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OL Discussion--Redskins v Dolphins--Killer Whales Are Our Friends


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Ok guys---this week the "generic" topic discussion threads will be done like the previous weeks with obvious modifications to identify the current game under discussion.

Next week, the idea I told youse guys about that will feature an improved (we think it well be well-received, or at least we sure hope so :pfft: ) format for presenting these general topic threads after the game, while keeping the "cooling off period", will debut.

Thanks for your patience and all your positive support. :)

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Cut and paste of my post from the newest stupid tank thread:

For all of you hung up on the qb is the answer partyline, it won't matter who's under center. With the amount of time the o-line gives the qb has before he gets buried nobody could be successful.


look at the current lineup:

Williams = Average to above average at best. NOT an elite tackle and most definitely not a #4 pick.

Licthensteiger = Average

Monty = Probably wouldn't start for 1/2 to 3/4 of the teams in the league

Chester = Pretty much a non factor, nothing good or bad to say either way, coin flip with this guy.

Brown = Needs to be gone

THAT is what you qb homers would trust to protect your "give up the entire draft for a qb???"

They'd be setting the kid up for failure whoever he is.

Bottom line, this offensive line SUCKS. Nothing will get better for this team until that gets fixed.

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Everyone here that pays any attention to football in general or has been a fan of this team and knows it's history, understands that everything starts up front.

But yes Virginia, you can draft a QB high and address the Oline at the same time.

If the story is true that Shanny/Bruce wanted to focus on defense in one draft and focus on offense this next draft, I have no problem with the direction this team is headed.

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you guys calling trent a bust are way off base. trent is a good lineman and good football player go back and watch the games he didnt play he cant block the other side too. i think you guys need to get a clue. talking about monty as well. yeah the rook got beat today but thats gonna happen it happened with trent at first and monty thats how they learn. you want to complain, about oline complain about the lack of depth. but the starters healthy have given us a good run game and enough time to pass the ball. rewatch the game today and you can see he had time back there not every down, by no means does he have rodgers or brady time but enough time to make plays. way off base way off base. Trent is a hell of a ball player he still young and learning the ropes. also his maturity needs to develop but that will come he just one of those crazy guys who wants to win so bad that they make irrational decisions.

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OK, before anyone goes crazy against me, did anyone else think Stephon Heyer played well for the Raiders? We all know he sucks as an OT in both run and pass blocking, but he actually did not look half-bad at Guard when we shuffled our line last year versus the Titans.

Same thing in Oakland, he played guard and he was making some great blocks. Isn't the Raiders scheme a zone blocking scheme?

Just curious.

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