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Video Tribute To Chris Hanburger(by NFL.com)


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Very nice. I grew up a Redskins fan in another NFC East city and I used to love watching him pluck those filthy red birds that represented my home town.

LOL...ALWAYS fun to see those Cardinals get their feathers plucked...I love the candid tone that Chris carries "If he doesn't want to get close-lined then let him duck his head"...LOL, I LOVE that "true" grit mixed with class...wish the NFL had players like that today!

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Video was removed...found it again though...and updated the link:)

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Stuff like this is so awesome for us younger fans as well. We have great pride in the history of this organization...

Indeed! I myself at 34 appreciate the things that this era of football brought to the league.Today's game is not the same.

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