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Makes sense. I havent had a home game yet, and i believe ive only got 200k. Thanks guys.


Yeah I don't really care for the way you lose money when you have away games. I guess they had to make it a little more challenging. 


BTW who are we waiting on? I want to advance tonight lol 


Guess I'll play that new Outlast horror game if we can't advance until Thursday

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I checked earlier today and we are in week 3 already.  I got my week 3 game done.  Devastating loss to the Jets, Phillip Rivers threw 9 interceptions that game.


Awesome, thanks 281...will let everybody know. Sorry to hear about the loss.

Advanced to Regular Season Week 3




10:00 PM EST



Everyone got their game in early which is great!


Not quite a 100% compliance on alerting everybody....hoping we get there soon.

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I checked earlier today and we are in week 3 already.  I got my week 3 game done.  Devastating loss to the Jets, Phillip Rivers threw 9 interceptions that game.

That's like me haha. The jets have 18 interceptions in 2 games against us.

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Ready to Advance. As I said pass defense is brutal. They cover so much dang ground.

Denver faced it's first division opponent of the season squaring off against Aaron Rodgers and the Oakland Raiders.

Despite bringing the wrong play book out onto the field, Denver still got off to its predictable fast start, leading 28-0 at the end of the first quarter. Oakland rallied with a TD in the 2nd and in a surprise to the 65,000+ in attendance was able to keep Denver from scoring, going into the half 28-7.

Never one to sit on a lead, even with a reckless showboat, hot dog QB, John Fox continued to push the ball downfield in the 2nd half only to continually be left scratching his head at the amazing coverage speed of the Raiders secondary.

Oakland stumbled and bumbled through the 3rd quarter showing signs of life and cheap catchup game mechanisms, with a little fate and circumstance thrown in, found themselves trailing only 28-21 with 3:14 to go in the game. Facing a 3rd and long with the fear of punting back to a fired up Oakland, Kaepernick cooly hit rookie Kenjon Barner on a screen pass that the blazing rookie took 50 yards for a TD.

In the blink of an eye Denver had scored two more times thanks to stout defense and their explosive offense and with 2:42 remaining had pushed it's lead to a comfortable 49-21. Denver would score one more time before the game was over to finish off division rival Oakland 56-21.

Kaepernick continued to struggle protecting the football. At least some of his confusion was due to operating a new play book that he had never seen before until he stepped into the field for the first snap. He finished with 447 yards 5TDs and an an absolutely disgraceful 8Ints.

Kaepernick was not available at his locker post game but reporters claim to have seen the star QB in the shower, sitting on the floor with the water running, sucking his thumb while staring blankly into the abyss.

The results are still impressive as Denver continues to pour points on the board, averaging 46 pts a game and holding their opponents to 11.

The Eagles are next in their way.

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Browns 52 Vikings 27


Browns improve to 2-1.


Coach Chud running an offense more conservative than most high school JV teams.


AP tows it 32 times for 230 yards including a magnificent 64 yard td run in the first quarter....hit the hole juked a corner to the outside, stiff armed a safety and turned on the jets...best run I've pulled off so far by a country mile.


Kirk goes for 218, 4 TDs and 2 picks.


Score betrays the game...a one score game until the 4th....up 28-20 Coach Chud feels lucky and calls a 3rd down slant for Lance Moore that Kirk overthrows by 20 yards and to a Viking....Minnesota had the chance to tie it but Bradford gets sacked on first down and they go four and out...Browns lose their minds and proceed to score 24 junk time points.


Not sure what this team is yet but I'll take the wins until I do.

Ready to Advance.


Heads up, the game doesn't show you as "ready."

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By far the Seahawks worst showing, even though the score belies the effort.  The Seahawks win a cardiac game ,31-19.


Jake Locker tosses up 7, yes SEVEN, interceptions and the Hawks lose a fumble.  The offense was going nowhere fast until the 4th QTR comeback stole the victory.


"We had no business winning," the visibly distraught QB said, "I'm so proud of the guys for bailing me out."  Morris had this to say about the safety, "I'm pretty sure I was knocked backwards by the defender, I'm not sure why a safety was called."  Yeah, yeah Almo - we've heard it all before.


