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WP Insider Twitter: Redskins Release Derrick Dockery


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Very happy to hear that Kemo will be gone. Dude was straight up awful last year.

In all fairness to him. Dude was never healthy. Things may have been different had his knee held up. Unfortunately, the injury became a bigtime liability. At the end of the day, i'm like you, i'm glad its been addressed.

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I'll rather pickup a undrafted rookie free agent and have him starting over Rabach. There has to be a young, journeyman center out there somewhere right now.

His name is Cory Lichtenpooh-pooh. :silly:

I cant believe nobody would give us a fifth or sixth rounder for Dockery. Dude is big, doesn't have too much of an injury history, and could still be servicible to some team, if they don't mind at least one false start per game.

Oh well, If Shanny thinks we have a better O-line without him, Ill trust him.

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