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Make sure you guys subscribe to the FORCE DEADLINE NOTICE at the very least. General discussion will be where you post your RTAs but half of you guys don't do that anyway. General Discussion will essentially replace this thread.

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Advanced to S3 : Offeseason Stage 1


Resigning of players.


Binton: send me your e-mail. I'm not going to be updating this thread after Sunday.


Goonies: I took you off auto-pilot b/c this is a sensitive period. Remember to click RTA and remember I'm not forcing until Sunday at 7. If you don't care let me know and I'll just force us if everyone else is RTA.


I got confirmations from all of you for Sunday at 7PM so that's when we're going. FA days will last 10 minutes if there are any left by then until we start the draft.


I'm gonna be using the Google Groups as well until after the draft when I plan to use it exclusively.

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We've advanced to Preseason Week 1, make sure you guys join the Google Group and use it. I'm not going to be subscribing to this thread or updating it after this period.

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Hey guys... Anyone interested in joining up a Madden 15 SIM style league PM me... Looking for members to fill the league and then will do a random drawing to see the order of teams picked.  Leave me your gamertag and phone number/email address in a PM!!! 

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(PS4) THE Dawg Pound Madden SIM League - Fantasy Draft - Custom Rosters with Current Players & 2015 Rookies!
 The league/fantasy draft will begin this Saturday @ 6PM EST!!!

 Below is the list of available teams - Claim your team ASAP!
 AFC - Bills,Jets,Ravens,Bengals,Texans,Colts,Jaguars,Titans,Broncos,Chiefs,
 NFC - Giants,Redskins,Lions,Packers,Vikings,Saints,Buccaneers,Cardinals,49ers,Rams

 The Dawg Pound Madden League is dedicated to making online connected franchise a fun, fair, and SIM experience. For anyone looking for Active, Competitive, Dependable League, with experienced commissioners that are committed to making sure you enjoy competing as much as they do, sign up to Compete right now!

 Below is the link to the league's rulebook

 If you would like to join the league then request to join our facebook group or contact the league commissioner for more information.


 Any questions feel free to contact me
 Commissioner Aaron13Miami
 PSN: Aaron13Miami
 Cell# 412-277-1549
 Email: Aaron13pgh@gmail.com
 also if anyone that would like to help and become a commissioner or help us with graphics for league banners is welcome and appreciated!!!

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