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If you could add 1 old redskins player to our current roster,who would it be?


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Now I'm not just talking about your favorite Redskin,although it may very well be that....

But this is the one player that you would add to this current roster that would immediately turn things around!

Now this is obviously wishful thinking...But it does not matter what era he came out of...

(If you think Turk Edwards would be the perfect fit then so be it)

So here is mine....

I think we lack a killer presence on the defensive side of the ball....

Lets see...................................................

Even though our D-line Sucks I am real temted to go with Mann,Manley or Butz....But I won't!

I truly believe that the presence of KEN HOUSTON would turn this defense into a machine....

Not only was he a great hitter and tackler,but had the ability to make plays on the defensive side of the ball...Big time playmaker...

"give me 1 Ken houston and I'll give you 2 Champ Baileys and All my draft picks"!!!

Some say he was the best safety ever.....

Yes....even better than Lott!!(at least I think he was)

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Well going for need, I would have to say Dave Butz. Not only did he make Dexter and Mann what they were, (being he was always double teamed, and oft times triple teamed) but he played for a long time.

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Darrell Green. He was a great team leader on and off the field, and better then Champ will ever be. With Champ most likely leaving, Green and Smoot would be one of the top combos out there in the league. Both guys shut down one side of the field, but Darrell seemed to come up big when we needed it the most.

If Darrell was still with the team, even as a coach, Champ wouldn't be such a dick now. Darrell has a much stronger mind then Champ.Staying with a team for 20 years through some very good, and very bad times shows just that. Champ seems to need to be paid more then any other to deal with loseing. He put on a good act while Darrell was with us, and has now shown his true colors.

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It just occurred to me looking at everybody's choices. If you took the traits all of these players had in common, and could instill it in the players we have right now, we would be in the thick of the playoffs, contending for the title.

The traits?

Team first Attitude.........Now it's me first through out the league.

Great Work Ethic...........Problem everywhere. Not just pro sports.

Pride..........................Big money today seems to have trumped it.

Respect for the game.....Players spend to much time showboating. As if they invented the TD/INT/SACK.

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Dave Butz! First man that came to my mind. I was surprised that so many of you remember him and had the same thought. What Dave did for this franchise is why I'm so high on Vince Wilfork. I think Vince could bring us some of the same abilities (but I'm not ready to declare Vince another Dave Butz by a long shot). Dave is one of the least-mentioned great Redskins players. I don't think he has ever gotten the recognition he deserves.

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Originally posted by skinsfan44

We do need help on the D-line, but I would have to go with, none other then..............

John Riggins.

We need a "grind it out" RB on this team.

Right on the money skinsfan. Fire up that diesel.

I think that when a new coach comes in here, the two issues that will need to be addressed immediately will be RB and DLine. Most, if not all of those guys will be gone.

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