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Dan T.

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Patrick Ramsey has been accused of holding the ball too long and forcing throws. A prime example was the final (?) INT in New York Sunday, when he forced a deep throw despite blanket coverage and two guys in his face.

Ramsey's earned a reputation for being tough by holding the ball in the face of pressure in order to make a play. But as Joe Gibbs said this week, he needs to learn that if nothing's there he should either throw the ball away or take off and run.

SOOOO, I propose the first time Ramsey throws a ball into the 5th row when he recognizes nothing's there, the Fed Ex crowd give a ROUSING cheer. This will show Patrick we appreciate his smarts as well as his courage, and it will show the Nation that 'Skins fans GET IT.

Whadda say?

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Originally posted by Opiate-Zeo


Henry, I thought the same thing. I was like...what do they do different then any other fans. Just because they called out hugh's name for making a tackle.

In almost every NFL game you here "these guys are the best fans in football" (There's like a group of 25 teams they say this about) that's why I just turn the radio on. The TV announcers always try to create drama or talk about useless situations.

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