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So we roll over the Bears.


Roethlisburger tore me up.  And they ran the ball all over me.  I'm so SICK of my defense right now.  They are playing lazy, uninspired football.  They aren't acting hungry like they were last year.  I have to do something to fix that, immediately.


But here's to a passing output of 250+ yards and ZERO interceptions.  Dixon was almost perfect, save for 3 'drops' that didn't come up on the scoreboard.  Boldin, Hynoski, and my rookie TE Evans dropped wide open passes and the announcers immediately went on the "well the QB could have thrown a better ball" rant and I wanted to punch my own face to make it stop.


All 3 RBs scored in this one, all in all an ok game.  A shout out to my DEs.  Jordan stripped the QB and Ayers ran it back 60 yards for a TD.  Awesome replay.


Defense has gotta get refocused.


(My D is good but if I were playing one of you this week - I don't win.  D was not up to my standards.).



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RTA, completely awful. Somehow survive 47-42.

Complete and under ridiculousness. I even heard a Jim Nantz sound byte I have never heard before. At the beginning of the game he talked about the Texans offense trying to finally get going because all season it has been BORING. He never raises his voice like that for game winning TDs, it was quote shocking. Well fortunately for him, the Texans offense would not be boring today.

I was tackled on the 1yardline on 2 different possessions and never scored. One time Ertz caught a pass in the endzone came down with both feet in and across the plane but no cigar, his momentum carried him out of the endzone apparently.

The last turnover, the Texans followed up with a 100 yard TD run on the very next play. That's right, 100 full yards they gave MJD credit for. His stats at the time, 18 carries 135 yards, long 100.

The rest of the game was typical super CB stuff. I hate the Pistol playbook too. It got a little better toward the end once I went down 29-14. Kaep went on a tear and took a 40-29 lead.

The Texans later scored on a Hail Mary from the 45 on the final play of the game to make it 47-42. Crazy end to a wild game.

I have a few more playbooks I'm going to try so hopefully more improvement. I can't find or remember the base PB I used to make my custom. So John fox and the boys are going to go back to the drawing board and keep working.

Next week they play KC who ended the Broncos undefeated streak last season. Revenge...?

Browns on the horizon as well so got get in a rhythm at some point.

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Browns on the horizon as well so got get in a rhythm at some point.


It's wierd.  We had, for the most part, very stellar seasons last season.

This season, we're having troubles.  I think the AI is learning our styles and combating them.


Also, momentum is HUGE in this game.  If you get on a roll, points come quickly, if you fall off or do something stupid, it's a quarter and a half to recover.  Or a bum like Matt Flynn throws for 400 against you and you can only sit there with your mouth open, like wtf?


It's pretty cool when it goes in your favor.  I'll get my game in tonight.

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Hawks win 52-3.  Another bleh game.


Michaels was held in check until the 4th quarter.  On consecutive drives he hit the corner and chewed up yards.  2 broken tackles and 50 yard run.  The last drive he broke a tackle in the backfield, hit the corner, ran over a db, hit the jets and scored on a 70 yard sprint.  Freakin awesome.


Dixon throws 3 BS interceptions.  SO disappointing to have that happen ALL THE TIME.  Sad happenings to an otherwise great game by him.  Hit two receivers deep for TDs with gorgeous ball placement.  Just awesome.


My D scored twice again, strip sack + rumble for a TD and a really, really bad throw by Osweiller right into the gut of my corner.


Gonna switch up the playbooks, maybe I'm too set in my ways and I need a change.  I was held out of the endzone for 2 quarters this game.  Silly fumbles and interceptions aside, there is no excuse and I have to find a way to steamroll the CPU again if I want to have a fighting chance against you guys again.





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Advanced to S2 : Regular Season Week 10
8:00 AM EST


Browns roll the Bengals. Feast or famine CPU....either they go nuts on you or they completely turtle, today it was the latter.

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Broncos 63 Bears 13

Kaepernick completes his 2nd game of 9TDs 2Ints and 700+ yards. He is on pace to shatter his 83 TD record from last season. He already has 58 and it's only through 9 games.

He can't throw deep to save his life though. I think his arm is too strong I have guys just blazing down the field and he sails the ball 8 yards over their head. And it's not like my guys are gonna make any effort to jump for it or anything

Ansah just went off against Chicago too, their RT was hot garbage, must have been related to Polumbus. Ansah set the single game record with 9 sacks. He now has 30 sacks on the year on pace to destroy his own record 32 from last season lol. I never control him either it's all CPU doin work.

Finally put together a couple decent games back to back. Still upset at my INTs. First play of the game I threw one. I hit R1 to throw to Barner in the flat but oops for this formation the RB is triangle. Of course R1 was locked down.

Someone tell me why Charlie Johnson, my backup LG is going to the pro bowl? Hasn't played all season. I guess it's like 4 players having 6,500 fumble return yards

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