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What genre of music is this? Help me find more of it...


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For a very basic description: Intense Symphony/Orchestra music. Epics that build up and get the adrenalin flowing. Hear this music in a lot of Sci-Fi and War flicks, but I'm looking for lesser-known stuff (not John Williams). Here are some examples:





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I've heard it referred to in a lot of ways, you'll see a lot of people just call it 'epic score' or something like that.

There are a lot of artists/composers that specialize in this type of thing.

Here is a sample video of some you may not have heard, can always youtube the artists list.

(up quality to 480p...sound is cleaner)


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If you have to define that kind of music within a genre I guess you'd just label it "orchestral OSTs" or something along those lines. Genres in general are a pretty crummy way of categorizing music, though. Anyway, Williams, Zimmer, and Mansell are probably the guys that everyone is familiar with (even if they don't recognize the names) but there are a lot of smaller studios that produce this kind of stuff almost exclusively. Looking up "epic music" on YouTube is a good way to get leads, pulling up the sound tracks to "epic" movies (even if the movie itself was bad), and doing a little digging on who composed the pieces you liked will probably yield the best results. As for my contribution:




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I love music like this. I think I have a lot of it in my music library actually lol.






Just to name a few of my favorites. I classify them as Classical, Orchestral, Original Score, etc.

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