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  1. [ATTACH]45590[/ATTACH] WTF??? :ols: Why can't I figure out how to insert the image in the message instead of making it an attachment??
  2. LOL! Not really, but I looked up at the TV at the bar and saw Shaka & Company picking up an ESPY! VCU...VCU...VCU...
  3. Yeah, I'll bet she does! Just thinking about those ribs... Dreamland used to only be in Tuscaloosa (original joint) and Birmingham. I think they have more spots in Alabama and maybe Georgia now. Looks like you can order their sause online. http://www.dreamlandbbq.com/Catalog/CategoryInfo.aspx?CID=7 Damn you! Now I'm going to have to order some ribs & sauce for Memorial Day weekend!!!
  4. Oh yeah! Many, many years ago I used to travel to Birmingham on a monthly basis. I'd stop on Dreamland on my way to the airport to grab 3-4 slabs of ribs to bring home. Best...ribs...ever.
  5. Question for the Mechanic: I have a 2001 Volvo C70 Convertible (actually, my wife's car). This car has been the the biggest POS I have ever owned. That's another story. Here's the problem: The car continues to blow oil out of the dipstick holder. For whatever reason, the dipstick will not sit tight in the holder and oil will blow out when running the car on the highway. It just started doing this a couple of weeks ago for no apparent reason. I checked the small gasket at the top of the dipstick and it seems to be fine. The dipstick must jiggling loose while driving allowing oil to spew forth.
  6. From The Onion: Violent Death Of Human Being Terrific News For Once
  7. No, seriously, 2 lipstick tats? And a 'stache tat to go with it? Awesome!
  8. I drame I find a dear to snatch these bugs from my pants... And, Yeah, I need some fries with that... [ATTACH]43572[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]43573[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]43574[/ATTACH]
  9. And like he's been permanently rewaded for his loyaly
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