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More hilarity...Ray Lewis wants $30 million bucks...


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Wow, a $30 million signing bonus? He can't be serious.

He'll probably settle for "only" $20 million, which is still insane, but then, giving Jake Plummer $15 million is even more insane. It's all relative.

Meanwhile, what do cops and firefighters make?

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If we're gonna mention low paid, selfless servants of the public good order, don't forget Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coastguardsmen.

It's not the writer that provides freedom of speech,

It's not the priest that provides freedom of religion,

It's not the businessman that provides freedom of trade,

It's the military! :cool:

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That's a ton of money. The team offer of around $12 million is pretty fair. This would be OUTRAGEOUS. If it happens the media can never again say Snyder is the one who is throwing the cap out of whack again. Unless it's Snyder who does it :).

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On the subject of athletes pay:

A lot of people, during the last NFL strike, were complaining about how much athletes made. The player most often pointed at was John Elway, then the highest paid player in the NFL at $4M. Many people wanted to know why some guy gets $250K/game, when all he's done is lose four Super Bowls.

My response was: I don't know who owns the Broncos, but it's a safe bet that a) He's a millionaire, and B) He didn't get to be a millionaire by wasting his money. I then point out that, regarding Elway's salary: a) The owner thinks he's worth that much, and B) He's willing to put his money on the table to prove it.

(Now, I'm going to hide, before anybody points out that I said the same thing when Danny hired Deion).

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