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Mike Shanahan officially voted the most boring coach in all of pro-sports according to boring people.


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Feb. 6 2011

Boring now has a new name~ Mike Shanahan!

Chess players, golfers and kids that like to "hang out at the mall" have voted our very own Mike Shanahan, the most boring coach of all time.

What sets coach Shanahan apart from other great boring coaches like Marty Schottenheimer and Wade Phillips ? "Well for starters he just always has a look like he is wondering where the hell his waitress is." Said Cliff Schwartz, computer programmer and over-all exceedingly boring guy. "He never really says anything. He beats around the bush more than a peeping Tom."

How boring is he? Look at this shot of one of his "team meetings...."


Yikes! And this is on a Friday!

Look at our fans....


What really gauls me is that no one has even mentioned what a bore, not only our head coach is, but our entire coaching staff!!!

Well, congratulations coach Shanahan, at least you won something.

Let's hope he can bore us all the way to the superbowl!


....on the snore-mobile?

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I have to agree with this. Although, I think Marty Shottenheimer was entertaining when he gets mad. I remember a couple of games, where in one he argued face to face with an official. After saying a few words he turned to walk away and then turned around to shout a few more things. Then there was another game where he got mad and threw his head set on the ground. I'm guessing the game was done, because the official would have thrown a flag if it was during the game. But no flag came.

Shannahan is a serious person. It doesn't surprise me one bit that he is boring. Serious people normally aren't entertaining unless they are mad about something. I'm a Joe Gibbs fan. He too was boring to watch during the game, because he doesn't get too heated about things, but the material that he provies during the press game is fun to hear. Even when he looses he acts like we still had a fun game.

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While I do think that Shanahan is boring, I really like him as a head coach. If he does not get us another SB, he will constantly take us deep into the playoffs.

I'm excited for this year. We might make the paloffs for the first time in a while. We are slowly turning the corner.


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