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Resetting them.

I'd only lower injuries to 20 and put pass coverage at 70 for both human and cpu. I'm having too easy a time against the CPU, and I am planning on changing the sliders after the season.

I would increase WR catching for the computer too. They can get separation but they always drop passes. Makes it way too easy to defend.

That is, if your intent was to increase the difficulty next year.

Define default sliders.

Momma, if you fell - it wasn't because of your playstyle or skill. That is evident by the ridiculous numbers you put up.

You were violated by an AI, the "madden factor" if you will. It's only a matter of time before I hit Hadrians wall and cannot run the ball. I am prepared for this and the L that will follow.

Keep your head up man, I'll get my game done in the next couple hours.

Thanks :)

I knew one of those games was coming haha. Still bummed but it's only one game.

I may have lost homefield to Cleveland now though depending on how the tiebreakers shake out.

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Browns 41

Steelers 17


Browns 10-1


Pittsburgh was game. AP got knocked out in the 3rd and Jeff Demps filled in admirably. Kept close by Pitt's pass defense which got 3 picks off Kirk. My defense is good I guess, feel like the AI ability is not quite right tho. Agree with Momma, noticed Pittsburgh have like 7, 8 drops.


Ready for Week 13.

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Binton and I are ready to advance. We marked our game as simulate. We tried the past two nights to get a game in but kept facing really bad lag.

We made it to the 3rd quarter of what had turned into a great game. Kaepernick threw a pass that hung in the air for about 15 seconds due to the lag, moving a few feet every 2 seconds or so. The play never finished since we lost connection after that and haven't had any better luck since.

Thanks for trying so much Binton. We had a good one going for awhile there.

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Sorry dudes. Looks like we're being held up by people not clicking "Ready to Advance." I'm at work and I can't seem to force advance through EA's online CCM.


Won't be able to play Week 13 until I get home today around 6:30PM EST.


If the responsible parties take care of business let everybody know.


Deadline is still tonight at 8:30PM so not a big deal.

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Advanced to Regular Season Week 13




7:00 PM EST



We had to wait a whole day b/c someone didn't click "ready to advance." Unfortunately I can't force advance remotely.


Pretty simple process:


1. Do or Don't do all your secondary stuff (owner mode, FO stuff, practice, progression)

2. Play your game.

3. Click "Ready to Advance."


EVERY WEEK, in that order.

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ALSO IF YOU ARE ONLINE GAMING MAKE SURE YOUR INTERNET IS GOOD. iTS NOT THE SERVER. its your internet. I had problem with the lag playing the broncos. dont normally have to deal with that. wireless sucks for online gaming. wireless bottlenecks the upload speed

I didn't have any lag in our game. I've never had trouble with my lag before the other night either. You use a wired connection?

Am I alone in using wireless for online gaming?

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I didn't have any lag in our game. I've never had trouble with my lag before the other night either. You use a wired connection?

Am I alone in using wireless for online gaming?

Yes i do use a wired connection. I did experience some lag on my end playing you the other night. we did have a great game. But a couple times the ball got hung up in the air. If you use a lan cable you will see you have faster upload times in your network settings. you can view this with test internet connection option in network settings. Do a comparison wireless vs lan. 


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Jake Locker 13-17 229 yards 1 td 3 ints.  I'm getting better at passing, I just need to get the AI down.  I wait for the CB/S to switch their hips, throw the ball and it's either complete or intercepted.  The other incomplete was a throwaway.  (One INT I had Bolden open downfield and pressed the wrong button...felt like a bafoon)


Almo:  29 ATT 171 yards SEVEN (7) tds. He has set the single season rushing yards mark, it will continue to grow. I kept getting the ball to the 2 yard line.  If I could score from 20+ out, he wouldn't have so many TDs lol.  Also, he rumbled bumbled stumbled for a 51 yard screen pass TD.  TWO stiff arms and carried a dude into the endzone. I shed a tear.  It was beautiful.


The Saints have a good offensive line.  And Julio Jones is a freak. Jabaal Sheard is a roadblock at LOLB.  He set the edge on EVERY play.  Pretty much eliminated 1/3 of my rushing attack.




12-0  Ready to advance.

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Beast mode gunning for the rushing title. The butler is currently in first place. It is hard not to root for almo. Break a leg 


Yes, it's very tightly contested.  Which is fun to see and exciting to see who pulls it out.  Good luck Marshawn.


It's coming up on the end of the season, 4 weeks to go.


This has been fun so far, I can't wait for the ridiculousness of the playoffs!

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I like the NFC pro bowl voting. The entire starting OL is the Redskins and the entire backup OL is the Seahawks. Pretty funny. Go ahead and pencil you two in for the NFC championship game.

Ready to Advance

Got my much anticipated rematch with KC after they handed me my first loss. They're legit lol. I was down 15-0 early. Had to battle my way back and ended up pulling it out 45-38 after scoring with 15 seconds left.

The Chiefs are responsible for 16 Kaepernick interceptions or something stupid like that. Palmolive had a one handed diving interception on the sideline where he jumped in front of Blackmon that really pissed me off.

It was still a fun game. Kaepernick set the record for TD passes and passing yards for the season in this game. He now has 54TDs and 5,400 yards.

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