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Week 6 complete. Happy to have it behind me.

Broncos 28 Jaguars 6

A Needed Humbling

Fresh off their 58-14 thumping of the Dallas Cowboys, the 5-0 Denver Broncos hosted the reeling London/LA Jaguars looking for an easy win. They didn't realize they were walking into a dogfight.

The heavily favored and high powered Broncos got off to their usual start, forcing a 3 and out and following it up with a quick touchdown. The fun ended there.

Colin Krapernick made an untimely return much to the horror of fans of good QB play everywhere. The Jaguars defense kept the young MVP candidate flustered all afternoon, forcing 6 interceptions, a season low 52% completion percentage and just 3 TDs. The woefully erratic QB now has 29 passing TDs and 22 interceptions on the season.

The Denver offense failed to figure out the defense, blowing chance after chance going 3-6 in the red zone while adding 4 turnovers in Jags territory. It was the Broncos worst offensive output of the season. Heading into the 4th quarter they led only 7-6 with their defense on the field attempting to hold onto the lead.

In a move that surprised nobody, Tony Romo sits to pee threw an awful 4th quarter interception. The Broncos were able to capitalize by scoring quickly to push the lead to 14-6. Denver would continue to shut down the Jags offense intercepting one more typical errant Romo sits to pee pass and returning it for a TD for the game's final score.

Romo sits to pee finished with a passer rating of 0. He went 10-35 for 90 yards, 0TDs, 4ints and a fumble, he was also sacked 8 times including 6 by rookie phenom Ziggy Ansah.

"That guys a beast," Romo sits to pee said after the game. "Every time I looked up, he was in my face knocking me on my back. Doesn't he know I have a bad back? It was like I was playing with Doug Free again. (Nervous aw shucks laughter)"

Ansah now has an NFL leading 15 sacks. He added two forced fumbles and appears to be well on his way to defensive rookie of the year. He could not be reached for comment postgame because, well, nobody knows a dang thing about him.

Denver hopes to right the ship on offense next week against the Indianapolis Colts. They will be getting a full week of practice reps, that's for sure.

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Looks like you need a DT

How does Terrence Cody, Austin, Pierre Thomas/ Andre Brown for ap and two of your scrubs (for roster limit) sound?


DT is the most meaningless position in the game after Punter. Leaning heavy no but what is Cody's rating & age?

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Sorry Binton, not interested in that trade. AP is a 99 RB. He can't go for a 78 DT and scrubs.


I was strongly considering offering you Blackmon and Barner just so I could get the Adrian Peterson trade block tweets off the news page  :lol:


Would you be interested either way? 


Blackmon is an 87 I think, extremely young, literally catches everything thrown to him. He made a 1 handed grab in traffic yesterday and got crunched in the process that saved me from INT # 7. He is no joke, a magnet for the football. He dives and catches all the time. I honestly feel bad that I don't throw to him enough because I have Tavon, Dez, Barner and Ertz to throw to. 


Barner is only a 61 but he is insanely fast and definitely fits the Sproles role. He is a beast receiving out of the backfield or lining up in the slot. Check his stats out this year. When he hits a hole too he can go, he is blazing, shifty and he ran a punt back this season too (preseason). 

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Advanced to Regular Season Week 7




7:00 PM EST



Browns 41 Lions 13

Browns 5-1


Coach Chud got a call from Marty Schottenheimer after the game.....they had an hour long conversation where Marty broke down a couple of times describing what he called "Perfect Marty Ball" and that Coach Chud "was coaching it better than he ever could."


For those that were interested, gonna be a no on trading AP with the deals I'm seeing so far.


Would be willing to do something like:


You get:

AP, and only AP


I get:

2 1s (This year and next) OR 1&2 this year + 2 next year.

1 90+ ranked player (preferably WR)

1 80+ ranked RB who is a 90 speed or greater.


Figured I'd put my cards on the table instead of making you guys waste more time.

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Wow you're really hitting your stride man


Thank you. Thank you. :)


Just accepted the fact that I shouldn't press down field with my passing game, figuring out how to run it right, getting to know my playbook better....plus, I don't know about u guys but I'm not having much difficulty on defense at all.

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Thank you. Thank you. :)

Just accepted the fact that I shouldn't press down field with my passing game, figuring out how to run it right, getting to know my playbook better....plus, I don't know about u guys but I'm not having much difficulty on defense at all.

Yeah playing on defense is pretty easy. Will be interesting to see how these defenses stack up against each other's high scoring offenses in the postseason

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Morris for president.  4 rushing tds and 2 receiving.  Brings him to 17 rushing tds and 3 receiving tds.


I would have won by 80, if it hadn't been for Dashon Gouldon knowing where I was throwing before I did.


I swear, I'd push the button and he'd break on the ball before it was out of my hands.  75 defensive passing reaction time = spidey senses


So I caused manslaughter by screen pass.


And ran the ball down their throats.


Week 7 done.

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Ready to advance. Must be something in the water this week.

Broncos 63

Colts 0

I won't lie, I was pressing in this one. Didn't realize until the post game when Kaepernick had his arm wrapped in ice like Strasburg after a complete game that he threw 74 passes. He set the record though with 626 yards passing, 7TDs and a rushing TD.

The game took forever. I couldn't do anything on defense but force punts. Didn't get a single turnover until a minute left in the 4th. Could have been worse too but I missed a 4th down inside the 10 in the first half and threw a pick inside the 25. I also added some new plays and formations to my play book so I was working on those. The running game has been there I just have neglected it but I've been happy with the limited rushes I've seen from Lacy and Barner.

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