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Awake - A new series from NBC


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Ok, so I normally don't start threads but from all accounts it's going to be a pretty brilliant new series and the type of thing people might want to talk about.

The full pilot has been available online for a few weeks but I held out watching it till the official premiere tonight (10 pm on NBC).

For anyone unfamiliar with the concept of the show it's about a police detective who is involved in a car crash with his wife and son. The crash splits his world into two separate realities, one in which his wife survives and his son dies and the other where his son survives but his wife is killed. The problem being he can't tell which is real and which is fake. Each time he falls asleep at night in one, he wakes up in the other. In both worlds he visits a psychiatrists, each assuring him that that they are real and the other is not.

Anyways, I think the trailer for the show does a great job laying out the concept. Check it out.

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