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kiper draft 3.0

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When does Mel Kiper get it right? If you look at his Mock Drafts and predictions he is never right on. If you look at history the only sure one he gets right is the first one which everyone gets because by the draft the top team has already picked him. So forget about Mel Kiper's draft board because he is usually wrong anyway.

Whenever I read/hear Mel Kiper I always laugh and remember his fail comment about Russell being a top 5 elite QB in 2-3 years.

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Mallet is young enough where the way he comes off is mostly due to the people he grew up with and was around. I wouldn't call that a cause for concern. Personally I think Ryan Mallet is the best QB in this draft. Best as in as of right now he is the best at his position throwing the rock. Some people can complain about his windup but he is actually fairly quick with his decision making. What made Jason Campbell so slow was he both had a long windup and was slow with his decision making.

He is also by far the best passer out of the top guys. I wont go as far as to say years down the road he will be the best QB but as of right now he is. He has a good arm in terms of strength but he has great touch on his throws and can seriously put the ball where it needs to be.

With all that said I have no interest in him in the first nor any QB. I actually think Grossman is more then capable and would do better for us this season than any of the top QB prospects. There isn't a single plug and play QB in this draft, if there was I'd say it was Mallet but we don't have the line nor the running game to supplement his weaknesses so I'd much rather stick with grossman who honestly hasn't had much of a shot to truly develop in this league. Believe it or not he only has 34 game starts in his CAREER.. thats not even two full seasons.

Campbell has already had 64 game starts.. wow.

A lot of people said similiar things about Ryan Leaf.

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A lot of punks grow up.

Most don't. Especially when you give them money, fame, and the national spotlight. What do you think happens to an already over-grown ego when allowed to "flourish" under these conditions? Not much growing up, most of the time.

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