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Should Skins make a trade?


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With Wilfork, Udeze, and Troupe falling, in your opinion, should the Skins consider trading for one of these players? I am especially intrigued with one of those DL's, they were at times discussed as top 10 player. I hate not having many picks but to leave this draft with both Taylor and Udeze would be amazing.

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I dont know what we have to offer for a pick right now but I hope, beg the Redskins front office, to take note of how this is so playing into our hands. The DL's are falling and would love for us to pick up a DE, whether it be Babin, Udeze, Wilfork.

What would we have to offer to move up to a pick in the mid 20's? Would Gardner and second rounder next year make it?

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Skins like

Will Smith




Most likely in that order

Trade a current roster player and remaining picks for a player who can start NOW, or a roster player, 1 pick this year and 1 next year., only if it's Udeze, Wilfork or Smith, do you maybe add another pick next year, very late rounder 6th or 7th.

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Originally posted by Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

See those highlights? looked a lot quicker on his highlight reel than Will Smith and had more impressive plays.

Sorry, I still think when people look back at this draft, Udeze will be a standout.

It would have been nice to have him.

he'll have more sacks this year as a rookie than both of our DE's will have combined..

Believe it.

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If Wilfork falls to 28 or wherever the niners traded down to, that might be the best place to broker a trade. I'd hate to throw in next years 2nd rounder plus RG, but that's probably what it would take....

Troupe probably won't last past the Rams...

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