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Why Marco, and not Bruce.


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The Skins reports are saying that between Marco and Bruce, that Marco is more likely to be cut, if neither one takes a pay cut. What is the logic there ? I can't think of a single reason why we would rather ditch Marco than Bruce. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Bruce have : the higher salary cap hit, the much higher age, the probable limitation of playing part-time, and the questionable leadership, compared to Coleman.

Can't we cut Smith, Greer, and Albright, and STILL make financial room for Sam Adams if he agrees, AND still have a very decent D-line in Coleman- Wilkinson-Adams-Wynn ? If I'm the Skins, and I had to choose, I would cut Smith instead of Coleman. What am I missing here ?

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IMO it's not that they want to ditch Coleman, but he puts us in the likeliest position to take the biggest hit. Bruce Smith and Stephen Davis also need to come forward and will be confronted to do so, very soon. Donovan Greer and someone else are gone, come June 1, to lower the cap room even further.

There's also a chance that maybe the Skins will accept that poultry allowed move that Coleman can do, to remain with the team, but not agreeing to a lower amount than he'd accept. This is only speculation though, since the 3.5 takes the heat off of the Skins cap immediately for 2003.

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In short, my guess is, without being the resident cap guru, is that we gain more immediate cap relief by cutting Coleman.

As for on the field reasons, Smith is probably the better pass rusher if used correctly, though Coleman plays the run better.

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I agree Mick and was thinking the same thing while reading the latest Post articles. I'd take Marco over Bruce for on the field and in the locker room reasons. He was a stud last year helping to hold that team together after a tough Training Camp (close mutiny) and the 0-5 start. Marco had a VERY solid year the season before last, and still played hard last year while playing with a dislocated elbow. I've never done that, but MAN, it sounds painful.

I'm a Marco fan and hope we can work something out but it doesn't sound good. I'd be real happy with an additional $3.5 million under the cap but I'd be happier with a D-Line of Marco, Dig Daddy, Adams and Wynn.

Fishie like:D

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I had wondered the same thing but just figured either it was cap related. To me Marco's up side is greater than Bruces. However, releasing Coleman will just about cover the rookie signings AND if the rumors of his refusal to re-work his deal are true, he may have forced their hand.

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Guest Trevor

As far as the cap goes, it's better to cut Coleman this year and have Smith retire or be cut next.

I like Marco, but with the lack of pass rushers we have on this team, I think cutting Coleman keeping Smith is the right move.

I know Bruce can't quite bring it like he used to, but without him, besides our linebackers there will be no threat of a pass rush.

Also, I could see us picking up a cheap end after June 1st and still go with the plan on having Smith be a part time player. I think that set up, along with nabbing another tackle is best for this team.

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I hate to say it but even with Bruce we don't have much of a pass rush. I hope they plan to spell him this year, but last year he was single teamed all the time -- the doubles went to Big Daddy, and QBs had all day to throw. Thank god for our CBs.

If and when Bruce is doubled, he's out of the play, period, no disrespect to him or anything. He is 39.

I think Marvin will have to use the LBs for pressure -- there aren't many other options for him.

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from what I understand, the team only saves $380K if it cuts Smith this season but saves $3.5 million by cutting Marco Coleman. That is a whale of a difference!

the other factor is, like it or not, Smith is still our ony bona fide pass rusher from the outside. Coleman doesn't provide much of a push on the other side historically (2000 notwithstanding).

It makes more sense to start Wynn in Coleman's spot and then get a run down player to play with Smith on a rotation on the other side. :)

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Salary cap numbers, in millions.

(Data from WWSkins . My calculations.)


If he keeps playing. 4.04 5.54 6.54 7.54

If cut now............... 4.16

If cut June 2............ 1.04 3.12

If cut Jan '03........... 4.04 3.12

If cut June '03......... 4.04 1.04 2.08

Bruce Smith:

If he keeps playing. 4.35 5.85 6.85

If cut now............... 2.55

June '02.................. 0.85 1.70

Jan '03................... 4.35 1.70

June '03................. 4.35 0.85 0.85

Based on these numbers, Bruce looks more attractive to me as a cap casualty. (Based on these numbers, cutting him now might be a good idea).

But, I don't know if the numbers I've gotten are correct. I've heard that one of our players (I think Bruce) has re-negotiated so many times that none of the fans can figure out how much dead money he's really carrying.

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