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What's up everyone. I know I've been on the quiet side lately. In any case I've been working on launching a site that just went live today. I know there are a ton of Skins blogs so if you wanna check it out great if not that's cool too. Just a place for me to post my opinions... I'm not pro writer so don't expect espn. It's just one fans unfiltered view of the burgundy and gold. As well as home to my Tshirt shop for those of you who like my shirts. I have some awesome stuff planned so stay tuned!

So if you like check it out at http://www.sonofwashington.com I would appreciate it. I have been blown away by the response I got on day one and have had some awesome twitter love from bloggers that I respect alot. I hope you enjoy it.


Ps this is a skins blog thats why I posted it here mods if you think it should be moved sorry I put it here.

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I wonder what SonOfWashington thinks about this... :pfft:

I definitely didn't even look to see who started this thread, assuming that it was SonOfWashington. It's such a unique name. Figured it HAD to be his site. Ooops.

Anyway, site looks great man. Shirt designs are pretty funny, too. I'll be sure to check it out from time to time.

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You're welcome. People were expecting to see the REAL SonOfWashington, but I guess that blog and stuff will do. :pfft:

Ha ha thanks bro!! Honestly I bought the domain like a year ago I never thought about your ES name sorry

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