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New Weird AL Song! Worth the listen!


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Originally posted by Glenn X

Every so often Weird Al comes up with something truly inspired. This was one of those times. :)

I thought the one he wrote about Star Wars was pure genius.

It was called "The Saga Begins" or something like that, to the tune of "American Pie".


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heh, that song isnt relaly 'new', my friend let me borrow the cd which i ripped it off of last november or december, not sure when the cd came out. Nevertheless still a quality song.

Hes done other parodies of boy bands "Which Backstreet Boy is Gay"(to the same tune as the ebay one), im sure there are others.

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Originally posted by Tom [Giants fan]


I have to tell ya, that sig pic freaks me out every time I see it. Now, I'm sure he isn't harming that poor little kitty but I still just want to ring his neck every time I see it and see how he likes it.

That is a pretty good photochop isn't it?

Nice song, Wierd Al always has a couple that just rock.

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I'll tell you, I dont like everything Weird Al does, but most of it is great.

Where he really shines is doing Polkas... these "polkas" are absolutely brilliant... check some out. The best ones are "The Angry White Boy Polka", "Hot Rocks Polka" and "Bohemian Polka".

Hit ITunes and pick some up!

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