:30 - 6PM. Call an Uber back to my house and be home around 6:30 PM. It's exhausting and certainly isn't cheap. I think skinfan2k nailed it.....I might be a bigger fan w/o this grind. If I can start recording the game at 1PM and start watching at 1:30 -1:45 FF'ding through commercials - I could turn a 12 hour death march into something less than 3 hours. So much more palatable - win or lose. This all said - to you super fans that can pull off the 12+ hours and really enjoy it. I am so very happy for you all. Have fun and do you. Go Skins.