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Why the redskins are awesome (interview question)


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hello everyone,

been a while since I posted on here but I figured it's the offseason (the real redskins offseason that terrible time before free agency and the draft)

Anyways, I am applying for some job at the NFL and they asked a bunch of interviewish questions one of which was football related and I thought i'd share my response with you guys and bask in Redskins glory past, present, and future :logo:

Also, the response had a very limited word count so before shredding my response to pieces and telling me i'm not getting the job keep that in mind lol

I am a diehard fan of the Washington Redskins. The reasons that I continue to cheer for the Redskins and look forward to every season, every week, every possession, and every down are things that allow me to understand the power of the NFL and what it means to its fans. I grew up in the Washington, D.C. area at the perfect time. In Kindergarten after the Redskins won Super Bowl XXVI the class spent the next school day learning Hail to the Redskins. This was the last Super Bowl the Redskins won and the last time they were competitive beyond the divisional round of the playoffs. Despite this being the most successful season the Redskins have had in my lifetime it is not my most fond memory of the team. The team coming together after Sean Taylor's death, winning five in a row to finish 9-7 and clinch the wildcard, the excitement of Jason Campbell's first throw to open the season as a starting quarterback and the disappointment after it bounced off of Brandon Lloyd's hands after a perfect play-action set up are the moments I remember most and love. It is these feelings that will make it all worth it when the Redskins win their fourth Super Bowl.

hopefully a cowboys fan doesn't read my application :)

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It's great to read of your passion for the Skins. You were also courageous posting your work for comments on ES. Here are my comments, offered respectfully.

I don't know how many applications you'll be filling out in the future -- but you can take away some lessons from this example.

I thought your theme needed work. From what I could tell, this was what you were positioning as your theme:

that I continue to cheer for the Redskins ....are
that allow me to understand the power of the NFL and what it means to its fans

The elements of your theme do not match up well, and the rest of your text didn't really support this theme.

After reading carefully the rest of what you wrote -- I think you cheer for the Redskins because when you were in Kindergarten, they won the Superbowl and the whole town celebrated. Ever since that day, you've been following them. Through all their ups and downs, they never fail to thrill you. And THAT gives you a sense of just how much the NFL means to its fans, and the cities represented in the NFL.

After that -- if you want to fill up the text with something more -- talk about the character of the players giving back to the city. Mention how Sean Taylor's personal tragedy drove home to you the strength and depth of the bond between NFL fans and players, and how that loss was almost like losing a member of your own family.

I suspect you had to rush to put together your reply for this interview question -- but in the future consider your theme and break out supporting ideas into paragraphs help to make your answers more appealing to the reader.

Here's hoping :fingersx: you land the NFL job!!

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