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  1. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    NFL could've decided to help address what the players were protesting about, but instead caved to conservatives who were turning away because it seemed like the NFL was complicit in so many players taking a knee. @LadySkinsFan is right, all this is going to do is create rifts in the teams and players. Don't be shocked if players come out and kneel anyway, especially if its the club getting fined and not the player. I thought we took pride in our right to protest, this shows anything but that. Their cause is being completely ignored, this will not stop them. They should've just told all the players to stay in the locker room, not just the ones who are sick of this ****.
  2. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    In regards to Melo, are we really going to let him in just because of his points? I guess.. I just don't think he really cares about winning a championship, what does he really bring to the table besides scoring, and that's when he's not cold?
  3. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    He's not hungry enough, I'd be disappointed if he made it to the HOF.
  4. Random Thought Thread

    My parents want me to stay with them if I officially get the job in DC. They just asked for $700 from me and my little sister separately without telling either of us they were asking both of us. I can sense where this is going, I don't want to move in with them now. Am I overthinking this? I was thinking 3 months tops, but it will be longer if I'm bailing them out while I'm up there.
  5. I'm now up to three meds and its eating past my HSA every month now. If trying to figure this out wasn't so expensive (spent most of my 20s without health insurance), I might of stopped trying to figure it out on my own much earlier (it was part denial, part unrealistic anyway). I had to drop all therapy and focus on psychiatrist and meds, I can't afford their recommendations. It's BS. When you have kids with mental health issues, you basically have a window to figure out what you're dealing from doctors that in many cases are reluctant to make official diagnosis due to so many changes in the kid's body and environment growing up (which results in a ****tail of drugs at one of the most sensitive development stages in anyone's life). At a certain age, you need the kid's approval for certain things, then once they're an adult, they can take or not take help from you at all. You aren't just trying to save their life, your staring at an hourglass the entire time while doing it. And that's if you even know what you're dealing with or the resources to even make a difference. My parents were in denial because of trying to compare me to my mom and almost lost me because of it, there's nothing about this that's fool-proof. I plan on still having kids despite the possibility of me passing this on to them because quite frankly, there's nothing fool-proof about raising a teenager anyway. Do what you can, hope for the best.
  6. I hate when politicians dive head first into that excuse while cutting funding for it. They aren't trying to help anyone that's not giving them money for their campaign, you can easily tell which ones I'm talking about at this point.
  7. It's tough because @skinsmarydu told me why there isn't an all encompasing mass murdrer thread (for people in the area looking to see what's going on, especially concerning loved ones). This thread will eventually take its course once we have all the information we need to discuss what to do about it in the Gun Control thread. We aren't there yet, I want to know about his mental health, especially anything concerning CTE. And like @Lombardi's_kid_brother mentioned, this is extremely close to home for him, so I'm keeping that in perspective.
  8. Random Thought Thread

    That's a shame: I haven't found a song by him alone that I really dig as much as his collaborations, I'll give you that, but I'll look some more first before writing him off.
  9. Random Thought Thread

  10. Crowder vs. Richardson

    This thread is too early. In theory, Richardson, but its tough for me to compare the two because Crowder's rookie season was so much better then his sophomore. Richardson has higher ceiling, but I'm waiting for August to see where they are both at now.
  11. No franchise is perfect, but when they're winning, a lot gets forgiven. People will start grumbling instead if we at least start making the playoffs consistently, I'm not buying a majority of the fanbase still hating Snyder if he wins a championship.
  12. Fair question : ) I try to keep it in perspective and try to enjoy the games best I can. I can get pretty fired up about this team, but end of the day its supposed to be a distraction. I may want to get some things off my chest, but I'm not going to let them make me miserable in May. I can't, for multiple reasons.
  13. You need to accept the fact he's not going to sell the team and not at and not standing pat with us being an embarrassment with these moves. Otherwise your going to stay miserable on this topic, he's not going anywhere.
  14. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I can : ) I do incident response, so i have to get over my initial reaction to anything quick as I can. I'd never trust Ernie to replace either Wall or Beal with someone as good or better, to me, its a non-starter, no matter how desperate we are. Where I'm at? Draft a center and see what happens, we don't have the cap space for much else anyway. Every idea I see thrown out is contingent on us doing other smart stuff, like if Ernie could just X,Y,Z, dude, Ernie gets lost after the first couple letters of the alphabet. "A, B... D... 5". As a fan, I'm only going to show up with a sign to fire Ernie if we're losing. He's Vinny if NFL allowed more teams to make the playoffs every year, 1 step forward, 3 steps back right into a bear trap. Edit: best case scenario is Ted has a taste of conference championship and eventually gets tired of Ernie not getting there, same way he fired the last Caps GM. Hopefully that happens while Wall and Beal window is still open.
  15. Probably the only good thing about that is seeing some companies say "nah, we're good, thanks anyway".
  16. This last draft was like DJ Khalid telling some chick who don't speak English "you're smart" good. If he was still meddeling, he deserves credit for it. If he didn't and just let the football people do their job, it means he got the right football people and he deserves credit for that, too. You can't have your cake and eat it to on this one, if he pushes Allen out (which is what its starting to look like), it means he saw that USA Today article and between that and the cheerleader thing, he wants to improve the image of the franchise over protecting his yes men. Hate him or not, he's going in the right direction.
  17. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Oh, no. I typically make 4 pieces of bacon when I make a breakfast meal, but I have 6 pieces left. How ever am I going to solve this problem?
  18. Random Thought Thread

