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Steelers release Antwan Randel El ........ Should we?


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At the risk of getting NNTed this thread is an admitted joke

I hope everyone shares my sick sense of humor

Its gonna do each and every one of us good this year to have a few laughs!

Now let the massacre begin

Actually..I would not be against resigning El for the right price....I thought he played ok as a WR at times...he just was not worth a 30 mill contract...now for a contract that fits his abilities...Yes I would take EL back. Had to add...but NEVER as a PUNT RETURNER!

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Just in case, you better order those jerseys right now for $9.95 at redskins.com!

I did like having him around as a receiver but not at the price we paid. I will also never forget the last Redskins TD celebration I ever saw after they banned fun. He actually returned a punt for a TD against the Colts and despite the shock he must have been feeling, he still had the presence of mind to run right into the goal post and pretend to be knocked out. That was totally worth the 15 yard penalty. (we were destined to be blown out anyway, it was 2006)

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