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NFL Game of the Week: 1972 NFCCG


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Yeah, this is great stuff. I would still love to see the original broadcast of this game. It's absolutely amazing that it's not out there. It's my Holy Grail of old Redskins games. So many older games exist ... it's stunning that a game of this magnitude apparently does not. It has to be out there somewhere. Hopefully one day. 

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Notes while watching:
-I knew the Redskins defense was solid as a rock in that game but I did not know they didn't allow a first down for nearly the entire first half!

-Charlie Taylor smoked Charlie Waters during the first half

-That championship must have meant a lot to folks in the city at the time, especially since they'd lost the Senators the year before

-Along those lines - it's gonna be weird to think RFK isn't going to have a tenant after D.C. United gets their new stadium. May not be too much longer for this world

-That bomb to Taylor early in the 4th quarter is an underrated moment in Redskins history

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I asked Bruce Allen if his family had the game films for this game. He did not answer yes or no, but talked about what a great day it was.

I have read in a lot of places that George Allen used to watch old game films.  I am sure that this would have been one of his favorites.

Also, if NFL films shot the GOTTW, then they should have footage for the whole game.  Remember how they pieced together footage to recreate SuperBowl I?

I bet NFL films could do that for this game.  I bet that they have their top men working on it...not sure who, just top men.






A few years ago, I bought the GOTW DVD from NFL films.  It was around $60.


I think this was Mike Ditka's final NFL game as a player.

Check out Hanburger going for the hang man at 8:58 (just missed)


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The other Allen related video I am trying to find is the 1979 Celebrity Football Classic.

Charo was playing DB  for one of the teams and I remember watching thinking, why don't you throw on Charo?

I read later that Allen had "coached her up" on playing man-to-man (or is that now person to person?) defense.





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