Coach Carrol shared his thoughts, "That interception return by Davis in the second quarter, <emphatic chewing of gum> we thought had beat us.  But I'm proud of the guys for not giving up."


The Seattle defense held up under intense pressure as the Jaguars, led by Romo sits to pee, kept having great starting position. Seattle's 8 sacks and 5 interceptions demoralized the Jags late in the game.


We move back to the studio for further updates.



This is by far the most rage inducing game of madden I have probably ever played.  Every pass I attempted more than 5 yards down field was tipped up by my WRs and picked off.  Or the secondary had jetpacks on.  Serious anger is still coursing through me.  It was ridiculous.  (I will admit, in my frustration I threw 1 errant pass which in turn made me drop the controller and reach for a cigarette.)


But what a comeback.  (almost makes up for the madden factor bs.)


Week 3 in the books.

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This is like the steroid era in baseball. Interception numbers are going to be through the roof haha. 


Looks like Cleveland is hitting it's stride getting it's ground and air game going. 


Seattle, haha that was a funny postgame especially the part about Carroll chewing on gum. 


Seriously, if anybody thinks a WR is open 15+ yards downfield, just take the sack. Its either going to be underthrown for an interception or the secondary is going to go Teen Wolf mode and and hustle halfway across the field for the interception. I know this going in but every time, I still get suckered into throwing deep. 

Heads up, the game doesn't show you as "ready."


My bad, I'll fix that this afternoon. 

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This is like the steroid era in baseball. Interception numbers are going to be through the roof haha. 

Seriously, if anybody thinks a WR is open 15+ yards downfield, just take the sack.


This is actually good advice. Especially for you guys throwing 9 picks a game.... :):blink::)

I don't know how you guys are doing it. The most I can get by with for a win has been 2.


Honestly, the next gen AI is much better than on the 360. They're daring me to throw it with Kirk and I haven't been able to call the same play consistently against them. I also think the improved physics is affecting the passing game too, the delivery of passes is much more important...if you lob it when you need to gun it or vice versa you're gonna get burned.


What's killing me is the contested catch....I can get it to my guys but they're getting rocked and hold onto it about 25% of the time.


A couple notes:


- Switching to the receiver, especially on a lob throw deep has worked a couple times for me.

- TE fades off play action are pretty solid.

- Any 45 degree angle route out of the backfield by a FB/HB is money about 80% of the time.

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Agree completely about the AI on next gen. It does a good job keeping you from spamming plays or cheesing. It makes me excited for future Maddens where they have fine tuned the AI and Ignite engine. I'd say the momentum needs a little tweaking. Way to many times a WR's momentum carries them out of bounds intead of turning up field and if they have to come back for the ball at all you will lose yardage guaranteed.


I have worse luck trying to control my WR and make him go up for the catch. He usually just stops on his route and stands there while the DB jumps up for the uncontested INT.


I'm learning a lot though and finding out what I can and can't get away with. So I should be in good shape and maybe whittle my Ints down to 3-4 a game by the end of the season :lol:  

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I came to the third week with only 5 picks and averaging 400+ passing yards per game, this is the first time ever on Madden 25 I threw 9 picks in a game.  The Jets secondary is stacked (or their whole defense), look it up.


I think I had 2Ints week 1 and then 4Ints in week 2 before exploding for 8. Hopefully I can reverse this trend haha. 


Dee Milliner is a man...

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Romo sits to pee threw a 60 yd competion falling down with my DE around his waist.  I'd say the AI is a little too hard for me (passing).


As for winning when I throw a ton of picks, I just pound the rock and only throw off of PA.  You will be aware very early on in the game if you are facing the BS madden AI or not.  Unfortunately for me, I had 5 interceptions off of 6 drops by my WRs. Instead of catching it, they tipped it up in the air and the easy pick for the D - one ended up for 6.


I'm interested to see if it's any different using an elite passer, a la Brees, Manning, Brady.  I wonder if that makes any difference. I'll test it out later.


When are we moving on?  I've got the fever!

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Advanced to Regular Season Week 4




8:30 AM EST



Still people not saying when they've played...getting a little frustrating. (Goonies, Momma, and 281 can ignore this comment and comments below.)


Not saying you're ready means you're holding up other people from playing.


