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~Little Tavern To Return?~


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If you think about it, Little Tavern was way ahead of its time. Sliders are big now on restaurant menus. And burger chains (5 Guys, BGR, Boardwalk, Elevation Burger) are popping up like mushrooms.

Then I guess White Castle was WAYYY ahead of it's time. j/k

I always liked the Little Tavern. I went to the one in Silver Spring as a kid.

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back in the 60's we always hit Little Tavern[Club LT} or Marios Pizza after getting the pot munchies. Little Tavern used to give out Wooden nickels to use for your next purchase instead of coupons

I have been making Little Tavern Burgers since the early 70's. They used Heinz dill pickels and canned re-hydrated dry onions. I used to use Giant dinner rolls but they were discontinued when Giant was sold

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