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  1. I remember I was banned for a week on one of my old user names, and it listed "no reason" under why I was banned. I spent like 20 minutes going through my last 10 or so posts, and found absolutely nothing wrong with anything I said. I sent a message to one of the admin, and never heard anything back. Definitely a head scratcher....
  2. why do i have to poop really bad as SOON as I leave the house and get on the highway?
  3. Bro, I haven't lived in DC since 2001. Thanks to direct tv, I haven't missed a REDSKINS gsme since 2006 I love the Redskins more than I love my wife and mother combined, but at the end of the day the skins weren't important enough to impact major life decisions, i.e. leaving DC. Leaving DC was the best decision I ever made in my life. Since leaving, I've met so many interesting people and experienced so many different things all over the country. I lived in Texas, North Carolina, south Carolina, Seattle, and now Denver. And using those cities as hubzones, I've been to a lot of other citi
  4. Just saw the RG3 Adidas commercial for the first time. Got excited LOL.
  5. Heh, you silly DC area folks. So political. I'M HIGH AS **** RIGHT NOW Out here in Colorado, students at Colorado University celebrate "4/20" by toking up in the middle of Colorado University. And the last few pics are downtown Denver in front of the State Building. welcome to Denver, a liberal's paradise. :D:D:D:D:D:D Colorado University: COLORADO STATE BUILDING, DOWNTOWN DENVER:
  6. I've got $10 that says koolblue got no cheeks that night. This is obviously a joke.....if he DIDN'T get cheeks that night, he should be banned for 10 days
  7. Thanks, my Intermountain Region brother. What's the weather like up there? low 70s all week down here in the front range. But they're getting snow up in Steamboat Springs
  8. Welp, I turned 30 years old today. Don't feel any different, just another day. Wife taking me to the Nuggets game tonight, the Clippers are in town. She paid big bucks to get us really close to the floor, so I'm hoping to see some epic jams by Blake Griffin and Deandre
  9. The Nats are kind of a weird thing for me. I'm "DC" through and through, and I love everything about the city, including all the sports teams. But I left the DC area in 2001 and will never live in the DC area again. Since the Nats didn't exist until 2005, like most DC metro folks who liked baseball, I followed the Orioles. Memorial Stadium, Camden Yards. A ton of great memories. I can't even relate to the Nats really, I never "knew" them.
  10. Okay, sooooo I just got back from seeing "Cabin In The Woods." It wasn't anything epic, but it was above avrage. I guess I got caught up in the hype and was expecting a little more. I enjoyed it overall. Pretty original concept. The last 30 minutes felt rushed, but I guess that's understandable as they had a lot to explain LOL. Still a solid flick. Very original. I give it 8/10.
  11. Man, you guys are really hyping it up LOL. But I've heard from several of my friends that this was an awesome movie. I'm really interested now, I'll probably go see it after work today LOL.
  12. With DC sports slowly trying to build young teams lately (John Wall, RG3, Stasburg, Ovechkin), I wonder if DC will eventually get their own "ESPN: DC" site. Not that DC sports teams deserve it, and although Washington sports teams don't have much success over the last 20 years, I still believe DC is a great sports town. DC is 1 of only 12 cities in the country with all 4 major sports teams. RG3 will generate a lot of hype and bring a lot of attention to the Skins, and if the Wiz draft some talent to play along side Wall, maybe they could make some noise in 2 years. Nats are up and coming
  13. Man, I filed my taxes as soon as allowed, back in January.
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