Let me reiterate:

When you play your game click "Ready to Advance" AND notify me or the group so that we can keep tabs of when we can play without having to be on our couches in front of our PS4s all-day.



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Browns 26

Bengals 7


Browns 3-1. Didn't feel great about this one.


Couldn't get into a groove against Bengals defense. Got stopped a number of times early. Had to settle for just three FGs in the first.


AP got knocked out early, had to claw for 98 yards with Jeff Demps...Kirk over 200 yards 1 td, 1 pick, slowly working his way to a no int game.


3-0, 6-7, 9-7...halftime...then I hit a 60 yard td on a deep cross to Lance Moore to crack it open 16-7 in the third. Defense completely shut down Joe Flacco who barely got to 100 yards.


Coach Chud slowly realizing he has to ride his defense and get points when he can get them. A practical 3-1.


281skins's Bills are next.

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Week 4 complete.

The Denver Broncos improved to 4-0 with a 56-25 victory over the visiting Philadelphia Eagles.

Chink in the Armor?

The Broncos defense had it's worst game of the season allowing 25 points and 175 rushing yards to Leon Washington, 77 coming on a 3rd quarter TD run which sparked an Eagles comeback.

Washington did his best Barry Sanders impersonation all afternoon juking the Denver defense out of it's shoes. DC Jack Del Rio was not pleased. "We're going to fix it this week. It's unacceptable...Leon ******** Washington?? Are you kidding me? Guy looked all pro out there. It's going to be a tough week of practice for those guys," Rio said.

Offensively, Kaepernick again shined throwing for 521 yards and 7tds while only turning the ball over 2 times today.

The real star of the day was rookie sensation Tavon Austin. The young WR who led the league in receiving yards coming into the game, added 186 more yards and 3 TDs. He also came up with a huge play on special teams to ice it.

With the game 35-25 and just under 4min to go in the 4th, the Broncos offense had been shutdown in the 2nd half, having only scored 1 TD early

In the 3rd. The Eagles had seized momentum and nearly had a 1 score game but missed a 2pt conversion.

The Denver defense battled and forced a Philadelphia punt and Austin fielded, cut left immediately and in a blaze of glory, outraced every defender on the way to an 82 yard TD. The game had been sealed at that point by the rookie phenom.

"It felt great. I've been getting slammed all season on punt returns thanks to poor blocking AI but it feels good to finally break one. It felt like being back in college. The fact that it iced the game made it even better"

Denver looks to keep their early season momentum going as they travel to Dallas next week and a chance at 5-0.

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The 2-0 Seattle Seahawks paid the 2-1 Houston Texans a visit this week. 


Jake Locker had a modest afternoon, going 17-25 for 210 yards and 2 tds.  His afternoon was almost cut short as he wildy overthrew a wide open AnQuan Boldin, which was intercepted and returned for a TD.  Coach Carrol opted to stay with his young QB, and rather than chew him out he turned to his defense, "If they score again, you are all released."


That's all it took.  Morris Claiborne had this to say about his 5 interception performance, "I've never been so scared for my job before.  I had to come out and show <Coach Carrol> that we were serious about being here and playing ball."  The Seahawks created 7 turnovers following the speech.


Gary Kubiak, declined to comment.  However, a league source close to the sitation in Houston, said that E.J. Manual may not be the starter for long because he, "continued throwing toward Morris...", even after coaching direction to stop throwing the ball to that side of the field.


Alfred Morris is the reason for the Seahawks season thus far.  He added 140 yards on 23 attempts to his already impressive season total.  He currently sits in second for the season's best rusher, with 551 yards and 6 TDs.  This quiet professional has added 109 yds receiving and 1 TD.


The Seattle WRs are, for the most part, an extension of the offensive line.  Their inability to get open, coupled with the inexperience of Jake Locker, is spelling doom for the offense if their second in the league rushing attack fails.  Coach Carrol had this to say about his offense, "We run the ball with the best of them.  We expect Jake to improve as he gets more accustomed to this offense.  We saw something in him when he was at Tennessee, and were excited when everyone got cut and the league reset to zero.  I had a great dream that we beat the Broncos 43-8 in the Super Bowl, my wife accused me of tripping....but we don't do that sort of thing here in Seattle."

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