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Extreme Anniversary: Pass the Bubbly!


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Originally posted by Die Hard

Is it just me... or does it seem like we've been at it for much longer? :) Ya know.... it's been 2 years and the site still isn't complete. Yikes. I'm pretty certain we'll have it all done this time next year.

Ehhh, time goes by much slower when somebody's making you wear a dress, dude....:laugh:

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I now officially come here all late and crap, but nevertheless,

PASS ME A DRINK!! :pint: Ahhhhhhh.

Think I'll have one more :pint: (belch)

Ok just one more :pint: (hiccup)

@(^$(& jussst , ah ha, ha :alcoholic

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! I will edit a few more times and thanks to DIE HARD - BLADE - ART - BUDDHA!!!!!

"This is it"!!!!!! Make no mistake where you are!!!!!!!

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Im a seldom poster but a massive lurker and I gotta say this board is impressive both in format and posters. A GREAT site for the Skins fanatic. The posters on this board always make for great entertaining reading. Very thankful that this site exsists and those who run this site have much to be proud of!

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2 years eh?

Happy Anniversary! :cheers:

2 years....

That means we've survived some of some of Clinton, some of Bush, terrorist attacks, shark attacks, a few tornados, 4 Dallas losses, 2 Skins coaches, 2 8-8 seasons, etc. and we're better than ever!

Keep up the good work :thumbsup:

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Congrats to Art, Die Hard, Blade & Buddha and that kid (forgot his name....Tim?). This truly is the finest Redskin board on the net, as far as I'm concerned. You guys have created something outstanding at every level on this board. Thank you gentlemen.....,a toast and wish :cheers: ; that this board carries on in the finest tradition and excellence as the team we love. HAIL!!!! :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy

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