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so much for betts not making the cut


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I will admit to being a little surprised that Betts, Rock AND Morton all made the final squad. I thought one of them would be gone, not because of talent but because it just seems to be an odd combination. I was never a big fan of Simon and thought Sultan would make the final 53 but since he's on the practice squad, I'm pretty pleased with the final result.

For anyone who is surprised Rock made it, all I can say is that he is a Joe Gibbs-type player and fits the mold and tradition of a true Redskin.

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Can’t disagree with you there Oldskool – but if Betts can stay healthy for most or all of a season, I would say that Jacobs is more of a bubble player than Betts. I have seen his talent, but haven’t seen much at all out of Jacobs – pre or regular season.

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