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Best way to drain fluid from ear??


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Hey everyone,

So i have been looking all over the internet for help on this and figured i would ask everyone here. Trying to avoid going to the doctors on this one.

My ear has been clogged since Friday. Been looking into using peroxide to clear it but some people say not to and others say it works like a champ. Has anyone tried this or can you recommend something else to try. Any help would be great.

Thanks! :dallasuck

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I just happened to be studying this in school last week and inquired about it to the instructor (doctor).

- He mentioned that the easiest way to do it is a 1:1 ratio of peroxide/water (and the quantity is the cap of the bottle). You just squirt it in.

- Irrigation is reserved for people who have *large* waxy buildup in their ears. But if that's you.. you could see your family gp and they can do it for you without difficulty.

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from the reviews

This item is made of very pliable plastic and does not stand up well to resistance. The scoop is too bowl-shaped and needs to be more of a spade. I don't have any use for the other end.


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