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What teams will shock the media and pundits this season?


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Every year we see a team rise from the ashes and in one year go from a pretender to a contender. We also see a team go from a can't miss playoff team the year before to a late night Leno joke.

Well I want to know who is your cinderella pick and who is your meteor pick that will crash and burn?

I think the Lions and the Jets have a good shot at shocking the world and winning there divisions or making the playoffs or at the very least win 9 games and just miss the playoffs.

I also believe that the Cowboys and the Patriots will crash and burn and really disappoint everyone.

I had to think long and hard about the Pat's. Not to long ago I thought they would repeat and would be a lock to win the AFC. Now I just have alot of doubts about them. The enforcement of the old rule regarding the db's and the contact after 5 yards was/is going to be implemented mainly due to there style of play. The Officials will be watching that team all year long. I also believe every team in the league has been studying them and will be ready for them. This league has become a league of imitators as we all know. To be an imitator you must study the team you wish to emulate. There recent success will be there undoing. Belichek has a huge target across his chest and everyone is gunning for him. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Jets win that division.

Now I have thrown my darts and have stated where they landed. I would enjoy reading where everyone else's darts landed.


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Not really a Cinderella pick, but I expect Cincinatti to impress.

As far as stinking up the joint, take your pick:

Indianapolis, KC, or NE. One of these teams will be a major disappointment, but I'm not sure which.

Maybe I should consider writing for the Washington Post since I can't seem to give you a solid answer :laugh:

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You made a good point about how the rule change will effect the rule change, but I still don't think that will be enough to unseat them as AFC East champs. As far as the surprise teams, I like the Jets and the Saints. In my opinion, Chad Pennington has the potential to be the best quarterback in the leauge and the addition of McCarein's can only help. I think this is the year the Saints finally play up to their potential and reach the postseason, even though I've been saying this for the past three years. A lot of people have given up on the Saints and for good reason, but I think a lot of the pressure is off and for that reason, I think they will win the NFC South this year.

I think this year's biggest flops will be the Rams, Falcons (if they count as a flop), Cowboys, and Vikings. The Rams' offensive line, even with Pace, is still not anywhere near decent and I just think their window of opportunity has come and gone. The Falcons have probably had the worst preseason out of anyone. Even though they only won 5 games last year, a lot of people think just because Michael Vick walks out onto the field, they are instantly playoff contenders. I believe Vick is going to struggle, especially in his first year, in the west coast offense. The thing that really stuck out at me was how well Matt Schaub ran the offense, yet Michael Vick couldn't. In my opinion, Vick is a well-below average pocket passer and that is definitely not the right thing to have at quarterback in the west coast system. Under Reeves, Vick was told to look at one receiver, and if he wasn't open to go out of the pocket and make something happen. If Jim Mora does not allow Vick to make plays with his feet, I don't think the Falcons will improve on their 5-11 season. As for the Cowboys, without the four gimmes they received from the Redskins and Giants last year, I think it is going to be real tough to improve on their 10-6 record last year. Even if they do improve as a football team, their record won't. I don't even think George is an upgrade over Hambrick, even though I do think Vinny is an upgrade of Carter. If Vinny can stay healthy, I think this team has a chance at a return to the playoffs, but if not, they may struggle to win 8 games. A lot of times in the NFL, after a monumental collapse or heartbreaking loss, teams often can't recover. For example, the Raiders couldn't recover after coming so close to winning the Superbowl two years ago. The Giants also couldn't recover after blowing their 17-point lead against the 49ers. Also, the Steelers couldn't recover last season after their 2003 season ended on a controversial field goal. The same may be this year for the Vikings. It's not much more heartbreaking than to start 6-0 and miss the playoffs on a last second play against the lowly Cardinals (we know all about good starts and horrendous finishes - 1996 :mad: ). A lot of people think that the Vikings will win the NFC this year, but I think they will finish 6-10.

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Originally posted by Henry

What about Arizona? Denny Green has been known to get 9 wins out of some chewing gum and popsicle sticks before. 9 wins from the Cards would definately be a shocker.

If he gets them to win 9 games you my friend are the new ms. cleo.............;)

And Denny Green should be coach of the year.

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Lemme think...ummm...yeah, what's the name of that team? uhh...the Warriors? the Indians? Hmmm...oh yeah! THE REDSKINS!

Other than the 'Skins, I think the Vikings are flying under the radar, but they have a very good team. They have a solid chance of making it deep into the playoffs.

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