    I must have this shirt for my last day for them to remember me by:
  19. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    You keep raising your hand when people ask if Ernie should be put in a wood chipper headfirst Fargo style, yet you are fine with him trading Wall and trusting him with the picks he gets from it? Make up your mind, dawg, lolz Again, why do ya'll trust Ernie with replacing any bit of our core with something better? Keep Wall and Beal, that's the only thing we've for sure gotten right and primary reason we win playoff series anyway (them going Supernova).
  20. Just curious about the number of people here that have ever tried it versus the people that kept doing it. I can say I did try it, liked it, and kept doing it, just worked for me in a lot of different ways. I've seen a couple of ya'll mention having panic attacks when you tried it and were done, that I totally get if that happens to you. It's a private poll, so no one is going to know you answer unless you talk about it. I remember my cherry getting popped on the ganja: My little sister had some at home when we were in highschool (found out my parents both toked out the peace pipe in middle school, but didn't try it myself till 17), and I asked her "what's that?" to see if she'd confess or hide it from me. Asked me if I wanted to try it, and we could not be in the same room together without geeking up. Like I would go to my room, come back and he..he he he... ha ha ha. And if you don't smoke and never want to, that's cool, too. Really, it is.
  21. Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    If ya'll thought I wasn't smoking while posting in the Religion thread, you'd be wrong : ) Anyone know what level clearance hair samples are expected? The very next business day after making my resume public on Indeed and Dice (which is when I officially stopped smoking) I got call and two weeks later an offer letter. Obviously that's not enough time to let body naturally push all that THC out, so did research and found something to help mask it (grabbing test kits from Walmart to confirm I could pass): If you are damn near last minute screwed, this has my endorsement, but use a test kit to make sure before you walk in thinking you straight (I have so little shame in my game I took a test kit with me to Union Station, went in a bathroom with a test kit, confirmed I passed, then walked across the street to get fingerprinted). It's meant to be a "cherry on top" and masking agent, so once you pass a piss test, hold it until official one if you can, because if you piss it all out, you're screwed (about 5 hour window, so kill the water at some point so you don't piss it all out). My understanding in the clearance process is anything within 7 years is fair game (10 if Top Secret Clearance), but if they are talking hair, I mean, I'm f'd right? All I have to do is pass the background check and I should get my public trust andnew job says there aren't regular screening (I'm going to wait for someone to snitch on themselves to me in a breakroom before I test that). I want to prove I can get a Master's and CISSP to prove the whole "weed rots your brain" crap is exactly that, crap, but this clearance process sounds like a cap on my career if I keep smoking (which I'm willing to give up weed for if that's the choice between 100K a year or not). It's so retarded, if I know what I'm doing in my profession, I know what I'm doing, leave me the F alone.
  22. Different take: it's showing them how to do it and practice it. The cynic in me believes military''s involvement in these games (like COD) is calculated. I'm torn because one hand you can see recruitment commercials make war look cool, like we always win anyway (most people's view of war in this country starts with idea that more likely to win then get our ass kicked). We're still taught in grade school that Vietnam was a tie. On other hand military is training an entire generation how to not be starting from scratch is case there's another draft. This I support, similar reason I won't get behind repealing 2nd ammendment. World is grey like that.
  23. I've meet a lot of good people that did bad things and it followed them the rest of their life. A lot of us have rough patches and don't get caught at that age, I wouldn't be where I am today if I got caught doing everything I did. I agree that I'm lucky that my parents gave me the neccesary values (like independence) that when I did snap out of it I could keep it moving with my life and grow the F up. If this kid was on that level with this girl, it wasn't a rough patch, he was most likely going to get worse. Even at our worst, many of us have lines, this kid had none. I don't know if I'm buying the parents had no idea he was even close to this level, that they got completely blind sided. I agree that this may be a case where I'm not only fine with putting this kids face and business out for everyone to see (he's no victim to me), but his parents called out for this "he was bullied crap". That is not a little dude, who the hell was bullying him? That chick that didn't want to be in a relationship with him? Just because what you see is a good kid doesn't make them a good kid. "He was nice to me" is something you say about a racist.
  24. Random Thought Thread

    "Why did you change the command in that step on the upgrade doc?" "It wasn't doing what I needed it to do." "That's because it's not meant to, what your'e talking about is separate and literally the next f'n step. The way in the doc is what the vendor recommended, and for a reason."