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  1. Tax Bill

    If they are serious about campaign finance reform as Bernie was, Dems votes will look more familiar. Sometimes I wonder if politicians worry their message won't win people over if they had to fully explain it instead of focusing on attack ads. So they hope to outspend people instead of proving they're the better candidate, but i don't think many of them want this as much as we may think. Most of them are jus flat out trapped, no other way to put it. If they don't take the money, someone else will. As for this stupid ass tax bill, was talking to someone who listed off a bunch of agencies they wanted to get rid of and I told them taxes is so low we'd still be running a deficit. Radio silence.
  2. No, that's not what I'm talking about. I'm already there, if there are ingredients that they believe can scientificly trigger mania in bipolar people(heaven forbid for type 2 just a's much as type 1), that's a big deal for me. Not even being specific about other factors or what nitrates they are talking about is introducing a problem to a question.
  3. Uplifting Stories Thread

    So is this a Good News thread? Praise Allah, thank you, @China
  4. See, I think I remember you saying you used to be a P.E. teacher, so it would make my day to find out you was dunking on those kids to teach them about life. Posterizing children before they hit puberty, you're a monster.
  5. I read the article, no mention of physical fitness of any of them or if they were type 1 or type 2 bipolar. Are we talking about the same nitrates that get absorbed into vegetables from the soil they are in? I know this is meant to be funny, but this is the perfect example of an article with not enough information but to get attention. That article actually doesnt help me at all and can't find a scientific paper on it (would appreciate help if anyone can find it, I want to read it)
  6. I hope I never see a screenshot of those No votes again. Can we at least pretend to have fun in this thread for a change? Who in here can dunk? I'm 6'2, so I think if I keep working out, get from 230s down to 210s, I might be able to pull it off. I don't know what my wingspan is, I'm not a bird, but my reach works, so it's good enough.
  7. ***2018-19 NBA Offseason Thread***

    I don't know if they are going to let him stay if it's true Kawhi is already saying he won't re-sign there. That's Erine "Nine Lives" territory.
  8. ***2018-19 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Idk, man, think it was a 30 for 30 on Ricky, he doesn't sound nearly as bad towards the team and franchise as Kawhi, he jus would not stop smoking weed and kept getting caught. Really nice dude, I'd argue in context he didn't give up on the dolphins, NFL gave up on him with their stupid zero tolerance policy. I'm suprised we don't hear much at all about NFL players having opioid addictions (or maybe that's the next scandal for them). On Raptors, if they were able to keep DeRozan, I'd of liked this move, this was a dumb, desperate move to not be the team that chocked last year. Say Leonard ain't healthy, they'really officially out the way in a wide open conference.
  9. Random Thought Thread

    Ye aint neva tell no lie, lolz
  10. Random Thought Thread

    I know that's right. Lots of "don't know they hot"s, Brickhouse white women, and the eternal MILFs with no ring on they finger. Still not gonna be that guy that hallas at every chick that has ear buds in, but damn, I'd rather see happens then something like Tinder. But my future wife more likely rides VRE, the "got my **** together" ratio I picked up on quickly. Back in a new world, had 4 underage Latina chicks halla at me passing through yesterday, so I know I need to watch myself with all these "opportunities". Everything that glitter aint gold.
  11. Random Thought Thread

    Grapefruit interferes with a lot of different medications, so watch out for that (dad can't touch it anymore)
  12. Race relations obviously matter to you, respect that, but you need to improve your efficency and pick your battles better.
  13. Random Thought Thread

    Metro is like land of milk and honey in regards to fine ass women period let alone professional compared to VRE, but I'm getting tired of playing Human Tetris with people allergic to deodorant. Decisions decisions.
  14. I'll jus play as hard as yall let me to make up for fact I can move around most of you but still might brick a driving layup off the back of the backboard.
  15. Does it have to be a race thing, can't this guy jus be a straight beyoch? Never, there's bammas everywhere, VA is no exception.
  16. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Fa sho : )
  17. Random Thought Thread

    Went to see one movie then when it was over walked into another one. Haven't done nothing like that in a decade at least, walked into a theater like we already bought a ticket with a chick at the one in springfield mall back in the day. It's not the same when your almost 30, could easily paid for it if I wanted to.
  18. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Shaq was wearing a redskins shirt with the logo during all star celeb game last night, nobody talked about it. I like that.
  19. Trump Monday: "Go Cowboys" Trump Tuesday: "I meant to say, Hail to the Redskins"
  20. 2018 MLB Thread

    Love has nothing to do with it, it's production and Boras. He won't get $300 million from anyone batting 200, price will come down
  21. 2018 MLB Thread

    I hope that helps him get his swag back. Dude is batting 200 right now, at minimum a confidence booster. That was straight machine mode.
  22. 2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    Sweet Baby Jesus, was that 9 home runs in a row?
  23. Same here, part of the new normal.
  24. Everyone is lying except Putin, who is like, a professional liar. What is the line Trump can't cross at this point? I'm glad you said something, because Goddammit, all these mfrs stepping aside look like they are clutching their pearls more then following their conciense.