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Fellow 'Skins Fans: As many you know, I returned from Iraq in January '04 after spending 9 months there with the 4th Infantry Division.

In the past, several of you have asked for me to post additional photos. Enclosed is the link to a photo gallery which I've piecemealed from some of the pictures I took (as well as from friends) while over there.

Just as a note, this was originally presented as a slideshow to my hometown when I initially returned from Iraq. Therefore, I've attempted to explain the pictures as much as time allows -- but given there is 247 pics, I've just not been able to do as thorough a job as I'd haved liked. I will continue to update it as time permits.

Also, just to give a basic timeline: I deployed to Kuwait as the XO for the HQ of 4ID on 6 Apr 03. We actually headed up to Tikrit from Kuwait on 17 Apr (behind the initial invasion). Got to Tikrit on 22 April 03. Stayed there as the XO for HQ 4ID until August (one year mark in the job). Then moved up to Irbil, in N. Iraq to work as the Liaison Officer between 4ID and the Coalition Provisional Authority. Stayed there until the end of December 03, at which time I redeployed to the US.

Enjoy! :cheers:


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The most important picture of all.....normal_029-GymLeaving.jpg

Glad you returned safe. I know many who didn't. Take a good look at that picture. Because ultimately, thats what these guys risk and dream about every day of their lives.

Thanks for sharing. Not bad for a doggie :cheers:

PS - lovely family brother!

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