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Before you Drink and Drive watch this then decide if its worth it.


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Please don't drink and drive this holiday season. Also, do not text and drive. We just had to lay to rest the daughter of a gym teacher. Her daughter had her neck broken in a car accident on I81 because the driver who started the crash was texting on her phone.

Studies show that texting and driving leaves your brain in a state where your reaction time is so slow it is akin to blowing a 0.1.

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Never a bad time for a thread like this. People can't be told/reminded enough. It's unfortunate that commercials like this aren't played in the US. People need to see stuff that's at least that graphic, because the situations are REAL and terrifying. It's much better to be scared in your living room and learn from it than to go out and actually be involved in something like that.

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I'm gonna get wasted this weekend and NOT drive. I've always been strict with myself about not driving after drinking.

If more people thought like you... we would have a safer society..

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THe thought that it wont happen to you could be true.. But it could happen to your family members, friends, loved ones god forbid your children..... One of the worst parts of my job the thing I hate the most is knocking on peoples doors at 2am to tell them thier child or husband or wife had been killed in an accident....its gut wrenching and makes you sick to your stomach to watch a families whole life be shredded apart by two sentences...

..09 BAC will still get you the saame prison time as .245 if you hit another car

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