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Here are the Setting and Sliders for the league:




League Settings:

Instant Starter -> OFF
Salary Cap -> ON
Skill -> All-Pro
Playcall -> Conventional
Quarter Length -> 7 minutes
Acc. Clock -> OFF
Min. Play Clock -> OFF
Game Speed - > Normal
Player Prog. -> Weekly
Coach Firing -> ON
Gameplay Tuning -> ON
Injury -> ON
Pre Existing Injury -> OFF
Trade Deadline -> ON
Trade Type -> Enable All
Relocation -> Disabled
League Type -> OWNERS ONLY

Team Settings:

Auto Strafe -> OFF
Pre Snap Menu -> OFF
Coaching Tips -> OFF
Player Names -> Always
Heat Seeker -> OFF
Ball Hawk -> OFF
Switch Assist -> OFF

CPU Settings:

Fill Roster -> OFF
Re-sign Players -> OFF
Progress Players -> OFF
Sign Offseason Free Agents -> OFF



Default except:

Injuries -> 20



- This league will have Fantasy Rosters (Have to do a fantasy draft, sucks I know. There will not be any pausing allowed.)

- We advance as fast as we can move but there is a force advance deadline every 72 hours from the start of any given week in the season. (We move within reason, i.e. holidays, proper notice of absence, etc. could cause slight delays in some rare cases.)


No limitations in gameplay. (But if you're a cheeser and just a drag to play against you won't be able to hide and you'll be booted.)

No limitations in front office moves except for ABSOLUTELY NO RELOCATION.


Above all, you need to have a good attitude (be a good loser/winner) and play your games on time.
A good sense of humor is a BIG plus too.



If you're interested PM me the following:


Your gamertag:

Your age:

How many full seasons (including offseason) of Madden (or any other video football game) have you played in your life (rough estimate):

Have you ever played in an online league?:

Team preference 1-3 (first come, first serve BUT REMEMBER IT'S GONNA BE A FANTASY ROSTER!!!):


These are my answers:


Your gamertag: Rodriggo1979 (gotta double check, been on a 360 for a while.)

Your age: 34

How many full seasons have you played in your life: Over 200

Have you ever played in an online league?: Yes

Team preference 1-3: No preference


Thanks, let me know.



Player controlled teams (05/07/14)


Rodriggo - Browns

DaGoonie55 - Seahawks

skins214428hail - Redskins

281skins - Panthers

Momma There Goes That Man - Broncos

Binton - Patriots

nachol - ???



01 - DaGoonie55 - Seattle Seahawks (19-0)

02 - Momma There Goes That Man - Denver Broncos (19-0)



OPEN(Inquiries/Applications for Season 3 are welcome)

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skins214428hail im down. i can roll with any team. never played a online season mode. But im game. I def have the time. have atleast 2000 online game matches online. Spent the offseasons fixing the skins through draft and free agency. Am i a football geek? GUILTY . i AM A YOUNG 36


Awesome! Thanks skins214428hail....


That's two! What's your gamertag? Gonna get the league setup tonight. We'll wait to see if we can get at least 4 guys.

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1/18/14 UPDATE:


So we have 3 players including me which is awesome.


I'd like to wait for 3 more players at least. But if by 8:45 PM next Tuesday January 21 nobody else has expressed interest we have considered the sign-up period closed and just start.


That being said, we need to set up a time to hold the fantasy draft...it takes a little more than an hour...unfortunately the interface is ****.

The process stinks but the end result is a team you've built and I've found it more rewarding and engaging than just picking teams based on real life.


My vague memory of the fantasy draft I did about a month ago tells me that you can just turn on "auto draft" at any point so if either one of you guys wants to show up for the first couple of rounds to get your superstars....and just turn on the auto pilot that's fine....do so at the peril of letting others cherry-pick some depth in the later rounds.



Some keys to the draft:


1. Draft offense. To be blunt, defense doesn't matter in this game. No defense can stop Drew Brees in the hands of the CPU from putting up monster numbers on you unless your just milking the clock on offense.


2. The draft interface sucks, make sure you move quick b/c it's slow moving through the menus and you're against the clock. We're not pausing the draft at any point....it's long enough at regular speed. Have an idea what position you're looking to get and keep in mind positions you've already filled, i.e. don't take 6 stud WRs, you don't need but 1 or 2. Also make sure to manually sort the list of available players as the default list doesn't always show you the best available guys unfortunately.



I'm go first and suggest a tentative draft time of:


9:00 PM Tuesday January 21


Goonies and skins let me know if that works for you guys.

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Alright guys,


Looking like the initial season will be us four which is great. People can still join today but I'm not expecting anyone to.


Reminder that the fantasy draft is tonight at 9PM.


- If you haven't already you should subscribe to this thread so I can post Force Advance Deadlines here. I will PM you guys to remind you.


- Always PM me when you've played your game and are ready to advance. ALWAYS. That way I can keep everybody posted and the league can move along at a good pace. The Force Advance deadline will be "dynamic" so I need to know when everybody is ready to update it.


- Always, always, always click "ready to advance" after you play your pre/regular season game. Nobody is waiting around for secondary actions. Remember you have plenty of time to do everything (72 hours) but have the courtesy of keeping this thing moving if you're ready.


- I'm not for forcing people but if you've played your game and haven't clicked "ready" AND haven't responded to a PM from me in at least 6 hours, you will be force advanced for the week.


Thanks guys, let's have some fun.

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Tag: colbyman21

age: 27

No idea how many seasons. I've done like 5 online seasons before and a bunch of seasons on older 99-05 Maddens

Team Preference: Denver, Arizona, Carolina


How does the salary cap work on a fantasy draft? It's been forever since I've done a one. 


I don't think it does. It will towards the end of the first season but I don't remember there being an issue with contracts during the fantasy draft.

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